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as always gorgeous pics! my favorite is of annie sitting on the curb. i had a heck of time taking pics last night, but not much available light either. oh well at least i have some!!


Your pictures are magic! You are amazing!


I love, love, love all the shots! My fav is Yans sitting on the curb!! Awesome!

Judy Webb

Karen!! As gorgeous as your kids are and the photos are, we need to see the cripple lady sometime!! Let the kids photograph you. Even Josh Downs' effort pass. I need to see that infectious smile and twinkling eyes. Miss you. I too love Annie on the curb. Looks like she is eating a Tootsie Roll. I bought candy that I Tootsie Rolls were in the mix. LOL Love You

nicole prather

lovely as always karen !!


These shots are all sorts of enjoyable!!!!!

Mary Ann Jenkins

Love the 2nd to the last photo, it looks like it could be part of a Hallmark commerical!!


Lovely lovely lovely!
Especially the one of Annie sitting on the curb!
I would know Link anywhere! I love their costumes! Did you make them?
Josh deserves a nut to the head!

Christy! Your photos are dee-vine! I love the house you said never answers the pretty...swoon. I never thought of trick-or-treating before dark. Makes for much better pics!


The kids are adorable! What a great neighborhood as a setting for the photos - so much fun!


Love all of these! Your pics are amazing and the kids adorable! I alternately think each one of them is the cutest!


Oh you got such great pictures!! I love the close up one of your younger daughter w/her bucket. So cute!!


I do believe these are some of my favorites of yours...the Halloween pics always are. Wishing from here that I could NOT let them grow up any more.....keeping this stage for a bit longer....but your photos have it frozen in time so all is good. Of course, even after the "littles" are grown, you will still have a "funster" in the house with you. Thanks for sharing your life .. a true treat. And, btw....Click is wonderful and your feature is just the best! Hugs!


I had to laugh at your comment about Cole being called an elf or Peter Pan. My son was Link, too, and went to great pains to try to look as "authentic" as he could...only to be asked if he was an elf or Peter Pan! I called him Buddy a few times just to gig him!


Thank you for posting! Your blog continues to be one of my favorites! Love the shot of Annie sitting on the curb.


In Cole's defense....leprechauns, elves, and Peter Pan do not carry a sword!! ;) as an older sister to a boy that LOVED Zelda (all the games, posters, t-shirts, etc)- I totally recognized him as Link!! ;)


Oh how I love your pictures!!


Those are hilarious! Josh is a punk. :)


Haha! I knew I recognized you all! We saw you all, in fact we passed right by you and I am proud to say that we recognized Link! :) We just moved into that neighborhood about a year ago. I LOVE it... and you are right it is quaint and very low key on Halloween. We love it too. Your pictures turned out fantastic.

Monica McNeill

Annie sitting on the curb is AMAZING. Another favorite is the second to last but they are all wonderful.

Debbi G.

I think you need to take my family trick or treating so they can have fun & so I can have the AMAZING photos!! You are such an inspiration!!


Beautiful photos!


I had to laugh at the comments about Link. My son was Link when he was about 10. He was so proud of the costume and yet of all the houses we went to only one person recognized him as Link. He got all the same comments (and was crushed). It's been a running joke at our house since! Your pictures are awesome, especially as it got darker. I love the mood you captured.


Karen, these are Fabulous!! Courtney, you are the coolest looking Punk Rocker! Annie, you are the cutest little 50's girl ever! Cole you are an Awesome Link!! And the bucket head costume! :)


I could look at your pictures forever! I sadly didn't get great pictures :( I wish there was a like button along with your pictures, but then again, I would have hit like to all of them. Does your area allow trick or treating in random neighborhoods before the "official" trick or treat time? Our town has a certain time you are allowed to start going door to door...... = bad light!


Karen...Patti from class did you do that shot right near the bottom of Annie...was it a fish eye?? She is sitting on the curb...

Beth S.

Tell Cole I knew who he was even before I read it. My dad played Zelda years ago. Love the scenery. Here in Texas we rarely have a good Fall. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures & family.


Complete gorgeousness!! And if anyone needs any additional persuasion purchasing your Low Light Making the Shot guide...they need to look no further than the last handful of shots on this post. Amazing images Karen! xoxox


Karen, I know I am a bit late to comment but I really wanted to tell you how much I adore your Halloween photos. Every year I look forward to seeing them. They are my favourite! I learn so much from them. Thank you for posting. xx

Ann Grounds

I was going to say something about those glasses, like "You found them!"

Dianne Nelson

Tell Cole I knew he was Zelda in the Wrestling pictures...



you toggling crazy fool!!!! I always always love your Halloween photos. And never love mine. The neighborhood-genius. The shots, crazy good. The colors-sick. And then there's "a taste of his own acorn"....that ones gonna stick with me. I think this is one of the hardest holidays (duh its at night) but also they are so anxious, fast and its just HARD to capture. But you did my friend & I love it.
And in case your wondering why I am only now commenting-no internet for 5 weeks. 5 hard weeks.

Hope to see you in 2013! I SO need your house arranging wonderfulness, just moved and nothing NOT. A. THING. works, but Im so grateful.


Julie Bonney

Karen, I've been looking through your blog just to get "acquainted" before our class begins in January. You look to be having so much fun. I also have to say that I recognize the street where your kids trick or treat. It's my favorite street for the same reasons that you mention. I'm sorry that the kids don't get any treats at the big Tudor on the corner. I have to admit that I know that house intimately, but had to take a second look to make sure that I was seeing things correctly. I'm sure that if my aunt and uncle were still alive and living there the kids would not be disappointed.

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