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My goal was a half marathon before the end of the year. It took me an extra month and I more walked than ran, but I still crossed the finish line! And I'm ready to recommit! Just agreed to run another in April - and will be doing more training this time so I can more run than walk!

nancy boothe

So happy that you could kick the boot and hit the pavement! It's all about getting up one more time than you fall, isn't it. Thrilled to see Coley going with you.

My goal is to add a couple more days a week to my gym routine, and add in more cardio so I can have better stamina in the mountains this summer. Pictures probably not coming.


it seems I need to recommit EVERYDAY....I didn't commit OUTLOUD last year....because....I am notorious for not following thru with the excercise and eating right...SO no need to fail outloud! BUT I AM REcommitting OUTLOUD and I will recommitt everyday if I have to....I will drink more water EVERYDAY, I will excercise 4 days a week and I hope to run a 5K. :) thanks for the inspiration!!!!


your fitness posts were one of many that inspired me this past year. it seemed like everywhere i looked, people were doing awesome things and finally i wanted to be one of them. so, after training for a few months - and having never run before - i ran a 5k! not much, but i've got another one coming up soon, and hopefully i'll stick with it and maybe even add some mileage at some point.

Denise Medeiros

This last year was a stinker for fitness. I didn't do a darn thing! The way my jeans fit and my mood can prove it! LoL 2013 is definitely going to be a bumpy road for sure! With the hubby deploying and too many heartbreaking frustrating things I can't do a thing about on the horizon. I'm going to need an out. Running really does help tremendously not only for fitness but mentally as well. Thanks for the inspiration!! :)

Carol Stoler

I have to admit, I don't even remember if I was one of the 152. I remember I wanted to. I remember in my mind I was going to. I remember I started off so good.....Yup didn't get very far. Of course I can blame it on my health. That is a good reason. I played with being better. I worked at eating healthy....ok most of the time....I thought about exercise but really when you go to bed at 8 to get up at 4:30 when is there time. I didn't forget that I get up at 4:30 to allow for 30 minutes of exercise but hey if I am still allowing time for it then there is hope. I am back at it too! Here is to a new year!. Thanks for the reminder!


Well, I said I was going to run a 5k in April and a half marathon by the end of 2012. I ran/walked a 5K in April but did not participate in a half marathon last year. I am signed up to run/walk a half marathon this May and a 10K in August. I have no illusions of actually being able to run all the way in either one, but I will finish both.

I did run/walk regularly over the last year but took the Summer off. I’m back to a routine now and really hope to be able to actually run more than walk...but my body just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with that. I can’t say last year was a failure or a success it was somewhere in between.

I have a photo in my photobook of 2012 running and on my blog ( ).

I’m ready to recommit to run/walking a half marathon and a 10K this year!

Julie Pilch

I really did try and managed to keep on running for a good few months but got really disheartened that I just can't seem to run longer distances and my running partner had too many work commitments. I managed to do a lot of cycling and in the summer tried to use my bike instead of the car but its just been too cold recently. I've got lots of birthdays and parties coming up in the next few weeks but after that I'm committing again to start running again and using my bike instead of the car to get back on that fitness wagon. Thanks for the kick start xxxx

Melinda T

Its waayyy too cold for me to be running bout you check back when the weather gets warmer?! ;D Just kidding, though seriously, I'm tired of carrying this extra weight around. I'm grabbing my cousin's discarded, unused and unloved treadmill and running my way to fit! Count me in!


I was one of the 152. I didn't run the half marathon I had hoped for but I did join a Crossfit gym with my husband. It has made me feel better than running ever did. I realized I only wanted to run the 1/2 marathon because the people who run 1/2 marathons are skinny and I want to be skinny. So while I didn't run... I did gain some clarity on my goals and found something that I love doing.


I wanted to lose my last 20 pounds (had previously lost 30) last year, and I didn't lose one bit. In fact, I gained 10 back.
So now I get to lose the 10, and then get the 20 off.
Plus, I have always hated running and couldn't run more than a block. This year, I decided my goal was to love running. So, I'm running, so that I'll love it, so that I'll run.


