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Good luck! And have fun!

Julie Pilch

Good luck for your triathlon! Well done for sticking with it!


Sisters are great like that. I have two and I couldn't be more appreciative of their honesty (though brutal at times), love, support and goofiness. :)


Good Luck Karen!!! :)

Deanna Misner

Karen! You're whittling away down to nothing! You look fantastic!
I know it's been a lot of hard work, and completely admire you for that
(among other things). Good luck this weekend!

Shelly M

Be storng & hang tough Karen!! I can't wait to hear your recount of this years event!


you go girl!!!!!!


Have fun at your race and I didn't think your sister didn't have your back. We all know how much she has been there for you thick and thin.


I so wish I had a sister

Tracy P.

Praise God for the truth-tellers in our lives! That is love. :-) Cute photo!


Good luck on your TRI!


Good luck this weekend and isn't it great to have a sister who will tell it like it is?


You didn't have to clarify...we already know she's an awesome sister!!! :)

Good Luck this weekend!!


you are very fortunate to have emotional support in times of need...


And the truth is....You are going to rock that tri this weekend. YEA Karen!!!

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I know you are too humble to think so, but you really are so inspiring! Best of Luck this weekend! Don't. Give. Up. ~xo


Gook luck this weekend! You are a Rock Star!!


GOOD LUCK!!! And yes, aren't sisters the best pain in the ass to have? ;)



You may not read this before your event, but I actually am going to be in Bend this weekend staying about a 5 minute walk away. I would love to cheer you on if I knew when your start time is (although giving that to a complete stranger may be creepy and I understand). If I do see you by chance-I will cheer you on!!! as will my family. I will be the one with the Guide Dog for the Blind puppy in training with me. Good luck and enjoy the process!

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sounds like you have one heck of a sister!
good luck on your race!

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Good luck! And have fun!

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