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Tanya A

Wow...thank you for this. I'm about to be a new mom in January and this is something I will file away for "when my daughter eventually lies" because I think you did, indeed, handle this beautifully and I'd really, really like to emulate it! Truly! Thank you!


From someone who didn't get it right tonight, I appreciate this story and you sharing it. You did well(and I think you do deserve a pat on the back). I love the image of Annie closing her eyes and smiling about you two spending time together in future years.

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Thank you...I've been struggling with this with one of my boys, and I needed a good way to explain the damage lies can do. This is perfect <3


that was beautiful. i know you don't want a pat on the back, but you are an amazing mama that gives this mama much needed inspiration. i knew motherhood would be hard & i knew marriage wouldn't be easy, but wow is it ever difficult somedays. thank you for always putting things into perspective :)


You nailed that! Thank you for sharing.

Angie U

I would say that was a Homerun! Maybe even a walk-off-grand-slam homerun! really, really good & I'm sure annie knows it too! You are brilliant in your honesty. Thank you!

Sarah Edelman



Thank you so much for sharing this story with us Karen. What an amazing way of explaining this concept to Annie. I think I will have to borrow this example one day to help my girls picture what we hope our future relationships to look and feel like.


Well done Mom! Wish I'd have had that insight when my oldest boy was 6. :c( Keep up that batting average!

Lorraine Melin

Wow. What a great explanation. I got a lump in my throat just reading it. Nice.

Melissa Ladd

That just made me cry. I've been having such a hard time with my son lately, but thank you for reminding me about how important (and hard) parenting is. I think that you and Annie will have amazing adventures together when she's a grown-up, just like you imagined! :)

Heather S. in VT.

Thank you so much for sharing this Karen! It is such a wonderful way to handle this situation! I have a 6 year old so myself and I'll need to remember this for next time! So thanks so much for taking the time to type this up and share it with us, I will definitely benefit from it!


Sniff... sniff.. i can't thank you enough.. i'm using this as an example to my 13yr old boy tonight.. it's amazing how the Spirit can lead you to such things and beam through you to others.. thank you karen

Becky Z.

This made me cry! Thanks for sharing it.


Thanks for sharing this!


Im 35 and a mom of a 6 year old little girl myself. You just taught me something about life. I'm not likely to ever forget this story. Thank you for sharing it!


Oh my godness I have tears in my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
Though I am from Germany and due to my imperfect english I usually only look at your phantastic photographs but since I read this today I WILL read every future post.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Beautiful! ANd words we can all live by!

Susan l.

You are amazing. Thanks for sharing that story.


Personally, I think you're batting a thousand!!!


Well said Mama!

Rachelle S

ahhhh! SO Sweet! Love it. We've been dealing with little lie's here ourselves (my 9 year old is not getting this lesson quickly!!) so I'm definately going to keep this in my arsenol of weapons! : ) Thanks for posting.

Robin Healy

You ALWAYS seem to know just what to say... Thanks for sharing, maybe it will inspire me to know what to say.


Oh Karen - You are so lovely. Thanks for sharing this story. And so beautifully.


You ARE a good momma. And I know that's not what you were looking for when you wrote this post. But you are. And I'm glad you know it. Us moms are pretty darn hard on ourselves sometimes because we want so bad to get it right. I think it's so important for us to give ourselves credit for the times we do "get it right" and it's awesome that you'll have a record of it for Annie. So very great.

young nanny


Nicky from Okotoks

I'd say your batting 100

Samantha Parker

You are a good woman Karen.

LaVonne did it right. Really, really right.
Even though you didn't ask for it, as your friend, I'm gonna give you that "pat on the back"....because, sometimes, as mommies, even though we don't ask for them, sometimes, we just need them. :-)
Love you!
Keep shining your light.

Stephanie Torres

Thank you Karen! My oldest son who is six has started lying (small lies, but still lies) recently and I have struggled about how to handle it. I needed to read this today. Thank you!


More parenting with "intent". Thanks for sharing. Needed this example. Love these pics too btw- glad to see them again.

Tammy Eberhard

This is an awesome account Karen. Annie is so lucky to have you for a Mom! You are amazing.


I think you are wrong! I think 100% of the time you are an amazing mom. Because even when you are 'messing' up, you are learning, and not making the same mistakes twice. And you acknowledge that you aren't perfect.


I love you! This made me cry. I have a 6 year old too & she lied to me a few months ago & the first part of our conversation was very similar, but the second not so much. I felt i dealt with it alright, but I wish I could have read this back then! Thank you for sharing! Here's to long, wonderful, 6 year old hugs!


Boy was that on the nose, or what? That is so the difference between two of my girls right now. I think I'm going to have to copy this and use it to illustrate what a lie really does. Thank you.


That's a perfect description of the distance between me and my mother--not for lying, but for other reasons--and I so much want to have exactly that excited relationship with my babies. And reading your story makes my heart hurt that it might not happen.
Thank you for setting the bar for what I want.


You go momma!! So glad you documented this memory for your family...and for sharing it!


You may not have be looking for a pat on the back but you sure deserve lots of them. I think you are an amazing Mom doing an amazing job while trying to juggle the demands that life creates...This was certainly one of your finest moments I would think. I have no doubt that Annie is going to grow up to be an amazing women herself!

Michelle Last

Perfect x


Great lesson, by a great mom! I wish you and your family a wonderful day, Kerstin


Your motherly instincts are amazingly creative. Lesson well taught :}


Nice job Momma. I think you knocked that one out of the ball park!