I committed to running a half marathon--and I ended up running three with my BRF (best running friend). We completed the Beach Cities Challenge. And to think that a little over two years ago, neither one of us over-40-somethings had run more than around the block before. I ended up running more than 600 miles in 2012, and my goal this year is to run 800 miles. I'm off to a slow start, but I enjoy every run.

Hats off to everyone with their fitness goals, large and small, and every single step you take toward those goals.


Last year I hurt my foot, and did not finish the half-marathon. Last week, I started my 730am Saturday morning group training sessions. (Which are just super in Buffalo, NY, in January...) The Cleveland half is in May. Lord willing, I will be there!


You inspire me to continue running! Keep up the work. The pain is temporary. I just wrapped up the Tinker Bell Half at Disneyland this past Sunday. I beat my Nike Woman Marathons time and I felt great. I just signed up for the Rock n Roll Half in San Diego. I'm running along side you Karen. Keep at it.

Here is a shot of me waving to my family as I head into the finish line.


My goal was to run another marathon. I ended up running two back to back within two weeks of each other. Turns out, that's not a good idea (at least for me). I messed up my leg, and have been pretty much sidelined for 3 months. I'm getting back to it, but very s.l.o.w.l.y.

Sorry to hear about your leg, but so glad you have been able to run again. I love that Cole went with you.

Kim Johns

I was one of the 152, I was going to start running, made every excuse under the sun and as a result never got round to giving it a go!!! I went on holiday to Spain, saw lots of lovely people running along the promenade and I thought "that could have been me", I regret that I wasted a year thinking about it however I am more determined this year to give it a go and to run in Spain this summer xxxxx

sasha farina

I actually started moving this year. I say move because I don't run. At best, I shuffle. ha! :)
As of January 25th 2013, I have clocked 114km of walking and trying to run and maybe falling down and crawling.
Nothing is gonna stop me.
You're inspiring. Please continue doing so.. and 'kicking my butt' virtually.


I don't remember if I committed, obviously if I did, I didn't stick with it.
I am committing this time. I'm moving more, and eating better with Cathy Z. I'd love to lose some pounds, but I'd love it more to be healthier.

Jen Spain

My goal was to do the Mt. Baker hill climb, riding my road bike 22.5 miles up Mt. Baker. I had a bike crash in May that left me with a fractured shoulder and a concussion. Those both healed with time, but not in time to allow me to do the hill climb. I still can't remember the first half hour after the crash, but the rest of the concussion symptoms disappeared. I bought myself some hand weights to strengthen my arm, and I've progressed from 5 lbs to 15, and I'm going to get some 20 lb weights this week. And a weight rack. I still have a lot of scar tissue that hurts, but I'm breaking it up (yes, it is as painful as it sounds) and building strength. I'm going to the gym 4 times a week for cyclefit classes until the weather improves enough that I can get on my bike. Providing nothing else goes wrong this year, I'm going to try to achieve the same goal I set for last year :-)


I wasn't one of the 152 but I think I'll be this go round!

Ps. Your kids must know they have the coolest mom (linking us up to P. Diddy and all) ??!! Love it! Love your blog. Love that your back here!

Tara S.

Last year I made a pact with you. I succeeded in working out and running alternating days (at least 6 days a week) for 6 months! It's the longest workout streak I have ever had, and I was COMMITTED! I felt healthy and strong, and I was proud of myself for making it happen. I downloaded workout DVDs onto my iPad so I didn't have an excuse... vacation - worked out... too many drinks - worked out... traveling - worked out... two kids and a busy household - still found time to workout. But then life got challenging. My husband started a new job all the way across the country, and I've basically been a single parent for the past 5 months. I fell off the wagon. My workouts took a backseat. Then the holidays came, and now it's freezing cold outside, and it just isn't happening. I didn't run the 5K that I said I was going to run, but I do feel great about what I accomplished. And as soon as my family is all under one roof again, I will recommit to being the strongest and healthiest version of me I can be :)

janet kemper

I was one of the 152....I was going to do a 5k. Well, I never did. Though I am much more committed this year. My word for this year is order to get some stuff done. So I have been working towards doing that 5k. I am actually starting of a little more gradual than in the past, and I think it may just work for me. I see more than ine 5k being done this year.

