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Kathy C.


Nicky from Okotoks

Looks like a perfect date!!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bag, Karen!!! I want! Where can I find one?!?!


she's growing into such a beautiful young woman!! so glad you show them often so we can see them each changing and growing. love your family!! <3

Erica Hettwer

Oh, that one just before the one of the two of you makes her look so grown up! She's getting so beautiful!

Sherry Cartwright

So very sweet. Nothing beats a lunch date. I think I will include these in the kiddos stockings next Christmas --- or for their birthday.


What a wonderful gift that is. And Courtney Lee looks like a young lady now - how fast she is growing. Practically a teenager! Beautiful as always...


I am so inspired by your relationship with Courtney Lee. I do believe you are one of the most awesome Bonus moms anywhere!


I think she must have an awesome outfit on from what I can see! I can make out some boots! I'd love boots, but I have short legs.
Looks like a great lunch date!


Love that you do the lunch date as a Christmas gift! Great idea! We do date nights with our kids, taking them out one on one. We have four so we know it's important for them to get one on one time. Plus, it's so much fun getting to enjoy the one all by themselves! How special your time seemed! Love the photos and love that you are investing in your children!

Maria Glazener

Those strawberry and cream fraps always remind me of my dad. He used to come over to my house every Thursday after my mom died and bring me Starbucks and Abby a "piece" of cake. She used to say, did you bring me a piece? In the winters it was a latte and the summers the strawberry and cream.He passed away 7 years ago, but I still remember it so vividly! SO neat that you are making those lasting memories!

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Love, love, love your bag, Karen! !!I want to! Where can I find a? !?!

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