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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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I wish I was coming to your workshop. Please offer it again! I'd love an auditing seat in your workshop. I finished my CPA exams (and passed), so I'd have more time to focus!!


Hi Karen! I would love to audit your course! Always gain tons of inspiration for you. Congrats on all the fun stuff happening for you!


I took your course in 2007 and would love to get a chance to audit again to refresh my skills!
I listen to PRT all the time. You'll be great. There's always lots of laughter with Noell and the guests seem to have fun and show a real, human side to themselves. Have fun with it!!

Lisa A

Make that 4001 listening to the Roundtable now! You'll do great!!
I would love a chance to win an auditing seat in your workshop! This is so
awesome of you to give away! Thanks for the chance to win!

Kirsten J

Yay for the Papercliipping gig! Karen - I have to tell you - my 12yo has issues with calming down/anxiety at bedtime, and I've discovered she adores your blog. We've been reading it at night, going back into the archives. She loves reading about your kids, and is really loving your strength and spirit! You, my dear, are giving life lessons to a certain 12 year old girl :)


Hi Karen,
I would love to audit your course as well, I'd take it fully if I could afford it but I don't see that happening in the very near future, so winning it would be a huge blessing.
Also, thanks so much for posting photos of whatever you're doing, I love your photos, but I actually enjoy and am continually encouraged by your story even more than your photos. You have a gift, and God gave it to you for a purpose and I think you're doing exactly what he called you to do. I just wonder how many people you've impacted for Him through this blog. Bless you as you pour yourself out to fill others up!


I would love to audit your workshop!

Sara Green-Anderson

I'd love to audit your course or maybe someday attend your workshop in person. I can dream right? Thanks for the chance to win!


I would absolutely LOVE to audit your workshop! :)

Kim Johnson

I would love to audit a workshop. Thanks!

Cathy S

My friend, Jen, is attending your Hometown Workshop and she is beyond excited for it. She is waiting for me to take your online workshop, and maybe this is finally the time.


Will i ever get to meet you in person? Probably not. :( I am dying to take a class with you...oh, that auditing class...I am assuming it includes that AWESOME binder you give everyone right?? :)

Sue Miller

I would love a chance to audit your workshop. I love your photography and have learned so much just by reading your blog!


I would LOVE to audit! It would be a great opportunity to learn from you. Exciting!

Sandy VDV

oh my goodness gracious, would love to be "included" in auditing your workshop!! what a wonderful start to my "let's get going" mantra that will happen in my live, our lives as a family as we head into Sept. love, love, love summer and enjoying the sun, but when fall rolls around, it's time to get things done!!
thanks so much for the opportunity!

Renee S

I'd LOVE to audit your's been on my wish-list to take a class of yours for what seems like FOREVER! It just seems like something that's deemed "more important" to use the money on always comes up.


I'd love to audit!!


I would LOVE to audit your class, Karen! Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot!


I would love to win an auditing seat in your class! LOVE your photo skills and I know I could learn a lot:)!

Nicky H

Ooh, I would love to audit your class. Lord knows I can't afford to pay for it with a husband deployed and I'm paying for my son's braces today! :)


I would SO love to win an audit seat. Thank you!!!


I would love to win that seat in your audit class - and it would PUSH me to actually learn more about taking awesome photos! Thanks for your generosity, Karen!


Good luck on the Paperclipping gig! And I would love to win an auditing spot!

Jennifer Fike

Congrats on all the great things you have going on lately! One of these times I would LOVE to come out to your hometown workshop! You are such an inspiration Karen! Thanks!

Pamela Quan

I would love to have the opportunity to audit your upcoming class!


Thanks for the chance to win an auditing spot for your class!


Can't wait for your PRT episode to go live!


Would love to win. I'm so inspired by your photography.


Have I told you that your class is a dream of mine ??? Maybe when the Kids are big and I am workin I can afford it! But for now I will cross my finger that I get picked!!!! Eeeee I hope I get picked!!!!

Jennifer C

I hope you get un busy... I know the feeling right now too. Thanks for the chance to win.

Rachel Millington

I would love a seat in your September class! I was going to comment anyway cause when you said you were going to start scrapbooking again, I let out a woop woop!!! Can't wait to see what you do chick. You're awesome!!

Caroline D

I was going to post a comment before the give-away, so bonus! :)

I'm SO EXCITED to hear you on PRT! I love listening to that show and I can't wait to hear your spin on the topics! And that's a great line-up, should be super exciting. Good luck!


I'd love to audit your class. I've been wanting to sign up as a full student for awhile but the timing never seems to work out for me. Thanks so much for the chance to win!


I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (you get the point) to have an auditing seat in one of your classes! Pick Me! Pick Me! Oh, and thanks for the reminder about ordering Click!


Your class has been on my wish-list for years! I'd love to win an auditing seat!

Tammy Eberhard

Karen - I love the PRT! You will be awesome on the show. I can't wait to hear what you all discuss. :)

Candace L

I would love to audit your upcoming class and learn more about how you approach photography!

Lori B.

I would so love to audit your class! Now that the kids are getting older it's time to do something for me.

Julie G

I would love to audit your workshop! It would be such a treat.


So glad I came to check in today! :) I wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to win an audit spot. I'd like to try to capture more pictures of my kiddos, as you posed late last week, they grow up SO fast!!


I would love the opportunity to audit your class. AND I love the photo you posted today.


Of course I'd love to audit your course!

Jill W

I love your blog and would be so excited to win the seat to audit your class!


Thank you for the chance to win an auditing seat in your class!!! I dream of attending your workshop as well... You are so inspirational!


look forward to hearing you on PRT! Thanks for the chance to win the auditing spot!