Laura S

I was one of the 152 and I did it. I ran a marathon in October. The training was a bear and as I got closer to the actual marathon I was scared stiff. I did not want to do it but I thought how could I do that in front of my kids. It is everything I tell them not to do. My husband encouraged me to run it and I finished!!!!! It was a good run. I literally just took it a mile at a time and did not think about the end until I was at mile 25 and I wanted to quit and at that point I don't know if you would call it jogging but I finished. I felt so good after I crossed that finish line because I went through with it instead of quitting! The crazy part is that I signed up for it again just 2 days ago.


ok. was sorry I hadn't joined your pact last year. several times. have been to gym twice this year. clearly my pact with myself isn't enough. MUST do this. re-reading last year's post was the push. see you in a year. minus my own 6kg's ...

Lisa C

I was not one of the original 152... but you can change that to 153. Because I am with you now.

In July last year, I was feeling icky. All the time. Long story short, I had developed high blood pressure and needed to be put on medication. I swore that day, that I would do whatever it took to get off that medication. I did not want a future of meds for the rest of my life. I was only 33 at the time. Since July 26, 2012 I have lost 34 lbs. I was taken off the medication last month. That's a small victory, and concrete proof that I can succeed at my long range goal of losing 100 lbs. I hit a roadblock over the holidays, and have since gained back 6 of those pounds. But as soon as I am healthy again (been battling bronchitis and a sinus infection for three weeks now...) I am going right back to it. I found that daily tracking of intake and exercise made me accountable, and kept me on goal. I love Its fantastic! Please check it out if you haven't done so already.

But, seriously... you're up to 153!!!!!

Kerri Powell

I was one of the 152 and I did it and then some!!!! My original goal was to run an entire 5k without stopping. After meeting that goal my friend and I set another goal...running a 10k without stopping. The emotional and physical feeling of crossing that finish line is like none other I've felt. We laughed, we cried, we screamed and then we cried some more! The feeling was so great that we can't get enough of it. Since our 10k in October we've also done a couple of more 5k's. I've pushed my 4 year old son Michael in the jogging stroller for each race and he too is eat up with the feeling. He's my miracle baby and cheerleader and can't imagine having done any of this without his little voice pushing me on. Here we are at our 10k. I finished 1st place in our age division and my friend finished 2nd.I'm number 137. and

christine weeks

Ok, I wasn't part of the 152, but count me in as 154! I made a committment to myself last year to work out and take care of myself and completely let myself down by NOT doing anything all last year, excuse was I needed to take care of everyone else. Well this year I said to myself (cause I gained 15 pounds and feel like a slug) that this year 2013 was going to be about ME.....somehow that feels selfish to say, but I need to feel good about myself too! :) So I have hit the ground running, literally on the days I am not at Jazzercise, I run. And I feel so much better.. Thank you for the inspiration, I love your are so inspiring in many ways! :))

Jennifer S

Karen - You always inspire me with your honesty. As you know, my little miracle bundle of love derailed my plans...and now I am faced with getting back on track in a few weeks Trying to continue to eat healthier (good for both baby and me) and feeling blessed that somehow this little guy kept me from gaining much at all this pregnancy! SO I will be starting off from a good point, hopefully, a weight below my prepregnancy weight instead of the usual 20 lbs OVER my pre pg weight :) Still a long way to go to be able to run a half marathon. Going to work toward being a RUNNER again by my 40th :)


Ok, so I did run a 5k with my 11 year old daughter....we didn't come in first but we didn't come in last, either. LOL I also made a goal to workout with Zuzka Light, which I did stick to, with the exception on one month when I had an injury....
So, all in all, I'm pretty happy with my goal and sticking to it!
New goal will be to do at least one more 5k and continue training with Zuzka.
Thank You Karen, you are still such an inspiration to me in photography, life, family, faith and now fitness!

