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yikes! I bet that score hurt! You are such a good sport! It's a great memory! Thanks for posting!


Love this series of photos! How fun!

mandy friend

okay, the second to last shot cracks me up. josh is the only one standing and you can tell by everyone's faces what the game was like. lol. sorry josh!

nancy boothe

I knew it was only a matter of time before you were performing in front of massive crowds. Gurl, you is big time! (Sorry about the game...)


Is it weird that I was in a thrift shop in Portland on Nov 24 and the game was on and I thought of you and Josh Downs??:) I'm not a football fan - but ppl keep loudly asking others in the store what the score was now. Was kinda funny. Been waiting for you to post about this day ever since. hee


so the big question: did the winners win a big diamond? i was waiting for you to say you won a ring!


you're def right. you're either a beaver fan or a duck fan...not possible to be both. my sister goes to OSU :) we watched the game on TV.


Your son has the most intense facial expressions. Looks like a good time was had by all :}

Lyndsey G

I give you SO much credit for getting out there in front of all those people!! Way to go!

Kathy R

You guys always seem to have the best times!


I love it when you post pictures from game day. My husband and I were at that game too, although we left early because I was very upset about the status of the game. Happy you mentioned that you can only be a Beaver or a Duck, not both because it's SO true!!


Love the photos and stories and I love the passion of the fans and I love that everyone is in black and orange Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I love how you catch the story with your photos, and especially the joy on your son's face. While I have always enjoyed your Oregon State/Beavers posts, they have more meaning for me now, as my daughter was recently accepted by the OSU College of Forestry. She still hasn't pinned down her final choice, but she's "80%" sure she'll be a Beaver in the fall. Thanks for the glimpses of the stadium that I hope to be sitting in frequently later this year (making the flight/drive from Southern California). :)


I don't know why but the photos of Josh standing and looking at you, while the crowd looks elsewhere made me tear up!

Robyn :)

I thought of you and your family when our K-State Wildcats played in the Fiesta Bowl and I am sorry we did not beat those stupid Ducks for you :(


My good, good friends are in a mixed marriage (Him-U of O, Her-OSU). P is usually good about supporting the Beavs, his wife's alma mater. Their two girls are totally orange/black all the way. One year, on the Friday before the Civil War, P decided he just had to be true to his school and came down to breakfast in his green and gold before heading to work. Youngest daughter (3rd grade at the time) hollered, "Daddy is ruining the family." He was worried how the teachers at school would interpret a statement like that if she shared it at school. After that trauma, "Daddy" has mostly gotten in line with his Beav gear.
That last photo of Cole is a heartbreaker. Poor little guy.


You are the BEST story teller out there! Thank you so much!!! And better luck next time!


GO BEAVS!!! There is always next year...:) thank you Karen for sharing; true Beaver Believers feel their pain :(

Nancy Wyatt

Love your story and your photos and that you said YES!! you are so awesome and continue to look amazing! Hugs from Conroe, TX


Love the half time games (and love Shane Co)! My wedding ring is from Shane Co...if not for the fact that I have webbed feet I would have loved to cheer ya on!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

lots of fun pics and Cole is just too adorable for words. LOVE the father/son shots and the one of the three of you!


I love these stories.
I love when you interject into Christmas.
I love Christmas.
I don't love foot boots.
I don't ever want to wear green/yellow or orange in Oregon.
I love the ridiculous ring running thing because it means a million things, mostly love.

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