I would love to audit :)


Would love to win an auditing seat....(I am saving my money for your weekend workshop) LOL. Good luck with all your upcoming busy-ness.


My dream would be able to attend a workshop held by you in person!!! I am sure it will be wonderful. You are always an inspiration.


Awesome photo of your babies! I just bought a Nikon I need to figure out how to use it!

Andrea Wilson

I would love to win an audit seat. Thanks for the opportunity!

Amy Whitehorn

This would be a dream come true!

Jennifer Johnson

I would live to audit your class!

debbie susee

That is the most gorgeous photo! You should blow it up onto a canvas.
I'd love to learn more about photography from you. Your class is on my wish list.

Jodi R

Your course sounds great! I love your photos. This fall I am going to focus on learning more about my camera and get some photos on the walls!

Tracey A. in NH

I would love the opportunity to audit your class and refresh the skills. Last time, life just got in the way and I didn't get to follow through. Thanks for the opportunity...and have a GREAT time with your Hometown Workshops!!

Elisa T.

I'd live to audit your course. You've been so inspiring to me over the years.

Karen Aldrin

You taught me everything I know about photography, along with some of the other amazing workshop members. I would recommend your workshop to anyone, and I would love to get the chance to audit a class and make lots of new friends again.


I would love to audit the class. I need a refresher! Thank you!

Shelby A.

You are a busy lady! I'd love to win a spot for your class!

Lori C

I would love a chance to audit your class. Thank you.


I would love to audit your class ... Thanks you!

Louise Fortune

Thanks for the chance to win - xx

Connie K

I would love to audit your workshop!

Kelly Boettcher

I would love the chance to audit your workshop!! And I am a paperclipping fan, so I am looking forward to your episode!


I would LOOOOOOOOOVE to audit your course! I am in love with your photos and fam (and no, not in a creepy, stalker-ish kind of an "I think you could be my friend" kind of way) :)

Stacey Wakelin

Would LOVE to audit a spot:)


Maybe auditing your class will get me to pick up my Canon again. Thanks; thanks for the re-visit on the scraproom - it is awesome of course.

Jo E

Yes please!! I'd love to audit your next class.

Stephanie Raye

I would LOVE to have an auditing spot in your next class ~ Would give me another reason to keep shooting!

Lori A.

Couldn't afford the class this time around so being able to participate in this way would be so exciting!! Love your photography and blog as well as Erin's. Thanks for the chance!!

Tanya A

Crossing my audit fingers. :) Hee!


I love you!
I would love to audit!!

Dawn Young

Thanks for the opportunity to win a "seat" in the class to audit. I think that would be the pace that would work for me...SLOW!!


I would love to audit a class!
You always amaze me.


Congrats on your upcoming class! I would LOVE to audit your class! It would be good timing since I wasn't able to register for college classes this semester and all my littles are starting school themselves. :)


I haven't been inspired to work on my photography for a long time (thanks to a long bout with illness) this could be just the thing to pick me up again! Love your blog and the girls who get to do classes with you in person are so lucky!


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to audit your upcomming class!!!

martha hernandez

oh how I would love to be in one of your classes again. you are such an inspiration.
fingers crossed for you picking me!


I feel like I am in elementary school again with my hand raised as I as I could, flailing it left and right, my bottom up out of my seat saying, "Ooohh!!!! ooooh!!!! Pic me!! Pic me!!!! " Hopefully the teacher will call on me this time!! =) I would LOVE to audit your class!!


I would love, love, love to audit your workshop - many thanks!

sasha farina

i would love love love love to win an auditing seat!! thank you Karen!


maybe it's my lucky day :)


since i need a refresher and my birthday is in Sept-- I'd love to win!!!! Fabulous!


thanks for the chance Karen....would so love to win a spot!


I would love an auditing spot in your class. I need some serious photography butt kicking right now.

Kelly S

Would Love to Audit your class! Have a great time wit your workshop, what a lucky group!


OOOOhhhh, I would love to win this!!! And I NEED to win this...I need to sharpen my skills before Christmas Card photo shoots.
Thanks so much!!!


SO SO wish I would have been able to the workshop...cannot wait to see photos from it.....I will be listening to you on will be awesome! The lucky students in your new class...what a perfect time to start anew. Thinking of you and just loved the photo of the kids heading to the beach!

brianne sheppard

UGH For the love of all things... photo-related. I would do anything for an auditing spot! ANYTHING! Best of luck in the roundtable!


I would love to audit your class! i can totally relate to your nervousness, except you could add crying to my list of reactions of nerves!


I will definitely be listening in! And it would be so awesome to audit one of your classes! I have wanted to take your class for years but always find something else to spend the money diapers and student loans! ;) My husband is also a civil engineer..the price we pay for a undergrad and graduate degree!


me me!! What a great honor it would be to come back and learn again! :)


I am so excited that you will be on PRT! You will be awesome! I would absolutely love to win a spot to audit your class! I took one of your scrapbook classes years ago in CT and absolutely loved it!


Awesome! I'd love to take your class! And the hometown workshop sounds like so much fun!

Christa H

Yes please!! I would love the class


I very much enjoy your pictures and blog, thanks for the time and effort that you put into them. Include me in the group that would love to audit your class.


Me. Me. Pick me. I would love it !!

Jennifer j

I hope your hometown workshop is a huge success 'cause I want you to keep doing them so I can join you one of these times.

Jersey Girl Anne

I am soooo happy to know that you will be on paper Clipping Roundtable. Cant wait to listen. I love the show!!


I would love love to audit your upcoming class- you're a HUGE inspiration to me.

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