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I know this is gross, but maybe you'll think it's funny.. we call "ladder-ball" testicle toss where I'm from! Yikes! Great photos, as usual.

Kirsten J

Do you sometimes feel like picking your favorite photo is kinda Sophie's Choice? I totally get that, and I am in no way a fantabulous photographer like you!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Oh, don't whittle them down at all! we love it when you share!!


Love Annie" s handbag- she reminds me of my daughter at the same age. Now the handbags are designer needless to say! All the photos are a wonderful snapshot with your gorgeous man and even more gorgeous children. happy days.


What a wonderful family trip! I love all the names for "ladder-ball"... we have a homemade set back at the family farm that we call "Poor Man's Golf". Our games end in pouting too - typically it is one of the uncles. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of July!


I just got a chuckle from the photo running commentary...I could just imagine how the whole trip went...It really reminded me of some of the trips we made since it seems kids are the same all over! BTW, I don't think widdle is a word, did you perhaps mean "whittle" as in paring down or reducing? LOL You had me stumped for a minute!

Robyn :)

I enjoyed looking at these photos as well as the ones from past years. Do you realize you have called your game "ladderball", "bocci" and "boka"? LOL


What a great day! What great photos! I love your perfect & imperfect images :)

janel wonderful....seeing your memories just makes me smile. Keep shooting, lots and lots, more and can never have too many. Hard drive space is memories are priceless!

Denise~Paper Ponderings

Especially love the picture of Annie blowing a kiss. Union Creek is awesome...we honeymooned there 28 years ago in my parents RV Ü

Tess S

I love the perfectly imperfect photo's. They always turn out to be my favorite.

It looks like you had a great 4th of July.

I have to ask... when you take your camera with you do you take several lenses and the body? What bag do you use? I just bought the 2 sue's by Kelly Moore. It's a crossover between purse and camera bag. I purchased it in the hopes that I would take my camera out with the kids more.


The more photos the merrier....we will never tire of them. Looks like another fantastic family adventure. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

tara pollard pakosta

how fuN!
even your imperfect shots look PERFECT to me!
I like the imperfect ones the very best.....always!
they are def. more REAL!


I totally get the feeling to need to take less, or cull more. I just can't though, and I'm glad you can't either. :) Sometimes it is like looking at a flip book scrolling through your posts. LOL ... We can practically SEE the action!

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Not imperfect to me- They are so real and the lighting and composition is beautiful too. If only I could take pics as "imperfect" as yours :)

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Ooooh I love the boat shots...such great light! And my favorite is the one of Coley on the boat with his shades, and Courtney in the background. That one is special.

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