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woo woo woo!!! poor girlie!! i LOVE rollar skating and i'm sure you must have slipped on someone elses spilt inedible nacho cheese sauce to make you fall!!

the kids look like they had a blast coloring your cast for you tho!! would love to see a shot of the smart aleck wheels too!! wink!! hope you heal soon. smooch!!!


Oh no! Bless your heart... Totally sounds like something I would do. Hope it's not too painful & you're able to be back on your feet soon!


Sorry to hear this. You even rock (or maybe I should say "roll") a blog post about your injury - love it! Hope your recovery is quick, my friend!

karen eyink

I feeling bad for laughing... just the image of fluorescent orange nacho sauce....
xoxo feel good


I'm so sorry about your fall! You have guts!!! I wouldn't even dream of trying to put on a pair of roller skates since it's been about 25+ years for me!!!

SO EXCITED to see a Karen Russell POST! I have missed you! I have missed your pics! and I've def. missed YOU!

Sorry for your accident...but Happy to see your post!!!



Oh no Karen!!! Don't be stubborn and try to do things....boss those smart-alecks around like a Queen...wink. Feel better!

Megan S

Oh my goodness! So sorry that happened to you, good thing that one mother was there to lend a helping hand. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Kathy D

On the bright side...your toe nails look fabulous! Feel better!


So sorry about your leg!!! It's been awhile since I have been on skates. Probably about 10 years since I have been to the rink. We used to take my now 14 yr old a lot back then. I think I too would end up with a broken leg. I can't help but chuckle at the part about Josh drawing skates and laces on your cast. :)


Thanks for the giggle! Your account is hilarious and could've happened to me -- super bloody roller blading crash with gravel the night before annual PAP visit anyone? Hope you get pampered a little!

young nanny

What an unfortunate accident - maybe someone was telling you to slow down ... Hope you get pampered :) Does that mean your Ireland scrapbooking / photography trip with Ali has been postphoned?


Oh No ! Enjoy some well deserved pampering. Feel better

Rachelle S

uh-oh! Hope it heals quickly!!!!


You are such a good writer! I wish you had a picture of you from above, covered in cheese with all the little heads looking down at you. You made me laugh on a day I was not in the mood to crack a smile. That was ALL you needed on your plate was a broken leg on top of your heavy workload. At least you made a memory if it. I mean, you are so funny Karen!
Kristi (used to work at Cropper Hopper)


Oh my gosh..I am SO SO sorry. Your photos are just amazing...and they really capture the kids'personality. I was thinking you were in Ireland......did you have to cancel? Thinking of you and hoping that your heal quickly!

Kathy C.

Oh no....did you not go to Ireland with Ali?? Wishing you a speedy recovery!


Ouch! (and Courtney Lee cracks me up!)


You are the best story teller. I felt a little guilty as I giggled at this tale...and am sorry you were the main character. Wishing you a speedy recovery and note to self, never ever order nachos at the skate rink:)


My daughter broke her arm at the roller rink just trying to step onto the rink. Ruined her whole volleyball season. Lots of showers with the plastic bag on your leg. I have two things to share (since my daughter broke her other arm 2 years before and sports a rod in it.) Fill Ziplock bags half full with liquid laundry detergent. Get all of the air out. Lay flat in the freezer. We had about 6 to keep rotating. Molds right around the cast to help ice it. (We wrapped a thin towel first.) Then you can wash clothes with it. Also all of her doctors said NO ADVIL as it prevents bone growth. Hope that helps.


Gosh I felt so bad when I first learned of this, and now to read the story....I couldn't help but laugh! (sorry) but you just have a way of making the events sound hilarious and I'm visualizing the neon cheese all over the place! Sure hope you heal quickly! Looks like you have some marvelous artwork on your cast! And a thumbs up on those pretty painted piggies! :)


What a pain in the neck (or was that leg!!!) Are you staying at home now instead of going to Ireland? I noticed Ali is already there. Hope you are feeling better. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia (PS still to post my comment with the photo link - I know the photo I'm going to use, have had kids on school holidays for 2 weeks here and they just went back yesterday). Hope you get better soon. Kathy

Nancy Wyatt

You are entirely too great of a story teller missy! I could see it so well and was giggling, my bad! Hope you are feeling ok and that you can operate those crutches well. Me on the other hand would not and so this is why I refuse to try and skate ever again. Hugs from Conroe, TX


That stinks...sorry that happened to you and I hope you are on the mend quick!

Shannon L

that's terrible, all I could think about was how busy you are and moms don't have time to get hurt, you must be going out of your mind! Hope you heal quickly! Thinking of you!

Nicky from Okotoks

Hoping you heal quickly. Does that mean you missed your Ireland excursion??


