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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Tammie Olson

I blogged about why I recommend The Photographers' Workshop

Tammie Olson

The Photographers' Workshop is so wonderful, I took it twice.


I had a hard time selecting just one shot, too! Here's mine:

Thanks, Karen!


This class was one of best things I've done.

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best class ever!! great format and I am so lucky to have been a part of it!! Wish I had Photoshop. Here is my link

Aline Rezende

I loved the workshop and you can be sure it taught me way more then only to see the light. Thanks Karen!!!

Lyndsey Gelhaus

Karen, when I say that you changed the way I shoot, and my belief in myself as a photographer I am speaking from the heart. I learned so much from your workshop and you have improved my photography in so many ways. Thank you, and here is my post!!


best thing i ever did, other then getting married and having a family of course! lol!/erin.shaffer.315


I knew I would learn a ton in the class, what I didn't know is the awesome community Karen builds with her students.


Since I learned how to do this in CS4, I did another.

Jen Fike

Here is my link..I tried to tag it not sure if it worked or not....

Cathy Barrows

Wonderful, fantastic, eyeopening class. Makes photography REALLY fun.
I have my photo posted on my Instagram (I have no facebook, blog, or anything like that!)
- cbgambier is my Instagram name. I hope you can search by that - first time I have linked anything and hopefully it works!


Here is my link:!/photo.php?fbid=4362813000608&set=a.3808194375489.2155888.1596330271&type=1&theater

Brandi Talmadge

Umm - I'm a day late but still wanted to join in. I've learned so much from Karen's class, you will not regret joining - it's worth every single penny!


Can you collect all of them in a slideshow? Maybe use it like a commercial to your course? Would be great to go through; without clicking all the links :P
But then again, you have to do it :D
But, could be nice to have on the page .

Genevieve Saller

Man! I already knew I wanted to take your class (you know, when I have time, after grad school) but these testimonials are motivating me even more! By the time I can do it your classes are going to fill up so fast I'll be lucky to get a spot!


I just realized that the link I posted was set to "Only Me".

I loved this course. The best on-line course I have taken.

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