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Karin  Canazzi

Oh my goodness-cried just imagining it!


How sweet, melts this mama's heart.

Ali M.

Awwww! Love it!

Julie in Aust.

Too early in the day to make me tear up Karen...not fair!
But just got to say you have one beautiful boy there...hes going to make a pretty amazing hubby one day.


seriously?! That is amazing! Been a long time BFFOnline- hope you're okay. :)


Tears. Aren't sons the sweetest???

Mary Ann Jenkins

Love that <3


You made me cry! What a sweet kid you raised!


Most adorable thing ever. :)

Jen Spain

That's pretty much the best thing I've read all day. I was thinking about you and Ross yesterday because my oldest is 12 but mentally a teen, with all the hormones etc. that go along with it. And although I know blogs and real life are two separate things no matter how real we are (myself included) in our writing, I've always admired your relationship with Ross and hoped I'd be able to enjoy a similar relationship with my boys in their teens.


This warmed my heart - thanks for sharing. When my sweet 19 yo son is home, he always gives me a big hug goodnight. Love that!

PS - You can contact Facebook and let them know that someone is impersonating you. They "usually" take action or will investigate. Also, you can contact the person with a letterhead from an attorney and that usually takes care of it.


What a great young man! This totally made me cry. I hope and pray this is how my 21 year old son feels now and later in life. Good job Karen! You are a strong woman and your love and hard work shows! Hang in there during these busy times. We miss you too. (Here in internet land.) Lori




Just goes to show you, you've raised one great kid or should I say man.


This is the best thing I've read all day. You are one lucky mama!


That is so awesome! You done good Karen! And I bet that fake Karen on Facebook doesn't have an awesome family like yours which is why she has to pretend to be you! Too bad you can't find out who she is and slap her with some kind of criminal charges!


Karen! Tears sprung to my eyes when I read that! So awesome. My baby boy turns 7 today so I am extra-emotional. What a sweet guy.


OMG!! That is so great! Of course he misses you...he's got a great Mama! I hope my son feels that way when he's grown up.


That is precious! I hope my kids feel this way about me someday. You are one lucky mama!


This is the most beautiful thing I've read in awhile!! So sweet!! :)

kristy taylor

oh karen. tears over morning coffee. you touched this mama's heart. i know you think you bungle the mothering thing sometimes, but i hope i'm half as good a mother as you, so that when my boys move out, they post something like that about me. you done that boy right ;)

Shannon L

I have two boys (and two girls) and I hope that they all feel the same way about me as Ross clearly feels about you! Right now my boys are planning on living the bachelor life right across the road from me so they can always get to see their momma...I hope that stays true! LOL...Thanks for sharing! I love it!


Proof positive that, despite all your self-doubt, you really knew what you were doing with him! And what you're doing with the rest of your kids! Congrats to you and Josh for being quite obviously great parents!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Geez, what a great kid!!! LOVED this!!


Awwww - this is truly priceless!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Glad to know you are doing well too!!!


That made my day. My soon to be 13 year old daughter hugged me the other day for no apparent reason. I was thrilled that she can still be that sweet girl even though I know the poor thing is having a hormonal overload. I hope that she misses me insanely when she is off on her own. I know I will be missing her because the thought of it her all grown up and on her own makes me cry.

Nicole Campbell



oh how i hope my boy feels that way at that age... such a good momma karen...


Awww Karen that melted my heart! My husband is 41 years old and he misses his mom a lot too, LOL! So I believe Ross when he said he'll never be too old to miss you.

Kirsten J

You did well, Mama. Serious.

Heidi Sharpe

I'm going to have to go and pretend I've cut onions!

Loves it x


My oldest boy (whom I had like you very young and we grew up together) is now the man who made me a mama, leaves for the Navy next week... Everytime I think about how much I'm gonna miss him I cry. I totally get how you feel and I hope that once he can get back online after bootcamp that I get messages like that one too....

Gayle Shrader

love it!!!


Best! That was perfect. I would've cried too!


So nice to have such a great relationship!! I hope you two can see each other soon.

Terry D

So Sweet! I love those kind of surprises from the kiddos! :)
(and I miss my son terribly too! :( he moved away 2 years ago for work)


So I had to go searching for you on FB. creepy. You know you can report her, right? If you click the arrow next to the cog by "message" on her main page, you get a drop down box and you can choose report/block. Have your sweet boy do it for you!


lump in my throat.
Can you ask for anything more? Isn't is crazy how the glimpse of that heart you've been working on for all these years was listening.

Your a great mama.
and I am really really glad to know your ok-you've been in my prayers DAILY!


Oh, man this put a lump in my throat. I pray I have a good relationship like this with my boys.


That made me cry - and I don't even have kids!! You done good with him.

Charlene Austin

OMG that just made me cry! So sweet.

And are you serious that someone is doing you on Facebook? That's hilarious.




So sweet...BUT what the F? Someone is pretending to be you and posting pictures of your family???? Seriously, that is not against some law?

Penny M. sweet


How sweet! :) I hope to have the same relationship you have with Ross with my 2 boys!


It doesn't get any better than this!

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That one girl that has been pretending to be me is still on there though.

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