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Thanks to Josh Downs.


I've missed your blog, but your smile in the photo is worth it. Thanks to Josh Downs.

Kathy C.

THANK YOU Josh Downs! :) We miss you Karen, so THANK YOU for this post!


Thanks for checking in!


Missed you!! Love Josh for pushing you to blog just a little.

Bonnie Garcia

Glad to see your OK! I knew you were more busy then a beaver with a hole in the damn.


Yay! Josh read my mind (probably a comment or two, too!) :)

Glad it all went well. Glad you are o.k.

Katie J

Thanks for the update! I knew you were just busy with life, but it's still nice to hear what you've been up to and see your smiling face. :)


It is good to hear from you, Karen! I'm so glad to hear your workshops were amazing, but I'd imagine no less. :)


Love you Karen! Take a breath now.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Phew! I was so stalking this page looking for a post. Missed you. SO wish I could have been there! remember to keep me on the list if anyone needs to cancel. And lots of thanks to your hubs for making you post.


So glad to know you are alive:) We have all been busy chatting it up on our facebook group and hoping you were ok. I think it is all mutual we all are missing everyone.


With our photo and your sweet simple post I'm clearly at a 10! Changed...for certain. Brimming with love and adoration for every single woman in this photo...absolutely! Miss you terribly along with the grace and beauty of Hannah House and her occupants!


Thank you I was beginning to get worried! Breathe in Love, Exhale Gratitude!

Paula S.

Thankful all is well. Missed your entries, but good for you for not adding one more thing to your already full plate. Hope things settle down for you soon.

Rachel Millington

Hahahaha! Thank you Josh Downs for instigating a post! Glad you're ok Karen and the workshops sound awesome. I would so fly to America just to take a workshop with you! Or you know, if you're ever in England, come by, I'll make up the spare room and we can go taking photos in the Cotswolds!

Linda Gibney

Congrats on getting through the trial and real deal. I never had any doubts. Can't wait for my turn. (Your priority list sounds PERFECT!) Thanks for all you do.

laura j

missed you....good to hear that all is well!

Shannon L

Thank you Josh Downs! Glad all is well! Can't wait to see more on the blog soon! :)

Joni H

Thanks for checking in! It's good to know that you are alive. I love this shot and all the new memories and friends that were made. Like Lisa said we are all chatting up a storm but miss being with everyone. You're simply the best!

Lorraine M.

:) Like!


Thanks Josh Downs. In my heart I knew she was busy, busy but OK. It's just good to hear it from her.


So fun to see! Glad it went well. I'm missing everyone and so thankful for our weekend. Take care of yourself and family. Thank your mom again- she is amazing.

nancy boothe

I'm going through withdrawal missing everyone and it's not going away. And I second Jacki- your mom is an angel with the most twinkly eyes and smile. I LOVE her. Love seeing that second group.

young nanny

Oh, yay! So glad that you're ok =) Bless you for thinking of us Josh Downs =D


Between your post and Lisa G's comment I went to a 10 too. That whole week seems like a dream- a dream of amazing women, loads of laughter and love and many lessons on life and photopgraphy. I just cannot thank you enough for the gift of new friendships! I am definitely a changed woman... Oh I think my photography improved too :) Miss you all very very much. XOXO


PS Lisa C you look so cute in your hat! So glad you wore it! :)


So so happy for each and everyone who was lucky enough to be able to attend :) Karen you definately have changed some lives for the better. May the grace of God be with you always!


That looks like a lot of fun. Glad to know you are o.k., even if really busy.

Arleen Morales

Thank you and I am glad you're okay! Good hearing from you.

Lisa Dale

Glad that you are doing well... Was getting a little worried about you.


So happy to see a post :). Thank you Josh. It would be AMAZING to take an IRL Class from you!


Thank you Josh! I was getting ready to board a plane and come check on you!


What fun! Hope I can do that one day!!


Yes thanks Josh Downs!!


Thanks Josh Downs! I was about to send you an email and pretend to be a current student to get through... and say. WE MISS YOU. Just a blurp here and there is all we need. Thanks to you as well Karen! You are marvelous!

Dawn S

Yea!! Thank goodness you are alright. Was started to get a little worried. Glad there is some goodness in the midst of all the madness.


glad to hear you're doing ok Karen, been worried for weeks. :D

kisses to the kids and thank Mr. Downs for us.

Jen Spain

Thanks Josh Downs! It is good to hear from you Karen - glad to hear you're okay.


Yay! Thanks Josh Downs!! I'm glad you posted, Karen. You have no idea who I am, but I took a scrapbooking class you did in Lynwood, WA several years ago and have followed your blog faithfully since then. I know this isn't your paid job, but I love hearing from you! Please don't put blogging too far down on your list of priorities! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Voelker

That Josh Downs in a smart guy. (well duh, look who he married). I would have kept coming back, knew you would post again sometime in the next 50 years...

Your workshops sound like Heaven.


So glad you are ok and so glad Josh had you blog! I have been checking everyday.

Nicole B

Thanks Josh Downs! We've missed your bright enthusiasm on the interwebs!


These girls look so happy!! Your workshops are simply wonderful! I miss everyone so much! Hope you can catch your breath and relax a bit now! I miss your sweet mom and love you lots Karen!

Heidi Sharpe

So great you're back - You are such a happy maker - but that gift doesn't come without a price - so I'm glad you have taken a break - albeit a busy one! Here's to happy days :0)


So glad to hear from you and glad you are ok. Miss you! Thanks Josh Downs!


So good to hear you are still out there! You are missed!

Kim S.

thanks, Josh Downs for insisting that she check in! Looks like it's all good. Miss you and your blog.


