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Happy Birthday Cole!


Oh so cute. May his every wish come true....well maybe not EVERY wish. Happy birthday!


We have twins! Happy birthday Cole!

Becky T.

Happy birthday, Cole!! I hope your 12th year is as awesome as you are! ;-)

Jennifer S

Happy Birthday Cole!!! Hope you have an awesome day!


I can't believe he's 12! Wish him a very happy birthday from Canada!


Big ol' Happy Birthday to you Cole! Your just getting more handsome every year.


Happy birthday Cole! 12 is a great year to be!


Happy Birthday, Cole!


Happiest of birthdays, Cole - you are a great guy and I will admit, my favorite! Eat cake!


12? Yep, that's pretty stinky (good thing we don't have smell-a-vision)!!! lol.

Happy Birthday and many more, handsome Coley!!! :)


That boy knows how to start a birthday!! Happy Birthday Coley!!


Happy birthday Cole! You sure are a handsome 12 year old!! Hope your day was awesome dude!


Hope you had a great day Cole!! Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Birthday Handsome Boy!!


Happy Birthday, Cole!

Nancy Boothe

Happy Birthday to my favorite 12 year old reader! You ROCK.

sandy wiley

Happy Birthday Cole! Woot! btw i saw annie's room on apartment therapy. very cool!

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Happy Birthday to the coolest 12 year old I know!! 😄

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My son just turned 12 this month too! He also stinks. :)


if he turned 12, its his 13th year (newborn to 1 is first year, 1 to 2 is second year etc.) At any rate, happy birthday!

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Birthday is one of the excited day of the year for the kid's. Although we don't have a birthday party, a simple gatherings gives happiness to the birthday person.


Wishing your smiling handsome boy the happiest of birthdays. Each year when you post Cole's birthday photo, I know that my own son's b'day is on it's way (same age).

Carrie Thompson

Happy Birthday Cole! Hope you had a great day...but I'm sure you did since I know your mom and dad made it awesome!

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