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Such a huge difference this makes! And as a past student and avid reader of your Making The Shot series I'm thrilled you'll be sharing your tips here on occasion. :D


Such a small tip that makes a huge difference. Thanks for sharing Karen!


I needed this - great reminder to always keep looking and thinking . . . I love your clever observations.

Maria Glazener

Amazing what a difference you can make in your photos by just looking around for natural reflectors! What a great tip!


wow! Thanks Karen!!

Rachelle S

great post! I have loved the Making the Shots and this is a great "freebie"!


Thanks for the reminder it certainly makes a difference


Thank you for this excellent tip with examples.

Cathy Young

You keep changing my life :)


Great tips! I'll have to be more mindful in the future. Thanks for sharing!

And I love the huge windows in that house! (I know that had to be a selling point...)

mandy friend

dude. i am so with you on the coke thing!


I love this! Thank you!


I will do whatever you say because I LOVE your photos. Thank you!


I don't think I ever really considered natural reflectors, and it makes so much sense. Many thanks for sharing with examples. Now I have a reason to buy white shirts :)


I love this article--and what perfect examples. Thank you for being so helpful to all of us once again!!!


I'm a past student and I love getting occasional emails from you! Taking your 9 week class a few years ago has changed my life! I can't thank you enough! Love the tip with the white shirt :)


Thank you so much for sharing this info with us . . . and for the sharing of your time. :)


Thanks for the reminders!! love the shot with the book.

nancy boothe

I tend to make understanding light a crazy rocket science that I don't get. You make it seem simple. THanks!


Thank you! Super helpful. Oh and I feel the same way about a coke from lime sonic :)


Thank you, Karen! You are always thinking about your students. I can't wait for your next "Making the Shot"!!


Wow - love those examples! Never thought about such simple ways.... thank you, great post!


I was excited for your tip today, and even tried it this evening. I shared it here - Thanks for all the inspiration!


Wow! Thank you, Karen! Such easy changes to make when you notice them. The difference that Annie's book made was amazing!

Claudia Massie

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I've heard much about natural reflectors, but had never really seen anyone do examples like this. I really get it now!


very helpful! thank you!

robin... the one who never finished

McDonald's COKE is AMAZING!!!! I miss it so much! Stopped drinking it in April of 2012. Sip some for me next time :)

Tracy Jackson

I have always felt that McDonald's had the best coke ever! That is so funny. I knew I was not alone.


McDonalds does have the best coke ever and I am enjoying one RIGHT NOW! Thanks for sharing you are always inspiring!!

janet kemper

Thanks for the wonderful tip. I think McDonald's has the best Diet Coke around....but, I gave soda up for 2013, so I will have to wait awhile to have one!


Thanks Karen !!!


great topic and YES... mcdonalds does have magic diet coke... i have had the talk with many o' scrappers.


Thanks Karen, great advice as always :D

Lyndsey G

Thanks for this Karen, great tips! And I have to add that my favorite drinks, coke specifically, taste so much better with the little pellet ice cubes, like little pebbles instead of the big cubes...... Just an observation..... :)


Wow! Thanks for that; great tip! The examples were right awesome. I'm such a hands on person and seeing the difference like that was amazing! You are the best!

Nancy Wyatt

THANK YOU!!!! Hugs from Conroe, TX


This tip was AwESOMe! And now I'm thrilled to know that all those diet ones from McDonald's have another purpose! (Ps, I heard through the grapevine that Mcd's actually does buy a higher quality coke product, that's why it tastes so good! Or that's at least how I convince my husband why I don't drink the perfectly good diet coke at home!)

Sandra Hazen

You are just the BEST my friend! And oh my, look how big Annie is :((((

Lynea Ford

Thank you so much. I so appreciate your updates!

Becky T.

Thank you.


Thanks, love those examples!

Shelby A.

I loved this post! Thanks so much for sharing it!

Kim Bolyard

Thanks for the info. very helpful. and by the way, my girlfriend swears Mcdonalds cokes are laced with something....cause they are better then anywhere

Kim Bolyard


Great tips Karen!

wholesale nfl jerseys 2013

This tip is terrible! Now I am glad to know that all of these eating McDonald's has another purpose! (Ps, I heard through the grapevine, McDonald's will actually purchase a higher quality of coke products, this is why taste so good. Or at least I how to persuade my husband why don't I drink this perfect diet coke at home!

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