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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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I learned so many wonderful things from you Karen but you gave me the strength to believe in myself and for that I can't thank you enough.

This is what The Photographer's Workshop taught me.


Thanks for everything Karen!


There's mine. It was really hard just picking one thing and one photo. What I learned from Karen's class are things that have changed my photography forever.

(Note to self: don't try to do this at night when you should be sleeping and you are writing less-than-eloquently.)


Karen has provided me with foundation to become the photographer I am today! This is what Karen Russell & The Photographers' Workshop have taught me.

Alena H

I LOVED your course and I recommend it to anyone I can!! Here are my links....


Your course changed my life and I just adore you, Karen!

Helena Virpi

I learned this and so much more. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!


Here's another one from me!


This course is a little pricey--I had to work on my hubs for three years to get him to go for it--But it is SO worth it. I would spend the money all over again! Try it--you won't regret it!



My blog!

Gloria Keranen

Loved this course!! It changed the way I take pictures!


I loved the real life-ness of your course. Listening to you on my ipod while doing just about anything and having the prints outs was a huge help.
I've blogged, facebooked, pinned for you.

Megan S.

I loved Karen's class so much I took it three times and every time I do, I finish the course with more valuable info. that helps my photography. Many thanks.


I also blogged on my personal blog, which sees more blog posts than my business blog.


I am loving these!!!

Alena + Megan - do you have these somewhere in addition to Facebook, so I can pin them? (Flickr and blog links work great for pinning. Facebook, not so much.)

Courtney Sheridan

I pinned mine on Pinterest and linked it to your site (you have to edit your pin after you post it...then you can add the URL). I still think about you when I look in my viewfinder...scan...scan...scan. I still haven't mastered it yet!


This class is the best one out there. So thankful I could take it!


I loved this course so much and I am so happy with the knowledge you shared!!! Your class Is excellent!!! Check out my blog :, Pinterest: and on FACEbook:

Thank YOU sooo much Karen and also let me say I wish I were heading to Ireland in a couple days with you and ali!!!


I got so much out of your class, and I've recommended it to lots of people! I've never used pinterest before -- so hope this worked.


Such a brilliant idea. I just might have to creat a whole series of these with all that you taught me, Karen!


Not sure why my blog link did not work above! Here's the corrected one:


Here's my link:

Jennifer S

Best investment in myself and in my family, ever! Karen is such a wonderful teacher and a beautiful person - worth every penny!

Andrea Devisser

It's hard to sum it up in one phrase since I learned so much from you, Karen. To future students: if you are thinking of taking her course, do it - you won't regret it.


Wow!! Great work everyone!! So many fantastic photos. I have never taken Karen's class, but would love to. I love Karen's photos. They are so sharp/crisp, all with a great story. I can't afford it right now. I just keep playing, looking at photos I like and trying to achieve that look. Some of the things you all mentioned I do.. like laying on the ground and getting dirty. That one made me chuckle.


Just looking at these other links is teaching me more! I loved your class.

Nicky from Okotoks

This is wonderful to see your students successes!! Hopefully someday when we are back to two incomes - this will be in the cards for me. Right now being on one income since we got our son's guide dog (almost 3 years ago) - life is different, so much better in the ways that count. One day hoping there will be extra funds to pursue this love again!!
You are always inspiring, lovely to see your student links!!


I can't believe I figure out how to do it. that's a miracle right there.

Andrea Devisser

I'm so glad you sent the email yesterday Karen, you prompted me to write a blog post:
xoxo -Andrea


Loved the course! Cannot say enough great things about it.

Tracey Bohland

I can't even begin to stress how much I learned from Karen! This workshop really taught me so much and I can never thank her enough for giving me the knowledge and the confidence I needed!;postID=2483072362511790340

Kelly Webb

Best online photography workshop! Taking your class was one of the best decisions I made for myself! Shared on
Twitter: Want to learn how to use your dslr? #snapshotsofagoodlife

Cheryl M

Okay, not sure I'm going to do this right or not but I tweeted

and I facebooked and I'll be sending out a blog post tomorrow.


I agree with everyone before me. I can't tell you how much I learned through Karen's course and her feedback. You will see things differently. I promise.


I am loving these! Karen, what a HUGE difference you have made in all of our photography!

For those of you who missed the link and didn't get the attachment, you can download the PSD template here:

Select File | Download (or CMD+S (mac) or CTRL+S) to download the file.

