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Melissa L.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.


I think I've read this 3 times in the last 15 minutes, then shared it with everyone I could. Thank you!


Love it!


Yours is the only blog that makes my eyes burn with tears. I just love you Karen! :)
And also, I totally pictured you looking out of your screen through a magnifying glass, Romper Room style!


This post really touched me. What a mature young lady Courtney Lee is to notice that in your friends. I love that you have these type of conservations with your children. You are an amazing parent because you take the time to parent. You listen to them and discuss things with all of your children. You listen to their prayers and that is so important. I love that they are already praying about the type of ladies they want to grow up to be. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us. You are amazing Karen Russell and never forget that.


Love that. Thank you.


And you too. You foster that environment on your site, in your comments, and among your friends and blog readers. I'm now well past a 7 on the emotional scale and I'm at my desk at work. Thanks for the extra boost to get through a slow afternoon.


Your wisdom always amazes me...what a special post! Thank you for sharing.


How is it you make me cry so freaking easily? I love you to pieces. I'm steaming mad I live on the opposite coast. Miss you. And thanks. I really want this for all of us!!

young nanny

I love what God is doing in you Karen. What gifts you are passing on to those around you just by being obedient to His calling is a blessing. Bless you xx


Love you to bits, Karen....
How did you know that I really, really, really NEEDED to hear this today?? (and lots of other days, these past few weeks....)
Thank you for this gift of this post today.

Nancy B.

Your girls - and Coley - are well on their way to being just those kind of people. They are sensitive, observant, kind, caring, and being around you and Josh, are becoming wise beyond their years. You make us all want to be in your family. :-)




Thank you for your words and for adding some sunshine to this cloudy cold day in my neck of the woods. I miss you and all of those fabulous ladies you mentioned. Big hugs Karen!


just so you have ALWAYS been the #2 kind of woman to me...and I have always been truly blessed to call you my friend. I miss you. I love you. The end.


Karen I check/read your blog daily. And I absolutely love the things you say. You say things I feel but cannot articulate or identify. Sooooo looking forward to workshop next year. See you Sept 2013 :)))). You are awesome!

Jen Fike

I love this!

Joni H

Karen your words are always so insightful, but you need to make sure you keep your posts between a 4 - 7 because I really don't want Kate to get too emotional at work. Miss everyone terribly. As always, I love this post!


YOU are astonishing Karen. I love you and miss you A LOT!!!


Read this yesterday and thought you might like it: Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains.


I love how you weave these amazing lessons into your kids' lives. What could have been a quick conversation about a fun evening turned into a meaningful lesson they will always remember. The women I've met because of you have brought me so much joy; they nurture my heart and make me want to be a better person. I miss you and all the mentioned ladies already!! I love you guys!!


Yay, Debbie! We LOVE her and I feel so blessed to call her my friend. And, my boys think she's pretty awesome, too .... actually, they got really happy to see photos of her on your blog! :) And, thank you for sharing this statement that describes women as this part of God's creation. :)

mandy friend

eeeekkk!! SO glad you read this! i recommended that in a post of yours a while ago { though i'm sure you didn't read it because of me;)}, amazing, huh? a life changer for sure!


I too have a little girl, and it is also my prayers that she will become the kind of women that encourage, embrace, build-up and love on other women. Thanks for the reminder.


You are so insightful!
Cole and Ross will be amazing because they have you as a mom!


Oh Karen- I so needed to hear this today. Its been such a rough week at work and this just MADE my day. I called my mom and shared it with her and it made her day too.
You are definitely the kind of woman that lifts others up- even people who dont know you. I am so lucky to know you and to call you friend. Thank you for lifting me up and imparting those words of wisdom. They took me to a 10 on a day when I was feeling below a 4. They may be my new mantra.
Love you and miss you much my astonishing crescendo of a friend! XOXO


They are pretty special women. Glad to know them and you. Miss you all.
More parenting with intent... love these stories.
Your girls are so blessed to have you, and your boys too- boys are pretty special too (had to add that as a mom to 5 awesome boys!)


How amazing..

Amazing that your daughters recoqnize the beauty in these women.
Amazing that they recoqnize that THIS is who they should model themselves and how
Amazing that they have a wonderful woman to foster them into the right direction

Nicky from Okotoks

Nothing like bringing tears to your eyes!!


Thank you, I needed that.

tara pollard pakosta

How beautiful!!!!
and Coley, you are pretty ASTONISHING TOO!


Karen, I have read this post so many times and I'm at a complete loss regarding words that will even come close to saying how this post has made me feel. So thankful and blessed to have met you and all these wonderful and astonishing women. You have all changed my life!

Julie E

Miss you!!


Oh how happy I am to read a little glimpse of this conversation with your girls. You are raising such beautiful amazing young women who will be examples to all those that see them...and they will lead by their example. Love you and your girls!


Beautiful Karen. Thank you for sharing this wisdom, I'll keep it in my heart:)

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