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I thought I was going to die just running my first 5K last year, so I have to say that you ROCK!

Stacey Clinton

I just cried some tears for you. I am so proud of you! You did "wicked awesome"! You inspire me (in more ways than one!)


Way to go Karen. You are amazing!

Jen S

So proud of you Karen!!! AWESOME JOB! :) I love that you cheered on others too.
You are one amazing woman! Never forget that.


Amazing Karen and you seem to be smiling through the whole day. Very well done.


You are just amazing and seriously inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experiences.


that is amazing, you should be really proud of yourself!! :D

Nanette in Washington

Awesome job! Just cried some "happy tears" for you. :)

Carol Muehleisen

Way to go Karen!!!!!!

Katie J

I cried over your post last year, and am crying again this year. SO motivating and inspiring. You make me want to do a triathalon in the worst way, and I am SO not in any kind of physical shape to do so. Way to go Karen...AMAZING accomplishment!!

tara pollard pakosta

that made me CRY happy tears for YOU!
AMAZING! you should be PROUD!
that's just awesome girl!

Michelle Adams

You rock!!!!!!! Congrats on a successful Tri!!!!! :)


You took almost a whole hour off of your time - wowsers!! That is incredible, Karen. And you went out and did it and that's the most amazing thing. Congratulations!! And thanks to Josh Downs for taking all those photos of you :) and to you for sharing them. I am so proud of you - even though I only know you through your blog!


oh karen, you and this blog of yours never fail to make me laugh or cry. you have such a great spirit and i admire you for all that you do. shamelessly teared up my desk at the part where josh ran with you in his flip flops. there's nothing better than a love like that. you are a blessed woman.

Cate O'Malley

You never fail to make me tear up, this time when you crossed the finish line. And ditto what Kayla said ... love how your family supports you.


WAY TO GO KAREN!!!!! You did a fabulous job! I laughed so hard at the "big ole' butt" comment, laughed so hard I cried!;)

Jessica Schmitt

CONGRATS teach! You rocked that race! So proud of you...


Way to go Karen! You did great!


Hey, that sinewy lady was at transition same time as you! Doesn't that mean you are just as fast?
I got teary at your times! YOU ROCK!

Heather Casper

OMG - tears in my eyes as I read this post and looked at your photos (OK - Josh's photos of you). You rocked it girl and you should be so very, very proud of yourself!!! I know I am proud of you and can only hope and dream of meeting you in person one day. Congratulations on a huge accomplishment!


I am so proud of you Karen! I have tears too! You did a wonderful job! You are inspiring!!! :)

Tanya A

ROCK ON!!! Go you!!!! YAY!!!!


YOU did a triathlon!!!!!! That is so awesome & amazing & fantastic & inspiring. Huge congrats on making it not only a better over all, but going back out there!


(so glad to know i'm not the only one sitting reading this getting teary-eyed) you have a gift with words lady... somehow everything coming out of your mouth feels inspiring!!! what an awesome accomplishment! you rock! ;)


You. Are. Awesome. :)


Karen, you are AMAZING and such an inspiration!!! No if you'll excuse me, I need to go dry my eyes out.

Doris D.

Way to go Karen. So proud of you.


Great Job!!!!!

meg duerksen

you are a rock star. i cried all the way through this. so proud of you....been reading for YEARS. loved this post. :)

Melissa Ladd

So amazing and inspiring!! I'm so happy for you that this year was more fun for you! I started running back in September and since then have run a 5k in November, a 10K in April and now I'm doing a half-marathon in September. I've lost 71 lbs! You have been inspiring to me in your dedication. Maybe I'll even try a triathlon someday!


You are way too hard on yourself! I saw that first picture of you and thought, "man, she looks good!" You are a triathlete. I hope to one day say I'm a triathlete. I have a long way to go. Thanks for your detailed post of the race. You are a rockstar in my book!


Woo hoo!!!!!! You're an inspiration lady!!!!