Here is my Pinterest set with all the (non-FB) posted testimonials I could find:

(E-mail me your link, if I missed you. My preference would be a Pinterest link, but a blog, Flickr, or Twitter link will work, too!)


(Oh, e-mail me at Forgot to include that. :)

Lyndsay W. (Austin, TX)




Oodles of things I have learned from you, but the ultimate reason is the joy I found from photography when my heart needed it the most!

Joni H

I have learned so much from your classes, you're awesome. I would recommend your class to anyone!


I credit my photography skills to you and would recommend your class to anyone!

Here is my blog:

Here is a link to my flickr


I also posted on my facebook, but don't know how to give you a link


Your classes made it all make sense...

I posted on my flickr

My Blog

and Facebook

Kelly Webb

Oh, and I blogged about it too!

Nikki M

Love this class....has changed my life and how I document my life and family!

Nikki M

Thanks to some Techie friends ;) I got to pin it also on pinterest


How fun! Truly a great idea to share these.


Karen- You really taught me how to recognize and channel the passion I had for photography. I continue to learn and grow because gave me both the tools and the desire to learn. AND youve taught me in life that its a good thing to stay between a 4 and a 7. But thats a whole other Oprah! Miss and love you much! XOXO


Money very well spent! I have a deep admiration for Karen and how much she truly cares about each and every one of her students.


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Terry D

This is so wonderful! I have really enjoyed seeing all of these photos from past students. Karen, I loved your class so much! It was the best! I think of the things you taught me everytime I shoot.
For anyone thinking about signing up... Just Do It! You will be so happy you did! :)

Terry D

and Pinterest...

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Les idees que es proporcionen aquí vaig a discutir extremadament preciós. Va resultar una sorpresa molt agradable per adquirir l'anticipació després que em vaig despertar avui. Estan constantment a l'escenari i fàcil de tenir en compte. Gràcies molt per les valuoses idees que tens compartits a continuació.

Lori Craig

I've told you before, I waited a long time for my calendar and camera bag to align so I could take this class. I wish I would have worked on my calendar first and taken this several years ago. The fundamental principals would have applied to the camera I had before, and I wasted a lot of time flailing around on my own when I could have been saving moments like this for my family all along. Blogged: and Pinned:

Thank you, Karen!


I love this idea! I really like being able to go to Pinterest to see all the work in one spot.


I did it! (I think)
Karen- the hardest part, even harder than working in PS for this non techy girl-was picking just ONE THING I LEARNED! I loved this class, and honestly need to review more because I know I'll keep learning from you. You are a fantastic teacher to those that don't speak "camera". And with confidence I can keep trying until I have the picture captured just as I want.
thank you.
thank you.



There was NO WAY I could stop at just one. :-)

Denielle soon2bRampy

One day....after the weddin planning....once life as a married couple has settled in....once our finances are in order and debt is paid day I will take your class....until then I will continue to get inspired by your blog. Thank you so much for sharing these, it just makes me even more inspired and excited to know that one day I will be one of your students!

Jane Bee

I am currently in your class & loving it the second time around. I love the way the class is set up with lessons each day, assignments each week & question & answer boards everyday. I have learned so much from you & the other students in the class. Thank you, Karen!!!
Here's my link:


yay!! I think it I did it!!

teresa b

Karen!! and I continue to grow with the foundation you've laid down with this class..I'm going to take your class again someday!! It will be so worth it!!!


This class taught me more than the books and classes I had taken before combined and everything is laid out in a way that makes sense. I'd gladly recommend this to anyone interested in learning about photography.


I have loved every minute of this class! I signed up for Pinterest just so I could show you just how much....


It was really, really hard to narrow it down to one, so I did two. Thank you so much for everything you've taught me!


Best Photography workshop ever!

Karen DeMamiel

Your class .. speechless :)

Karen Russell

I just spent the last hour looking through all of these - seriously the best hour I've spent in a long time! (I'm not on Facebook or Pinterest or Twitter, so I couldn't leave comments on those posts.)

Loving these guys - thanks!!!


Your class was one of the best experiences I have ever had! I still have lots to learn, but the confidence I gained is just unbelievable!!
Here's my link:


This class has been invaluable to me!


Because I learned a lot from the class, I decided to post one thing from the day I got your email, up to October 15th. Here's one of them - And here are the others I've posted so far -

My dream is to attend your live class! Someday.


