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Love this! I swear the same thing happens at our house! (but I suspect that Josh was dishing out as much as he was taking!)


This takes me back to my childhood and the tickle fights we had with my father until we cried Uncle. Josh Downs is am amazingly creative father :}


Mom you seriously need to hand over the camera to someone else now and then. We forget whatcha look like :) Just sayin'. . .


Karen, did you make that cover for the ottoman from a cutter quilt? I totally need to do that! Did you use a pattern?


OMG I LOVE it, I remember we used to 'beat' out dad up too, thanks for the memories!!!


I am with Jeannie in the first comment. I too think Josh was dishing out as much as he was taking. :) We get into tickle matches here.


Josh is my husband's twin...minus a few years. So funny!!!


I love the way he is illuminating his face with a flashlight to look scary. Sure do miss you guys as neighbors. No one ever plays on the play yard Josh built! :-(


That's so awesome!
Almost got an x rated photo in that last one!


Pure awesome. :)


This is smile on my face, laugh out loud fun. Good stuff Karen Russell!


What a wonderful daddy...and memories to match. GREAT photos.


dad's fly is open/last shot... xoxo

able mabel

Wrestling is huge in our house too! Love these pics!


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