Patty B

I committed to a 5K and did a 5K, but it wasn't as pretty as I would have liked. This year there's a "Grand Prix" series of them in our county, and a girlfriend and I are planning on doing the entire series. I need to get to work, but I'm looking forward to it!

Patricia Ellis

Well I am happy to say Karen that I kicked my goals butt!! I took your "Raise your Hand" Challenge seriously and when I turned 50 in April upped it another notch and decided to kick 50's a$$. I did. 50lbs total. 30lbs since then. Just by changing my eating habits and walking. My outlook on life and basic attitude has helped tremendously. I dropped a lot of baggage and I feel so whole again. I am happy with how I look and how i feel. My word for this year is CELEBRATE! I felt it was a good word and described how i felt about so many things. You can get back to this Karen and I know you will. You totally have what it takes. You inspire me i so many ways. Love you and thank you so much for giving me so much!! xo

Annette Pixley

Last year I wasn't ready to commit so I didn't post anything on your blog post, but this is my year... I'm ready. I've got a lot of work to do, as I'm about 40lbs overweight and have never been athletic in my life, but I've started this thing and I will see it through. I started the Couch to 5K program a few days ago and day 1 sort of sucked, but I'm going to keep at it with the goal of running a 5K later this year. I *almost* signed up for the Shamrock run in Portland but wasn't sure I'd be there by March. I'm pushing for something in late spring. That's my goal and I'm on my way!

Cate O'Malley

Another one of the 152 checking in. Like you, I let an injury sideline me. I sprained my ankle in May of 2011, and that was the end of the that. Before the sprain, I was clean eating and working out 4-5 days a week. To the tune of a 60 lb weight loss. And I felt awesome. Then the sprain and everything unraveled. Put back on most of the weight. Last year, managed to do four 5ks (walking), but spent most of the year beating myself up about the whole thing. This year I resolved to get back to the parts of the 2011 me that I loved the most. Got back to Zumba (a large part of my weight loss) this month, and so far have made it every Sunday. It's a start. I can't let my set back and ankle hold me back anymore.


I was one the 152. I'm thinking I said I was gonna do the couch to 5k again. I didn't tho. My husband and I did dabble in Barefoot running tho until he hurt his knee. And I'm the one who hates exercise so if he wasn't pushing me to go then I eventually didn't:( We did commit this year tho to eatint better, organic, less packaged and chemical laden foods. That I am very happy about. Teaching our kids to eat real foods. Just yesterday I got my fixed laptop going and started the 30 day shred AGAIN. I was doing that back when we were trying to run too. Yes one day I had to go down our stairs on my butt. Ha! I'm so all or nothing it's pathetic! But I'm back at it. Drank my gallon of water yesterday and did my 2nd day of the shred this morn:) I'm not gonna waste this year too! Thanks for being so inspiring!!


Keep up the great work. Your post was motivating!

Robin...from ND who never finishes your class :)

I looked through and apparently did not post a goal... but I did partake in a couple of 5K events which is HUGE for a non-mover like me. Here is a link to my blog post with a picture of me and the girls at the Diva Dash in Colorado. Thanks for sharing all you do! Makes me feel good inside knowing I am not alone in so many ways!


I wasn't one of the 152 but I wanted to be..but I didn't commit till the end of May..since then I've lost 40 lbs and am on my way to lose about 40 more. I am so ready. I'm making 2013 my year. I would like to run a few 5ks and maybe even a half marathon in October. My 4 kids have me crazy busy and when my youngest son was diagnosed with epilepsy in November, it made me realize that I need to make sure I'm taking care of me so I can take care of them!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I'm not ready to recommit because it is too too cold out for me. But I'm slowly getting there, I think. And in the meantime, keep your head up. You know what they say - no matter how slow you're moving, you're still lapping that guy on the couch!

