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great pictures!! Ross is such a great brother and poor Annie getting smoke in her face makes me laugh...not because she has smoke in her face but that expression is hilarious!


I always LOVE your family parties...thank you for letting us join in the fun. Hoping you are cast free and wearing the "boot".
Thanks for sharing your life, your wisdom, and your talent!


Don't keep us hanging....what was in the box??? :-)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

OH so cute! A very Happy Birthday to Cole! I can't believe he's twelve already! From the time I found your blog and then signed up for your class, it seems like it's been a blink of an eye. What a pleasure and gift it has been to share your family as it grows. Thank you Karen!


Aaahh! I suddenly NEED to know what's in that box?!


The photo of the four of them, with Coley's hand over Annie's mouth.... needs to be made 20x30 and hung prominently in your home! saying i love it doesn't even begin to describe it! And, yes, of course, What's in the box?! :) a gun?


imagine my total surprise when i opened my new click magazine and saw an article from one of my favorite photographers! congratulations!

Rebya Falk

I found your blog while Josh was overseas..I really like your style!


Perfect! Love the photos.

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