Thank you for sharing.

ana roat

So good, so GOD and so glad I read this today!

Rock-on momma, ROCK ON!!!

Julie in Aust.

I wish I was as wise as you all those years ago when I was a Mum to 3 boys who pushed me to the limit more times than I can remember.
I think it would be brilliant if you turned all of these wonderful posts into a book for your kids Karen...(with a couple of extras each for the future grandkids). Imagine all the great stuff you could add to it along the way...
Just a thought...


Gosh Karen, you NEED to write a parenting book! Thank you for bearing your soul and sharing with the world.


Karen - i LOVED this post and I made sure both of my children, 18 and 14, read it. You are 100% awesome!


Glory to God for giving you the words to teach your daughter (and a few others)such a life lesson! Thanks for sharing~


Wonderful story, and so very true. I think I learned a big life lesson here too and finally understand why a friendship failed when I had done everything right on my end. Because she had been lying to me, and herself, and it got to the point where she just couldn't face the friendship, and the lies, anymore so she just bailed rather than face the truth and fix things.

Debbi G.

Wow!! You are an amazing mom!!! I may have to steal your style :)

Melinda Anderson

Wow. Tears in my eyes- wow! Beautiful!

laura b

Tears streaming by my face. That was such a beautiful way to explain what lies do to a relationship! And the not so good relationship, that's me and my mom. Not due to lies. But a strained life together (mom is bipolar). And I have always missed having that bond with her. But I do have 4 children and I hope that we will have that incredibly relationship when they are adults! Thank you so much for sharing your "real" moments with us!


I wish you posted this before I had the same chat about lies with my 5 year old, It is 100 times better than how I handled it. You are such an awesome mother!


You are a lovely mother, smart and caring. You are also too hard on yourself, relax and trust your wonderful instincts. Perfection is unattainable and boring.

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Kim S.

OMG...I totally sat here with tears in my eyes. And I'm stealing this from you, to use with my boys. And Annie will use it with her kids someday, I'm sure of it.


Love your heart and soul! Makes me want to "rewind" and do it all again!


I have an 8-year old that has begun lying just recently. Not big lies, but small stuff. I'm gonna use this to have a chat with her today. Thanks for sharing!

teresa b

Powerful Karen!! You chose the right words!! Amazing!! I know some grown adults I'd like to explain this to....


thanks for sharing that sweet story. i loved it!


Amazing, Karen. You have such a wise perspective on life.

marianne b

Ok. sniffle. thanks for that. it was lovely.

Kathy D

Thank you so much for sharing this story. You are an amazing writer! My 12 year old daughter has been having major issues with lies lately and I have been trying to discuss how each lie is a brick that builds a wall between us. I had her read this post today with the hopes that it might have an impact. She wrote me a lovely letter tonight explaining how much she loved me and wants to have a good relationship with me. She wants to make changes! Thank you for sharing!!It made a huge impact in our lives!

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Denise Morrison

thanks for this today!


Amazing. And beautifully thought out. What a brilliant way to describe the power of a lie. I plan on using this example for my own children.


This is a beautiful story. I love how you took a problem/a disconnect and resolved it by making a connection instead of using a punishment. I suspect this story will live forever in her heart. This is so inspirational to me, not just to apply to my relationships with my own children, but in all my close relationships; thank you so much for sharing.


love the story, love Annie's dress, too!


Thank you for being so transparent. This parenting thing is definitely no joke. I totally agree that we all mess up here and there but what you did was amazing. Annie is lucky to have you by her side, loving her, hugging her and kissing her. You made something really hard sound really easy just now. Thanks for your sharing!


We are all human and lose our cool at times when we probably shouldn't but just from your words on this blog because I do not know you personally (and not just today's post - I have never forgotten Annie's doll in the trash post - you are consistent and follow through and take the time to teach them the right stuff; don't beat yourself up! This was a really, really great post. It seems to me that you are a great Mom! I'm glad that you documented this for her - how awesome is that! Hope you had fun in Ireland and can't wait to see some photos :)


Thank you for that story. I am not a parent, but a teacher. It is exhausting when I have students lie to me about "lost" assignments or playground issues, etc. It really does damage the relationship. I like the imagining you did with Annie, and it may be helpful with a few tweaks for school. Yes, you are amazing, even if that wasn't your goal.


Thank you for sharing this! It has been a while since my oldest lied, but I'm sure he will sooner or later, and when he does, I'm using your example as a model for how I should handle it. You are an amazing mom, and your kids are very lucky to have you!!

Jo E

Such a lovely way to explain it and you have me in tears because of the way you have written it down to share it. Thank you.


I know a few adults who should hear this explanation. It's dead-on. Perfect. And your relationship with Annie will continue to be a shining example of what we all want for our lives and loved ones. Thank you for sharing - I have tears of gratitude that you had the courage to be so honest and open with us.

{{{{{ HUGS! }}}}}

stefie Tidwell



Awesome, as always.
Have you shared before what you use to print your blogs (I get the feeling you make them into a book?) Thanks!


I'm not a big commenter...but I just had to today. This brought tears to my eyes, you taught her in a way that makes her want to do right...not do it just because she is scared of getting in trouble {which don't get me wrong, it serves a purpose too} You really are a good mom. I know you talk about your mistakes in the past, but they have made your heart the heart it is today...which is beautiful.


Really good.....I mean really *really* REALLY.
That moment is straight from the Heart of GOD.....did you know that?

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