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Libbi M.

Wow Karen! So glad you are holding on to those vintage finds. Would love for you to post some pics of those. And Josh has the cutest little helper.

martha hernandez

what great finds! i suspect you'll do something wonderful with them and maybe he can hang up his findings in his man cave!

karen what are you using and what ISO for these low light photos? Beautiful, beautiful!


I know how it is Karen! We also have a Man Cave in our attic (we have a 100+ year old house too that we totally redid), along with my oldest son's bedroom. It was so much work to change it from the dumpy room that it was (and figure out how to move the stairs to a better place -- had to add a dormer). But now it is where all the boys here spend most of their time. Even though it is hard to regulate the heat/cooling up there, they love it! I am sure it will be a welcome addition to your home. Aren't you glad we have men that can do those things? It so wonderful that Annie can spend time with her dad like this. :)


I could work on that mustache thing....have you looked at my profile pic lately?? ;-)

So glad to hear that you kept all the cool wonderful that you married a man who is so considerate and took such care to protect what might have been there. That speaks volumes about BOTH of you! You are both very blessed with one another.

Paula S.

Hmmm...I am officially concerned. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I think I am starting to fall in love with your family. The fact that I am realizing this while reading a post containing details of cat pee scented floor boards, dead bird carcasses and man cave parties is even more disturbing. Hopefully it has more to do with your lovely photography, beautiful people, and the love that permeates all of your stories. Happy Thursday to you!


What a cool space! I hope you'll do a blog post with pictures of your cool finds!

Colleen Barron

Karen, I so enjoy reading your blog every day and this one cracked me up!!!

Nicole Campbell

OMG I can't beleive you just said that about the waxing!!! LOL!!!!! You're perfect Karen and I would have never thought you needed to do that! :) But I think you should go print some of those cute mustaches that everyone is using for photography props at weddings right now, and put them on sticks that way all the beautiful girls can enter...and wait...Coley is too young for a mustache too!!!!


ROFL..... I'm sitting in the doctors office with my MIL and your last comment made me bust out laughing!! I love that you came across some amazing treasures during your renovation and that Josh took such care to preserve them!! We found so pretty cool items when we remodeled our old house too, and the kids still enjoy looking at them and reminiscing.


I've always hoped we'd find good interesting, old things in our attic. Nevermind that it's more like a crawl space above us. I always ask if Kerry found anything good up there.
That's going to be an awesome space!

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Hey Karen, I've learnt that visualising can lead to huge disappointment. I've learnt that life isn't like it is in the movies. I've learnt to take each day as it comes, to live in the moment and not wish the days away. They go so fast anyway, why wish them away even faster (that's something I have to constantly tell myself). I've learnt to not sweat the small stuff - something my husband hasn't learnt because we are in two different places - I'm a Christian and he's not (yet :D). Bless you Karen, thanks for sharing.


hahaha! How about you and I go on a girls only trip as my hubby will be going on his men only hunting trip about that same time! We can go somewhere that waxes mustaches!!!


My folks house (where we live) is from the 1800's and they un-earthed some really neat stuff like clay pipes and leather shoes that are now displayed in the library. We are still waiting to find the money buried in the yard ;D

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Good thing for you Paper Source sells stick on mustaches! :) Have fun!


Dang, I wish you were still making scrapping products, can you imagine the 12x12 papers that journal could make?


A. Your a crack up.
B. jealous of attic space-no matter the condition. All cool houses have one.. Why dont they make me anymore? And basements... Those are a Midwest south thing I envy! My 1300 sq ft no attic no basement no garage self clearly has storage jealousy.
C. I can't imagine being in closed space with cat pee reeking havoc on my nostrils.
D. Annie never looked happier. Well, the bowl of strawberries to herself runs close tie.

Cool finds, love old handwriting, classic


You always have the most interesting stories!
You'll have to get Annie a fake mustache so she can go to the party too! And they need a photographer, so I'm sure you're hired :)

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Penny Jane

LOL. Crack me up. Yes, fake mustaches must be available on opening day.

Amelia jayne

Love reading your blog karen! Where's annies tie dye shirt from in this post? my daughter loves it!

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I love it! You have such a creative eye and make everything you put together work.

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Rachel C.

Tell Josh Downs that I hope the urinal photos will be rated G when it's finished.

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