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Great pictures and the weather looks lovely. The heat in midwest is killing the fun around here.


It makes my heart happy to see the love, your family and of course your extra extra special photos. Oh, the memories!! Lucky lucky family!


How lovely that your Mum spent so much effort into decorating the tents. Love the picture of your Annie walking through that archway vine with her cuddle toy. Courtney's new hairstyle looks great.

Leslie Kubtan

You guys always look like you have so much fun. Is Ross still seeing his sweetie? Where was Josh?

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

What wonderful photos! But what I love most is the love you see in the photos. Great photos + emotionally perfect = pure Karen Russell.


How wonderful to have family and friends visit that are just for the fun and the love.

Erin H.

I absolutely love seeing your family and the beautiful photos!!! Is your family looking to adopt?! LOL

casquette new era

Onwillekeurig zie je artikel, ik voel me zeer vergelijkbaar met de stijl van schrijven en ik kan de inhoud van het artikel en zijn gelijkgestemden, het is echt de moeite waard graag uw artikel te lezen zoals die bijvoorbeeld Concert generallyalso hopen dat je meer goede werken hebben , en met speciale dank. .


The tent city sounds lovely!


You must have had the best childhood with that family of yours. Lucky.

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Must be nice to be able to have on jackets in the middle of summer. So jealous!


So many blessing in this one post! I just love when you blog photos of your family get togethers. Esp love the photo of your girls in the tent and Uncle with blow horn and doggie (barking?) at Uncle. I can imagine the reaction after said photo!

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Vielen Dank für all die wollen uns Momente der Ruhe, Klarheit und unendlichen Möglichkeiten. Keep on schriftlich und wir weiterhin so einen sehr schönen und inspirierenden Blog zu lesen.


So much fun...I want to join in:) It is a lovely location that Tent City! May I ask where this is? It is so beautiful.


Your Uncle Donnie totally cracks me up. When I see your posts of your family get togethers at your moms/uncles place it always reminds me of time spent with family, uncles, etc. up at our little cabin in the mountains. I love it. Only our "Uncle Donnie" is "Uncle Kyle" or Kolob as we call him (since EVERYONE on my husband's side has a nickname). Last time Jay took Ashleigh up to the cabin and I stayed home and the first thing she told me was how Uncle Ky-Ky was snoring so loud - like a machine gun! I can totally see Uncle Donnie doing that - if anything just to irritate the adults and tease the kids :) LOL

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