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Hang in there and take a breath Karen. You will get through it just like you have gotten through it in the past. And, all your cutie pies will be waiting there for you with smiles on their faces. Such sweet pictures of the girls!


Look at the little Karen in piggy tails! :) You can do this, girl. God will carry you safe in His arms.


And these two beauties are just part of your upside. Nice of Josh to understand what you need.


Oh those cheeks! One day at a time.


Take care of yourself Karen - those symptoms are not helped by putting yourself under too much stress. Sincerely hope you are getting it all checked out. Another upside you have (adorableness in the photos btw) is a wonderful caring husband in tune with taking some pressure off you and a faith that is deep and strong. Hugs aplenty


Hi Karen,
I know you are crazy busy, but as an RN, I would urge you to get those symptoms checked out. Sounds suspiciously like a thyroid issue....


You can do it Girlie...those baby girls! Do you just want to eat them up?!

Nancy Wyatt

I am so behind on my blog loving and creating with my day time job! I have been feeling very overwhelmed and sometimes depressed but then somehow I snap out of it and I know you will get past this craziness too! Hugs and I love these photos!! I almost forgot how that Annie girls cheeks were oh so chubby and juicy, ha! Hugs from Conroe, TX


Karen it will all be worth it in the end. And maybe taking a trip down memory lane, reminding yourself of all that sweetness, is exactly what you need.

Watching your beautiful family blend and grow has been a major influence in my life as our own famly blended and grew. There have been times that your family photos have centered me and given me just enough balance to keep on keeping on.

Thank you for evey image, story and struggle that you have shared.

Nancy Boothe

I'm going to pray for you more often.

Jen S

Oh Karen! Now you will have me worried - take care of yourself. FAMILY comes first....


We only get what we can handle. Trust in him to know that you can do this standin' on your ear.
Love reading your blog all the way down here in Australia.


Stop the world, I want to get off!!! :) So cute!!!

Julie in Aust.

Hang in there know the drill...breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.
One step at a time...
Take a step back and look at where all your love lies...and smile because you see it right in front of you.
Hugs from Oz...


Please take care of yourself! We have a date in a year and you better be there! All kidding aside, make sure you are eating, drinking, and taking a break! Get checked out too.


notes to Karen:
your really rad at what you do. don't be so hard on yourself because you've got crazy expectations of yourself-just be rad (<---not dizzy not stressed not unbrushed

and go away with them next time!
and keep posting pictures of little Annie, can't have enough of those.
and know no matter how often you post; we all look forward to that post, so it can take a while :)


Echo to what the other gals have posted.....remember that old song..."slow down, you're moving too fast"....and my favorite from Mr. Rogers....."I love you just the way you are"!! And, all your students will too. Deep breaths, and lots of hugs! Stress is an evil monster.


Karen, I'm sending positive thoughts your way. You always put in 110% - take it easy on yourself! Everything will turn out just as you want it.

Big hug,

gina f.

aah.. i had forgotten what the small versions your girls looked like. Love those trips down memory....its all about the journey, right? You're the best Karen just keep pluggin!! :)

Janine Fox

Watch your breathing Karen. I was hit with debilitating dizziness/lightheadedness and was diagnosed with a breathing pattern disorder and mine is all connected to stress and anxiety.
Have been working with a breathing physio to help. I really hope yours is more of a momentary thing xx

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Janine Fox

Sorry if that sounded bossy! You got me worried:)


For anyone that has ever taken a class from you; in person and through your online prepare, prepare, prepare. And then worry that you haven't done enough. I have been fortunate enough to take several in person classes and your online class as well. YOU are AWESOME! I love what you do, who you are to all of your students and blog readers. Take care of yourself hon, we will all be waiting here for you when you catch your breath. Hugs chica!


Remember to breathe!

teresa b

Reminder for you Karen!! You are going to be awesome!! They will LOVE it!! You are amazing!! XOXOXOXO


I think a lot of us out here are right there with you! Too many commitments between work and family and not enough time. The mommy guilt is pretty high this week. Prayer has been my saving grace this week! I will keep you in my prayers.


Isn't it fun going down memory lane? I've been doing that with my scrapbooking :) I just want to are AMAZING!! will get through it.

Penny Jane

Dear Ms. Type A. No stressing. Breath. Have fun. Relax. I'll be in your class - looking forward to learning a lot and having a ball doing it. Can't wait to enjoy the class with you.

