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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Rebecca Lovell

Oh, good gosh! I signed up for this class as soon as I saw it, because of the SC contributors! I didn't even realize you and Erin are part of it! I can't tell you how over the moon I am now!!!! Yippeee!!!!


But what if I only have an iPhone camera and a point and shoot? Thinking of asking Santa to start saving for a "real" camera for when I retire and have time to take "real" photography classes... But right now it's not in the budget... Could I still take this class?

Gayle Shrader

OOOH!!! You and Erin both part of the class! Definitely going to have to sign up!

gina harpur

Thank you for the advice. I'm all signed up and have told my friends!!

Shannon H.

Now that I know you are taking part in the class I just might have to sign up! I love your photography style and your photos are always amazing!

Diane McKenzie

What a stunning shot! I rally Ned this class! Thanks.


Sounds like a great class!


You, Erin, and my friend Tami!
Great line up!

julie urban

so glad to see that you are a part of this class! i am a follower of you blog and I love it!

Elise tout simplement

Whaou tes photos sont magnifiques...
Ce sera une bonne occasion de m'améliorer...
Je tente ma chance
A bientôt


Thank you so much for sharing with us. I look forward to seeing your contributions to the class as I've heard lots about your mad skills.


Hi Karen, I didnt realise you were part of this class, I would love to win a discount to the entry price.

vanessa langlet

I love your work and would love to get a chance to win
and as i usually say life is like a chocolate box here I am !!

Nicky from Okotoks

Love all your work - and so wishing that I could partake, unforunately being on one income just can't suffice it.
Hope that all enjoy - looks like a great class.

Diane Rubatino (drubatino)

Thanks for the chance to win.

kelly b

You're killing me. I think that you have just pushed me off the fence I've been sitting on!


thanks for the chance!

Michelle Poirier

I didn' t realized you were among the contributors. So excited Karen to see tour name, the list is incredible and the class looks amazing.


Miss you. Happy I can have teaching me a little more. Yess




I didn't know you were a part of that class I am going to have to sign up...!


Love that photo!


Totally been thinking about this class...and totally a big fan of your photos :)


looks like an amazing class. can't wait!


I wasn't familiar with that site but the class has some amazing people teaching and contributing. Definitely must sign up!

Sharon Reynolds

I have had a D7000 for about 1 1/2 years and have always kept it on auto. I am a teacher of 6th graders and an advid scrapbooker with my "auto" pictures. I am a hands on learner and have tried taking a class or two where there was a lot of lecture but no hands on "assignments". I stumbled across a message board where people were HIGHLY recommending your online photography class. I immediately went to your site to find the class is full. I was so BUMMED. I feel like my camera could do so much if I just knew what I was doing. I am so hoping come October 15th I can be fast enough to secure a spot in your next class. I would even settle for auditing the class that is starting soon. I can't wait to be a student again. I would love to take this class. Do you think it would be OK even if I am still and AUTO shooter?


We've been watching Annie grow up for a few years but this photo gives a glimpse of an Annie-yet-to-be...a beautiful teen and woman. You've captured yet another amazing slice of your child's life.

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