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Your blog and your stories always make me smile :)


Who made that mess?


what a perfect day!

Nicky from Okotoks

sounds like a perfect day to me!!!


Whoa, that picture of you doing Courtney's hair? You can totally tell what she is going to look like as an adult! Isn't it crazy when you catch glimpses like that?!

Nicole Campbell

i can't beleive how grown up Courtney is starting to look!!! how is Josh handling that? LOVE all your furniture pieces!!!!!!


Love it. Now... more about the Hometown Workshop!!! I'm so eager, but I have to wait almost a whole year! Give me more to dream about in the meantime!


wooHOO!! TWO POSTS! I so love catching up with Karen!


Sara Mangan

Did that movie make you cry? Holy cow, I was bawling my eyes out at the end. Looks like a perfect day.
Can't wait until next fall when I will actually be at the Hometown Workshop!!


And that is the only way to handle that mess...I totally agree!! You go girl!! So wish I could have been there!


Love the park photos of Annie up the climbing frame....soooooooooooooooooooooo jealous of the workshop, it's just too far away for this single mum given I'm the sole carer of my little two. Sorry to hear about your leg.............maybe some forced down time hey!!!


And life is so so good! You are so wise and such a great mom! Always takes me to a "good spot" when I read your blog. Thinking of you!


You really do it up...whatever you do! Love the idea of renting a house for the workshop. Maybe you need to go ahead and buy it while you're at it (since you go all out and all...).

I'm gonna have to read on about your broken leg...oh my goodness.


Love the look on your face and the look on the kiddo's faces too :) Also I love the shot's Coley took he is becoming quite the photographer himself!

Liz H

Sounds like a perfect solution! And, I can't wait to hear more about the Hometown Workshop...I'll help you clean up next time, if you want. :)


Oh, Karen. So glad you made it a great day after the workshop. So sorry you then broke your leg - ouch! Looking at all the things you brought back from the house.... props? Can't wait for next year and hearing more about the inaugural workshop!

able mabel

Sometimes running away is the best solution for a mess! Looks like a hoot!


I just LOVE your photography!!!! It's my favorite!

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