I would have been SERIOUSLY lost with photography if it weren't for you, Karen. You are the most gifted teacher I've ever encountered! Thank you for everything you taught me. &


To me, in the end, it all boils down to this: And it's a priceless piece of advice for people like me who sometimes won't try because they could fail.


Here's my Flickr link:
Here's my blog link - first one that wasn't part of my Project 52!
The Photographers' Workshop helped me link my love of photographs with the ability to create my own. Best feeling ever!


My photos are still a work in progress, but they are SO. MUCH. BETTER. thanks to Karen and her class!


Hello, Karen! I audited your class in January of 2011, after just receiving my very first DSLR. Your class taught me a LOT and it was a real challenge for me, super stretch! I could take it again and again and keep learning from you. What a wonderful kick-off for my love of photography. I could go on and on about how much I learned. Thank you so much.

deb duty

Photographers' Workshop was an amazing experience. Karen's passion for photography and gift for teaching make her a wonderful and very effective teacher. I shared on instagram:

deb duty

I also posted on flickr.


My photos are still a work in progress, but I have grown by leaps and bounds since taking Karen's class! It is a MUST if you are really interested in photography!

Kathy R

Here's another testimonial from me....


I'm loving this class so far, Karen -- I am looking forward to my photos improving even more!

Here's one of my favorites:


We learnt to use our sabres to become masters fof light even when dark vader surrounds us and takes away our depth of field to become aperture mature.



This course has changed my photography forever. If it is something you are thinking about, it is a MUST!

Nancy McPeak

It is all about the light! Look for the light! Even at a restaurant, position your subjects in the best light - they don't even have to know!

Maureen E

Karen's class has helped me rediscover my passion for photography. I am now taking photos that I am so proud of. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough that I can look back on them with her. The biggest gift I could have given to my family... EVER.

Camille King

Wonderful class! I learned so much.


Link to Pinterest :)

Alissa H.

I have been going on and on about your class to anyone who would listen to me since I took it in 2008. It's been four years and I still think it was worth every penny. And then some. I adore you, Karen.

Here is my link to Pinterest-

Lori Lewis

I wanted to write so much, but followed the rules and wrote 1 thing that I learned from the Photographer's Workshop. Since I found your workshop so amazing, I found it very hard to pick out only 1 thing I learned.

Cathy K

Because you asked. Because I believe in giving back,especially when you've given me so much!


I find it hard to put into words everything I have learned from you Karen.. not only in your class but from reading and seeing the images on your blog. Priceless!

Heidi Donnelly

Almost two years later and I am constantly thinking and rethinking the lessons you shared with us. I am not all that tech saavy, hope this works.


Karen has taught me so much! The most rewarding thing Karen taught me is HOW to take more meaningful snapshots. I can take portraits and posed photos too - but the candids, the snapshots of the everyday - that's where I was struggling. I have learned SO MUCH and am now loving the shots I take. Thank You so much Karen!! -Molly


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this class, I learned a million things, it was so hard to pick one . . .

Suzanne T

I loved your course Karen. I learned so much! I need to audit again though to make it sink in even further!


I think I finally figured this out! Thanks for everything Karen!


oops. Sorry Karen! Here I go again.


The class is AMAZING! The best investment in yourself and for documenting your everyday life…and anything else. Every now and then, I go back and reread the ginormous binder of class information and learn something new…even 3 years later! So much good stuff!


I posted to flickr:

I love looking at all the wonderful pictures on Pinterest.


I learned so much from Karen's class... I have finally dared to leave the camera settings that continually mocked me (you know, the automatic ones) and venture into the manual modes... I regret that I haven't made the time to take as many pictures as I'd like to of my life, but continue to work on changing that. I hope to go through my binder a time or two this winter to become even more comfortable in the manual modes. I LOVE that Karen teaches us how to take amazing pictures WITHOUT needing to be an amazing editor.

I posted to facebook (but I'm worried with my security settings, you won't be able to see my picture. I'll try to add it to pinterest, too..).!/photo.php?fbid=3940546113626&set=a.1125517379667.2019643.1279118637&type=1&theater


I enjoyed auditing the class and dipping my toes in the water of photography. I am eager to learn more of the technical jargon, but what I really learned was what I wrote in my picture. At the end of the day, that was the best message Karen gave me... Thank you..

Much love, Jan from Canada Living in Australia :)

Deepa Alex

Your course was the best thing that happened to me..

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