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Wow! That's awesome!


That's awesome Annie & Cole! Great job Karen for inspiring them!


That rocks!! love that you encourage each of them to be the best at whatever they want to be.


wahoo! Congrats!!!

Maria Glazener

I am REALLY excited to hear you are running as well! Yay!! I know it has been a long road back, but I know you are excited to get those endorphin's going again!! Super YAY, for your kids! Abby is in running club at school, and has 3 5k's on her race schedule for this spring! I will be a proud Momma running beside her!


wow how awesome is that! i cannot even run a mile without feeling like i might die :) did you happen to see the story of the two young girls who are long distance runners? one at the age of i think 9 completed her first full marathon already!!


Go Annie! My almost 6yo daughter loves running with her dad too. I think she's made it close to a mile. The twins are still a bit young at 3.5, but they try.

Kathy C.

Totally awesome!! And happy 7th birthday to Yans next week!!! :)


Go, Annie, go!!

Jenn L

Karen, if you have any tips on how to start running, I would really appreciate it. I've always wanted to be a runner, it's just hard to get past the pain in the side and the lack of breathing. ;)


Awwww..I love this! That's one determined girl! Congrats and good luck, Annie!

Cate O'Malley

How awesome! Two years ago, I took my then-three-year-old on a 5K for Susan G. Komen. While we didn't run, I was so impressed that her little legs were able to do the entire thing. And what's more, without one lick of complaining. And 10 miles for Cole? Doubly awesome! No way could I do that.

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Way to go, Annie! And now I'm thinking maybe I can train my littles to run, too...I was thinking they were too small, but Jonny is just a bit younger than Annie, and Daniel is already 8. Thanks for the inspiration! :)


AWESOME ANNIE! Way to go girl!!! I'll be cheering you on from TEXAS!!

Nanette in WA

That is so AWESOME!!! Congrats Annie -- YOU GO GIRL!!!


Awwww - I love this! Way to go Annie!


Yay, Annie! That's so great!


Wowee, Annie!!! And wowee to you too, Nellie! I should have no excuses... :)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Go Annie! Love this!!!


Woohoo! That's so awesome!!

Cheryl Drury

Just wanted to let you know that I landed on your site from the Google search "french pocket door." I was looking at the images, liked one of your pictures best and clicked through, only to be drawn in to your wonderful blog. And now I'm signing up to audit your class, because you are so popular I couldn't take the regular one. Wow!

Looking forward to seeing more, and taking better pictures.

Mary Ann Jenkins

Way to go Yannie!!!!

Nancy Wyatt

Go Annie! Guess she showed mama huh ;)

Katie J

Go Annie!!! What a rockstar!

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