Sue Sume

Eh--hair brushing is over rated...

Jona Panesa

the kids are so cute. can they just stop growing? enjoy your short trip to memory lane.

 Lanny Lou

Oh girl I know the feeling :) and look how little the girlies are in those pictures ! they sure are growing up fast...

Kari Carpenter

I echo all the thoughts of be kind to yourself and you will get through this busy time! Hang in there. BUT what I really wanted to say... HOW in the world did you guys not eat Annie's cheeks OFF?!! Oh my goodness is that girl adorable!

Victoria Hassink

Oh my gosh, they are just babies!

Linda Gibney

Priorities. Pretty simple.

Linda Gibney

Priorities. Nothing matters more than your family because in the long run that really is all we have. We all love what you give us with your knowledge and it is sooo appreciated but ultimately all your energy needs to flow THROUGH your family. We get what is left and it will be more than enough.


And what an adorable upside! As a fellow Type A, I totally get it - and have been there. But as a student this session (who CANNOT WAIT until tomorrow, by the way), I surely speak for everyone when I say that we'd much rather you spend less time perfecting and more time enjoying your sweet family. Promise.

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YOU are AWESOME! I love what you do, who you are to all of your students and blog readers. Take care of yourself hon, we will all be waiting here for you when you catch your breath. Hugs chica!

Jen Fike

Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy this weekend! Good luck and have fun ;) Hopefully some day I can make it out to one of your classes. You are AMAZING!


her cheeks...OMG...they are adorable!


miss you K

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Rebya Falk

Karen, Remember the weeks that Josh was gone and how wonderfully you handled it all. Prayers coming your way from Texas!

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Miss your posts! Come back soon~


I just wanted to check in to say I was thinking of you. Can't wait for some new blog posts, but take your time. Hope all is well. :-)


Earth to Nellie....Earth to Nellie.... ;)


Fourteen days since last post has me a little worried about you, but not wanting to add any burdens to you or expectations you feel you need to meet by posting again. Just seemed to me, that maybe it would encourage you to know that-- I will be praying, knowing the Lord knows what you need (Romans 8:26).



Just wanted you to know that I am missing your posts! NO pressure!!! Just are missed!



I hope you are just super busy! Miss you!

Julie in Aust.

Hey are you doing?

Hoping you arent doing too much stressing, getting lots of hugs and smiles and taking a few moments to close your eyes and breathe slowly every now and then.

Looking forward to a very short quick word or two....:)

Jen Fike

I hope your class was AMAZING! I keep stalking your blog waiting to hear all about it. I'm impatiently waiting for your return... I miss you ;)


Hey! Hope all is well! I'm pretty sure I saw that hotty Josh Downs in Roseburg traffic today when I was on my lunch break!:)

Rachel Millington

Dude, hope you're doing ok. I keep checking my GReader to see if you've updated! Just wanted to drop you a quick comment to say there's random strangers out here that are thinking of you and hoping things are going good for you. I miss your writing chick!

young nanny

Hey Karen, have missed your blog updates. Hope all is well. Sending prayers your way =)

cindy b

Okay, it's official...I am having Karen withdrawals...September 17th and no posts from you since LAST month..oh god..I am hyperventilating... just toss me a bone so I know you are alive. :) Thanks Karen!!


I am missing my weekly dose of Karen's life... I hope things settle down for your soon, silly as it sounds I miss seeing pictures and hearing the stories of your family's life.


Hope you and that awesome family are all well. Miss you and pray for you.

Nicky from Okotoks

Hope life is being kind to you!! Blessings


OMG! You are the Best. Can't wait to hear about it and see pictures.


Missing you tons, and hoping your workshop was a huge success. I know it was, you would do no less. But guess what, if you don't think it was, I know you will learn and grow from it nonetheless. That's what makes you so awesome. You bounce! :)

Hope you know you are admired and appreciated and many fans are awaiting your comeback. When. You. Are. Ready.


Hey Karen...just wanted to say Hi! Hope all is going well. {Hugs}


Breathe, enjoy your life. Sending prayers your way!
(P.S. I miss your updates!)

Kelly B

We all miss you and hope you are able to take the time you need to breathe! But, we do of course miss you and look forward to your stories when you return! Take your time, we will keep checking in on you!


I never comment but I must say... I miss your posts! I hope all is well and you're getting caught up and catching your breath!


Missing you around here. :)

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Just wanted to drop in and say that I miss you and I hope that things are going well for you!

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