ana roat

I joined the gym last year and met with a personal trainer that worked me so hard in our first session that I could not walk for 3 days from the severe pain in my legs. No pain , no gain is all good and well but not to the point that injury occurs so I fired the trainer and am now working with the equipment on my own. I had big goals last year and then life happened. Some good and some bad. This year there are no resolutions, no goals set in stone, no unkept promises, no desire to run any type of marathon and drop 50 lbs, but rather a true desire to feel better and live a better life. I will succeed and fail. I will have ups and downs. I will give up and then give it my all. But most important I will find a way to be happy and balanced and if I drop a few pounds along the way all the better!

christi in ma

this is the year I run a 5K without walking! (and I'm totally downloading your theme song to my running playlist!)

Brandi Talmadge

My goal was to get back to my work-out routine for health purposes so that I may live a long time and to feel really good along the way through daily living. I'm happier when I'm in shape - I think we all share this feeling. I actually got around to the routine in May 2012. It's consisted of strength training 3 days a week and intense cardio 2 days a week. I've been highly committed and am happy to report that I'm feeling fantastic! All the hard work has payed off! I actually have muscle tone which I've never had like this before and am down to a size 2! I hesitated to just write the size but I'm extremely proud of the very hard work and commitment that has made this happen. Anyone can do this, it's mind over matter. My metabolism is so high that I constantly eat. It's been a long journey of hard work, commitment and will continue to be so. There have been days of discouragement as many of my other "hobbies" get little attention. I find though, that I enjoy my other hobbies much more now because I feel success with my health. Thank you Karen for checking back in with us all! God Bless and I know you will succeed with your journey too!!!

Here's one of my family photo's taken Fall 2012 - I LOVE MY FAMILY!


i was one of those 152! i did the half marathon i said i would in june - granted, it wasn't faster than my previous half, like i'd hoped. and i didn't lose nearly as much weight as i'd hoped along the training journey. but i was able to run that half marathon with my best friend - and how can i complain about actually finishing my second half marathon (something i said i'd never do)? with my best friend? and with my hubs and kids cheering me on?! i'm finally getting it through my thick skull that it's not just about the finish time, or the number on the scale - it's about the mindset. and like the quote - about what choices are made day in and day out.

thanks for the continued encouragement - while i don't have any races on the schedule for this year yet, i know i'll end up doing something. in the meantime, i'm just enjoying sticking to a regular workout schedule. :)

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Last year I ran a marathon, and it was amazing. And then I stopped running. I didn't even exercise very much for a while. Now I have a new goal of a half marathon, and a triathlon this year. You can follow my training, progress, sweaty photos of me at the gym here
Well done for running, the first one is always the hardest, but make sure that the pain is normal and not more than it should be! It might be worth running on a track/trail/treadmill for a while until your foot stops hurting as the pavement is pretty hard underfoot!

stephanie ackerman

I am not sure if was part of the 152, which means, if I was, I am a loooser, and if I wasn't, I wanted to be, and should have been. I too am like you when it comes to running. It is a love/hate relationship. I love to run and love that when I do, God seems to talk to me most. When I am not running, I dread it. I dread thinking about it, I dread planning it, and so I don't do it, until I do..and then I love it...sound familiar?


I've been following your blog for a few years Karen, I truly appreciate your down-to-earth, less-than-perfect thoughts that you share with us. We all know that everything in life/families isn't peachy all of the time and those that attempt to portray that are only fooling themselves. Thank you for being real.
In 2012 I completed 2 sprint triathlons ( I still have your email where you shared your inspiring triathlon perspective with me) and I completed my first ever obstacle mud event (which I highly recommend).
I have commited to a healthy fit 2013. I don't know what events will be on my calendar this year but I look forward to continuing my fitness journey.
I hope that you have a great healthy 2013 and a very blessed year with your family.


I am happy to report that I did achieve one of the goals I promised in 2012. I quit smoking and it has been over a year now! I also worked out sometimes. I did not achieve my goal of working out 5 times per week, every week, and hitting my goal weight, but I did lose a few pounds and my lifestyle is definitely healthier now. This year I hope to find a workout that I truly love, like running for you. I'll keep trying!

