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I kinda love that your friend Tanya is the one who started you up on melon ball memories ;) xoxoxo love you!


Yummy-ness in every, kids, photos, and FUN! Happy Halloween to you.


I chuckled all the way through these posts! Fun stuff! I think I might have to make a visit to our local antiques to store to see if they have a melon baller which I can use tonight to start making a memory with our kiddos! ;) Have a great evening!


Such cute pictures! Courtney Lee is absolutely beautiful!


Love, love, love this family!


So much fun! Love all the excitement on their faces... really great memories for sure!


What great memories! You should start looking for a few more melon ballers so that there isn't a fight when you are gone.


I can notch believe it has. Been 4 years since you bought that melon baller; I remember all those posts like they were yesterday but I had forgotten about your old house. It seems like you have been in your new, old house forever:) happy Halloween!


You should have some melonballer memories at your next HomeTown Workshop....that would be fun!


the kids are getting so big karen!! i miss you guys so much everyday! i love you guys! :)

Kim G

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