Silver lining? Lots of blogging time?
Oh, wait, that's a silver lining for US...
SO sorry that you were hurt - although you did make me LOL with your story!
You take care of them so well - enjoy THEM taking care of YOU!!!

anne leglise

I hope your leg will heal soon.

Rachel Millington

Oh my lord, I'm so sorry to hear that Karen! I hope you're not in pain and it heals up nice and quick for you! Crutches are horrible to get around on. I'm thinking of you honey! xXx

Julie in Aust.

Love that last photo of cute! Sorry about your leg...a good chance to get lots of writing done I reckon!

Feet on...ipod in...humming time!

Get well soon Karen!


Oh, no! That's a horrible story! Although I'm sure in a few years you can all laugh at it.
I hope you aren't in too much pain!

nancy boothe

You make the worst things sound light and funny. I know it wasn't funny, but that's what you've turned it into.

I just keep thinking, if Karen had had a camera in her hand when all those kids surrounded her and stared down, the looks on their faces would have been quite a shot. Not to mention the shot that one of them could have gotten of you if they had a camera. Better that they didn't.

laura plunk davis

OH No!! the exact reason I have given up skating, afraid of breaking something...

And yes what about Ireland???

Get well soon....



Oh man! Bummer. I have broken everything below my knees at on time or another (I'm a klutz) and crutches stink! See if anyone in your area rents knee scooters, you'll be happy you did!! A knee scooter is much better than crutches any day, just keep the kids off of it. (good luck). Hope you feel better soon!!! Makes getting around 100% better.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Oh no! so sorry to hear this! But you crack me up - can't believe you're already blogging it! cutie pie cast decorators though!

mandy friend

oh my gosh! i am so sorry that i laughed through this, but i love how your clumsy ways nearly compete with mine! get well soon!

Nicole Campbell

oh Karen!!!! well I'd rather a leg than arm!!!!! I hope you heal fast!!!!! HUGS!


I can close my eyes and picture the nachos flying through the air like a movie... get better! Use this time to REST and refresh!!!


Oh my Karen...isn't it crazy how quick these things happen?? Hope you're feeling better soon! Your story cracked me are too funny! Take care... & take advantage of this girl...breakfast in bed sounds good to me ;)


i'm so sorry, hope you feel better soon! btw - your title totally has me singing blame it on the rain by milli vanilli

Cindy G

I'm SO sorry that you broke your leg! I am happy that you just broke one bone though! I broke both of mine at the ankle earlier this year, shortly after I finished the Photographers Workshop so now I'm the proud owner of a couple of plates and many screws. I second the poster recommending the knee scooter. It's totally uncool but so worth it for at least the teeny bit of independence it allows and Physio = Happiness. The best part of breaking a leg is that your balance on one foot will be super duper; nothing like a broken leg for some balance and core strength training! Prayers are with you for patience with your recovery.

Cathy k.

So sorry you were injured, hope you heal quickly with as little pain as possible.

Heidi Sharpe

keep the faith Karen - don't let it spoil your fun.......relax a a little......(Have you looked at Keith Carter's 'fireflies' book recently - I love his selective focus). Sometimes it's good to step off the merry-go-round, it stops your head spinning :0) Wishing you a lovely recovery period xx

Kirsten J

Omigosh - heal quickly!! Not the same thing, but totally reminded me of my friend who was asking her kids trick or treating, and she stepped backwards off of a porch and broke her foot. Had to have surgery even. Now, how close is Ireland?

Carol Muehleisen

Karen, Broken fibulas must be going around. My friend broke hers 2 weeks ago playing catch with er dog.

I'm sorry to say that I too laughed while reading your description. You have such a way with words. Hope you heal soon and enjoy the pampering.


I'm so sorry Karen...I know it isn't funny that you broke a bone, but I am dying laughing, almost crying reading your story--That is totally something I would do. Thank you for the great story, and I hope you are feeling better. :)


Where are those video cameras when you need them? lol.

Poor, Nellie, that's so the snack bar...really? You make something terrible sound so funny. Was God trying to tell you something about those nachos?

I hope it's feeling better already. :)

Van & Lydia Khieu

Karen - I am so sorry, but also can't believe that someone else broke their leg just like I did. Unfortunately, mine was a tib/fib fracture that required rods and pins, but also in the snack bar area of a roller rink where I was trying to be a cool chaperone to a group of junior highers from our church. No nacho sauce for me, and no cool story to tell about the scars on leg. That was 15 years ago, and I still won't put things on my feet that make me move! Hope the recovery is fast.


Oh no Karen, aren't you going to Ireland soon? Will you still be in the cast? What a bummer! prayers for a quick recovery! <3


bummer - praying for a swift recovery. and aren't you glad it was after all your training and the actual races you did all the training for? that would have been even worse!

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:( what a complete bummer :( Praying that it heals super fast!

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