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Thanks for the post - I've missed you! I'll be back!


I was missing you too, so thank you for the update. :)


I missed you too...get less busy soon. :)
We'll keep the light on for you. :)


Thanks for the update...FINALLY, one thing I can scratch off my worry list! :)

Shannon L

Glad to hear it! I'll be here checking back for updates! I do every day! :) I'm dreading my busy...first day of school here is September 6th..I'm dreading the early crazy hectic mornings and the crazy, emotional, nights when homework is required. :(


I can totally relate! My busy is crazy busy right now but I still find a quick moment to check in on your busy! So Cheers to our busyness -- makes life worth living, right?! :-)


Hugs to you .. and of course I wil always be checking on you. Even if I read your posts numerous times, I find something new, something wonderful. Knowing that your workshop AND Ireland is looming...things must be incredibly busy. The workshop attendees are going to LOVE you and the time with you...and Ireland awaits.....and you have a wonderful family to come home to....what could be better than that? And the blog will always be the icing on my cake!


I will always check!
Courtney Lee doing her hair makes her seem so grown up!

Carrie Thompson

I love you Karen and will always be start Kindergarten tomorrow so lots of busy here too...thank you for sharing your life with us!

Gabriela Divine

It goes without saying that I'll keep coming back. Sheesh! I send you lollipops and rainbows!


love your blog Karen!!! looking forward to meeting you in Ireland and taking a photo or


i'll be here as long as you blog - you make me laugh (my favorite thing to do); you make me smile (my second favorite thing to do) and you take amazing photos


You, your words and pictures have been missed. Whenever you are ready, I'll be here.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Oh yes, we'll be here!


missed you...I check every day! :)


Ditto, check every day. But also know or rather the demands of a young family and busy work life. Be well and continue to rock!!!!!!


Glad to hear that it is just busy that is keeping you away. Hope things slow down to the speed that makes you the most happy sometime soon!

Julie in Aust.

I'm here too...wouldnt ever 'not check' every day.

Go do your work...but pace yourself OK...we dont want you all stressed out!

Have a great week everyone.

T. Mellish

I could never leave :)

Nicky from Okotoks

God Bless


your on my daily blog dial, have missed you but happy you will be back. wishing all well on their first day back to school etc.


So glad you checked in! I was getting sad that there wasn't a post recently. I will check back in soon!

Patty Hetrick

I always come back:) It is like a surprise treat when I open my Feeddler app and see a new post from you! And I ALWAYS scan down to your blog first. Until the next time....

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Glad to see you are all still alive and kicking!!!! Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia xxxx

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sasha farina

yes Karen.. take all the time you need. just so you know, i check here at least twice daily. lol.

Heather M

You're human like the rest of us and sometimes life keeps us on our toes and on the go. Glad to see an update. Don't stress too much! I don't think any of us are going away any time soon! :)


I have been crazy busy in my own life recently too...I can't imagine if I had to add in blog posts to my schedule! I will be right here...when you are not busy. :)

Stephanie Ackerman

I will always come back...


I'll keep checking back for your busy to be less busy! Always love seeing your new posts and look first thing in the morning every morning for a new one! Reading your blog is like the whip cream on my coffee in the morning! Until next time! :)


Goodness your kids are growing up!! Have a great week and get that to do list checked off!

Janet Danae

Karen you rock! I miss you but understand life is busy. I had my underwear on backwards yesterday....hopefully things are going better than that for you. :)


I check every day (just in case :)

Mary Ann Jenkins

I'll always come back!

Linda Gibney

I'm glad you are busy, busy and busy. But I do miss you!

Dawn Y

Goood Grief!! You kept us waiting and wondering and worrying. I check you/your blog everyday and was a little worried there for a day or two. Glad you are busy and nothing weird/bad/crazy happened! With your pictures and down to earth life we will just keep coming back and wait for you to post. You are my first blog that I check every day...wouldn't miss it for the world.

Michelle B

I love your blog and look forward to less busy times... for you and me :)


Sending well wishes your way! I will always pop in to "see you"!

Brocante Girl

You think we'll be back, and we will ... but really, we've never left - that's how much we love you!
I hope all is well.


Present and waiting! ;) Glad you checked in with us!!


Thanks for the cheery photo update( gorgeous one of Annie). Good luck with getting on top of the busy.


Yep things around here have become really busy, too--in a good way, but busy. About the best I can do is to check a few of my favorite blogs :-) and write an occasional update on my own.

t emmons

Hey, Hope things are going well. It's tough when your plate is full. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. much love~ t

teresa b


Lori Craig

I'm super excited to begin your class next week. I've been waiting 3 years to take it! Hang in there!

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i'm hoping it's more UPSIDE than DOWNSIDE...but dangit lady i miss ya! you're the one blog i'm not intimidated by and i need your levity! be well! take care xoxo

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Woman! You are missed. ;) Hope all is well...

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