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Fun idea! And your designs are super cute. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure my boys would love having these!


Great idea!


Thanks Karen!!

Michal Israel

Thanks a lot from far Israel.
I like the idea a lot and will make the language change in order to adopt it to my girls.
I'ts the first time I'm posting a comment (but following you for over a year) here so I'll use it also to let you know that I find your blog so intresting, nicely framed & with great tips & ideas.
Thanks again,


Thanks so much!!!! Those are just awesome!

Valarie Dunlevy

Thanks Karen! I will have to make one for my sweet husband! It will be rare that he would need one, but Hey, You never know when the occasion may arise!!!

Heidi Sharpe

Thank you for this Karen, it's the simple ideas that work the best. My children got far too excited in the run up to Christmas, and behaviour developed a downward spiral. A friend suggested I collect some branches while on a walk, maybe spray them gold, silver or white and put them in a vase. using gold or silver card, cut some pointy oval shapes to act as leaves, punch a hole in one end. Cut some parcel ribbon into 6" lengths. Now for the magic......every time your child does something good, positive or kind, write their name, date & deed on the back of a leaf, and hang it on the tree. They just loved showing their daddy when he got home each day how good they'd been, they actually looked for good things to do and help. When Christmas was over and we took the tree down, we used little brass winged clips to make the leaves into mini books for each child. This idea could be adapted into a spring garland, or Easter egg shapes, or butterflies


I just want to say thank you for taking the time to do this for us! XOXO

Mary Ann Jenkins

Thanks Karen!!

Jennifer Feranec

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Rachelle S

Thank you! Love them : ) We've been dealing with the 10-year-old "I know everything's" around here lately. She's a pretty good girl for the most part, but thinking she has the right to act much older than 10. For bedtime issues, (I stole this from a friend and its working) Tonight's bedtime behavior affects tomorrow's. So, if she's in bed on time and doesn't get back out for (drink, potty, misc random item) after she's in, then she gets to stay up 15 minutes later than regular bedtime the next night. If she isn't in bed on time or gets up after tuck in, then she looses the privilage of staying up later the next night. So far its working. It's kind of like a carrot at the end of the stick so to speak : )


I was wondering though...With these cards in hand, do they do some "trouble" knowing they can get out of it for free?

I might.

Who am I kidding? I totally would plan my day around them!

Kristi B

I love this - thank you so much for the beautiful cards!!!

Melinda T

These'll come in handy! Thanks!

Kim P

You rock! Thanks for taking the time to make them look really nice too!


Hi Karen. love the get out of trouble free cards- great idea and execution!

my 13 year old twins are always hocking me about playing video games. they're excellent students and just got into an amazing private nyc high school for next year on full scholarship.

however, there was a 6/10 on a quiz this past week which was definitely NOT ok, but he was clambering to get to the xbox. I told him he had to say "i got a 6/10 on a quiz but i think it's more important to play video games than to study for the test (in the same subject that was going to be given later that week). He couldn't say it, so he couldn't do it. Worked like a charm. I even surprised myself with that one!


These are hilarious! Thanks, Nellie! :)

Lorie Gomes

thought i posted, but guess not.

just wondering if instructions work for a mac???

These are so cute...thank you!


I just cracked up at the girl who said she would plan her day around them! Hilarious (and so would my oldest!!!)


Thank you so much for sharing! I would have been the kid who planned my day around those cards as well. I love these though. I'm going to have to store them away for a bit longer so that my kiddos will understand how to use them. I also loved the leaves on the tree idea. We just may have to try that for Easter this year.
THanks again!!


These are neat. My oldest (25) would have blown through them all right away. She was the kid who tried my patience the most. My almost 15 yr old, she is really good. Attitude gets a little much, but nothing like her sister. This one works hard on her homework, for the most part does what she's told without any grief. What works with her is taking her iPad away. My little one (6) isn't too much trouble yet either. Come talk to me when he is in his teens. His worst thing, not wanting to eat his dinner and picking up his toys. I just confiscate the toys for quite awhile.


I love the cards Karen! I have to admit my first thought was printing off some cards for my husband lol...don't they always need a get out of trouble for free card? Our kids are adults but I am definitely giving some to the hubby...should be fun!


karen, you are so REAL and HUMBLE about being a mom.. i appreciate that while other blogs/friends can try so hard to be 'perfect'. thank you.. and i will so be giving these out for their valentines this year.


Karen: I want to start by saying that I love your blog. I don’t usually don’t comment on blogs but I just wanted to tell you that my 14 and 17 year old kids got a hoot out of this idea… especially my 14 year old daughter.
I wanted to share something that has always worked in my family and hopefully you can try it out too. My kids used to ask for toys/games or special privileges and instead of just saying “NO”, I would have them write me a letter convincing me that they should be able to have/do what they were requesting.
Just recently my daughter wrote me a 3 page letter to convince me to get her an iphone. In this letter she wrote how I could use it anytime to take pictures so that I could scrapbook more. My favorite reason was if she had one she could use it as her schoolwork agenda and not have an excuse that she left her agenda at school… she was pretty darn clever in all her reasons WHY… with 3 pages of well thought out reason… she did end up getting one for Christmas.


These are awesome Karen, thank you so much!


These are just way too cool. Grand kids will be getting them.. lets hope my daughter thinks it was a good idea,lol Thanks for sharing.


These are even great for your love ones ;-) Thank you for sharing!!!

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