Wonderful to have you back! Have heard AMAZING things about the workshop. Can't wait to experience it myself in June 2013!!! : )


YIPPEEE I missed you so much!!


Thank you Josh Downs! Not only was I a bit worried, but was missing your posts. Terribly!

Julie in Aust.

Thanks Josh...been a little worried about the dear lady!

Cant wait to hear all about it Karen...but take your time OK...we will always be here.

Hugs from Oz...


Thank you Josh Downs for telling her to blog! I CAN.NOT.WAIT. to hear all about the workshops. So anyone who went to the first classes have a blog to share??


I was checking in every day. I can't wait until 9/2013. I am so glad it went well for you and all the ladies. I am glad you back and I look forward to reading all about it and seeing the beautiful photos.


A huge big THANK YOU to Josh! You had us worried! Can't wait to hear more about your hometown workshops! So glad to see you this morning!!!

Just to know that you are ok...huge relief!!!


Missed you!

Julie McD

Thanks, Josh Downs. And, thanks, Karen. We were worried! ox


Yeah, I agree with Josh
Glad to see you do a blog post!
Have a Super Duper Weekend Karen!!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie Thompson

YAY!!! I am so glad that you are okay and so glad that the hometown workshop was a success! I can't wait for my turn!!!


The thing I'm most excited about in this photo is seeing Lisa next to you and you next to Lisa! I'm so pleased you both got to meet!!

Colleen Barron

Love that husband of yours! Thanks to Josh Downs....we've missed our Karen "fix".


Hurray! I *love* your blog! Thanks to Josh Downs! :-) Glad you're ok!

S McCrary

Felt like I'd lost a close friend, so glad that Josh suggested you check in! I have missed your posts!


That Josh! Looking out for you and US!
So glad your workshops are going well! Love the photo!


Yay Josh! I have been wondering what you have up to been, and checking your blog almost everyday and nothing yet. We missed your photography and stories. Just type one sentence and a photo all we need from you ;) Thank you, Josh!


We the people of the internets love us some Josh Downs. . .thanks buddy!


thank you for posting even a quick note. miss you. bless josh downs for putting the bug in your ear.

julie pilch

Glad you are ok! Looking forward to more updates soon xxx

Dawn Wheeler

Thanks Josh. Karen - I was worried about you and now I feel lots better :)

Go Beavs!


Thank you Josh.


Thanks Josh!
Still on the road, missing everyone so bad!! So much to process, so much to think about and to cherish forever.
Karen, you ARE the best!


I'd call that better than ok! So glad to find you here today.


I've been dying to hear more.... so can't wait for June!

Aimee B. in Oregon

Thank you, Josh!


I wish I was there!!!!!! Missed you


Yah josh.... Great photo soooooo jealous what a wonderful experience. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane,Australia


Glad to hear you are OK. Sorry to hear you are too busy. So glad the workshops went well very sorry I wasn't in on one of them, hope I am next year! Thanks Josh Downs for making Karen blog!!! Gorgeous shot Coral!

nicole prather

miss you !!

Terri Braun

So glad you're ok. We miss you when you are not here!

Victoria Hassink

Such a wise look great and I am so jealous of all those "changed" ladies...I want to be "changed", maybe some day. Just so happy to see all is well.

Erin Yamabe

Hello and can I just say a big, huge, ginormous YAY!!!!!!!!! I rarely post, but always read, so thank you for coming back to share!!! Love your work, Karen, and all that you put into it!!! HUGS!

Danielle Galindo

After checking daily for an update from you I was so happy to read you are doing ok. I feel so connected with you and felt like I've missed a dear sweet friend. Love the re-prioritization you've planned for yourself...I'm in the same groove Karen.
Kindest regards and well wishes.

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Hooray! I'm glad you're okay (and that Josh is looking out for us here in blogland)! Oh, that balancing and reprioritizing is hard stuff to do...but definitely worth it! Sounds like you're working in the right direction! I'll be looking forward to more posts whenever things settle, and as often as you feel like doing them! {{hugs}} and hang in there!

Dawn Young

Yes...911...I think something happened to Karen. No...I don't know her address. I know that she is married to Josh and I know about her kids and her photography. No, I haven't talked to her lately...or ever. No, I've not talked to her husband. Hello??? I read her blog and she hasn't updated it since August...CLEARLY something has happened.

OHHHH, nevermind she just updated!!


Wonderful. In Ireland as I type. Bring warm clothes, even turtlenecks. Wishing you were here beside me while soaking up all the photo ops. And yes, thanks to Josh Downs.

Nicky from Okotoks

So happy to hear from you - glad all is well. Was hoping that life was being kind to you.
God Bless.


I was just thinking about you the last few days wondering how you and the fam were doing. Big hugs to you all! I am so thrilled that your Hometown Workshops have been a success!! I hope you can find the time to continue to offer day I'll be there! :)


Josh rules! Thanks for taking a few moments to post! Didn't think anything was wrong, just busy. :-)


Thanks for the post...missed ya!

Cathy B

Thank you to Josh for making you post something. I was getting worried checking and not seeing anything new for such a long time. Glad you're ok. :)


So glad to hear everything is ok---thank you Josh for getting her to post that little bit...we just needed a dose of Karen---even he know how we are...gotta love you guys!


Great to see you again! :)


Yay!! I knew your workshop would be awesome... Wish I could have been there! Have a great day full of necessary busyness!!

Julie S

Love you guys! Looking forward to hearing more from you when things slow down a bit. Good job, Josh Downs! Take care and Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Sarah K

Thanks for listening to your hubby and checking in. Take care of yourself.

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