Nanette in WA

I was one of the 152 -- AND I accomplished my mission. I completed my first 1/2 marathon -- as a walker -- last June; finished in 3 hours. I had foot issues from about April on and ended up having my doctor tape my foot up two days before so that I could complete my marathon. I was on a high for a week! I still have a joint issue with my foot, and am the owner of special customized (i.e., very expensive) inserts which I think are just now working. I think. Still hurts.

Me with my big ol' smile at the finish line:!/photo.php?fbid=4115265961219&set=pb.1270291059.-2207520000.1359408215&type=3&theater

I have set another goal this year -- to RUN my first 1/2 marathon. I started training 3 weeks ago. WHO KNEW that the transition from walker to runner would be so PAINFUL. OUCH! But, I will push through the pain. Somehow. Yesterday's long group run was 6.6 miles -and I RAN 6 miles. And honestly, it wasn't that hard....well, it is hard and I have to talk to myself. A lot. But I did it. My first 1/2 marathon for the year is next month. While I doubt I will run the whole thing, I will finish. I have 3 others that I've registered for. For some reason, it is addicting!

Hang in there and keep plugging away. There will be good days and bad days. You just have to keep moving.


I was one of the 152. i went to boot camp - faithfully until the sitting at my job created back pain so I could not bend over. Then months of frustration trying to figure out what I was going to do to decrease the pain. THen massage and a search for the right chair. I am not there yet (still have back pain and have not found a chair) but I am still committed to walking and trying :) That is my goal for this year. Trying :)


You are without a doubt one of the coolest people around...I admire your honesty...I love how you inspire everyone around you...and you're just so darn real. Thank you. You inspire me to dig deeper and love fully.

Like you, I'm turning the big "40" this year...and to celebrate my birthday, I've been training to run (and walk!) 40 miles on my birthday (in just three weeks!). What a journey it's been! Injuries, flu, and all sorts of fun jazz...but you know, it's going to happen and with friends beside me every mile along the way, it'll be awesome!

Thanks for inspiring're making the world a much brighter place! :)


Somehow I missed that challenge last year. However, 2012 was a year of running for me. I started training in late February to run my first half marathon in May. Then, because I didn't want to just throw away all those months of training, I continued running 15-20 miles a week and I signed up for two more 10k runs - one at the end of June and one in September. It is in my blood now. Cannot wait for all our snow to melt so that I can get out there again....


I was one of the 152. I committed to running 2 5Ks (mostly because I envisioned a thin Nike commercial model, aka future-me, doing so). Well, I didn't run a whole lot. I posted your quote "where will you be a year from now?" on the fridge. I'd look at it every day. Most days I felt defeated that I wasn't making progess. Finally, mid-year, after hating the photos I saw at a family member's wedding, where I thought I looked good, I was ready. I committed to 3-4 times a week 1 hr workouts and not eating like I was preganant still. I lost 15 lbs, but regained more so my love of fitness and doing something for me- not my kids, husband, house or job. I've upped and down a few since then, but the lesson to take care of me so I can take care of the ones I loved has still rung true. Thank you for last yr's and this yr's inspiration Karen! One day at a time!

Katie J

I remember that post. I remember crying my eyes out at work and promising myself (and you) that I was in this thing with you wholeheartedly. It lasted about 3 months and then I hit a wall. And I've gained 10 pounds since then. I do believe I also promised to sign up for a 5k last year and I never did. And I beat myself up about it quite a bit. I went to Italy in the summer and as I was climbing 100 stairs in 100 degree heat (for an awesome lookout) I berated myself for not sticking with my fitness commitment beacuse I wouldn't be DYING trying to climb those darn stairs.

BUT I've never given up hope that my spark will come back and I will be motivated to get moving again. I REALLY want to love running, and that is my goal. Well that and to stop craving junk food. :)

Julie Bonney

Karen, I 'm not one of the 152 who made a pact with you, but I can relate to your story, and if you ever need a 53 year old fellow bike rider to have someone to ride with, I'm your gal.

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