So, I had to leave my blog reader to actually come and post on your blog to leave a comment. I cried reading this. I remember last year reading your post and crying then too! But this year was cries of happy joy that you, a mom, a photographer and my online not real life friend conquered a triathalon AND beat all your times!!! WHOO HOO!!! YOU GO!!!!! Ps I know we aren't even online friends but I love your blog!


You totally rocked it. I thought about you all day, and just knew you were having a great day....would have LOVED hearing you cheer everyone YOU! A big congratulations!!

megan b

Great job!


i should know better than to open your blog without a tissue - happy tears! WTG! You are an inspiration!


Always remember that even the person who finishes last in these races still finishes MILES ahead of those of us on the couch;)

Way to go!!!!!


You cut an hour off your time, that is incredible!!! You looked so happy in all the pictures and proud too!! You are an inspiration, I wish I read this before I had DQ for lunch....


Congratulations-you have come a long way since last year. I haven't done triathalons but have done running races. My first rule is to finish, my second rule is to not finish last. so you accomplished both-and my favorite part of racing is always having my family at the finish. SO proud of you.


Congratulations!!! Way to Go!!!

Kathy Crenshaw

Totally inspiring. You should be incredibly proud!


AWESOME! You are an inspiration! I hope you are so proud of yourself - so have EVERY reason to be! Make sure to take some time to celebrate such a big accomplishment!


WHOOHOOOO!!! You are such an inspiration!!!! I'm in awe of you on so many different levels!!! You Rock!

Sandra VV

Fabulous job! You inspire me:)


I have to join in and say I was crying as I was reading this as well, I am glad that I am not the only one. You are an inspiration! Congratulations!!!


Amazing!!! Congrats!!


so many thoughts and prayers to you on that day... you are amazing!


Congrats ... I think you're!!! :)


WAY TO GO, LADY! Way to Go!




Amazing.. I just cant run....just hate it..... so major KUDOS to you for doing this and your numbers really improved from last year.......serious success!


super proud of you my friend! love you tons!!! xoxoxoxox


You GO Girl! Tears of happiness for YOU!

Jennifer O.

Totally awesome! Remember you are doing something many of us are not even brave enough to think about - much less attempt!

Colleen Barron

Karen, I am so inspired by you! I cannot imagine doing a triathlon....just think about it.....YOU finished and did better than last year. I'd say you were a complete success!!!!

Tammy Eberhard

What an awesome job Karen!!! Congratulations.


Way to go! Wish you could hear me shouting to you from Cincinnati, Ohio! Way to go Karen...I'm so happy for you!


Way to go! You are such an inspiration! Keep up the hard work. I can't wait to see you beat this time next year too!

Caroline D

Why does reading this make me tear up. Can it be that I'm really proud of a near-perfect stranger, because she put her head and heart into something and kept doing it, even when doing it was both hard and physically painful? Way to go, Karen, you did GREAT.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Congratulations! Yay!


HUGE congratulations! You are such an inspiration! My new motto for this year (my birthday to birthday year) is "do hard things" and this is just the type of thing I need to read! Fantastic job and thank you for sharing!


I've said it before and I'll say it again You. rock. chicky!!! Well done!

Heidi Sharpe

Stamina woman! I'm out of breath just reading about it - BRAVO
Lovely to see some sunshine too - we're having nothing but rain in the UK - so thank you for that too
Your family are Lucky Ducks having you as a driving force - a great inspiration to us all.


That is shaved almost an hour off your time from last year! Be so proud of did a are a triathlete! Never mind "the big ole' butt, that doesn't resemble a triathlete (literally) in any way, shape or form", or "the sausage legs" completed a triatholon! Congrats to you!


AWESOME job, Karen!!! You made it to the finish line and that is a huge SUCCESS!!!! Congratulations!!!! :-)


I think that sinewy person you were comparing yourself to was a MAN!!! You're a lean, mean, triathalon machine, Nellie!!! My admiration for you has skyrocketed--you GO girl!!! :)

Shannon R

Way to go! You should be so proud of yourself. I think it's great that your experience last year didn't keep you from going out there & trying again (and rocking it!).

misha leigh

I have to admit this made me cry happy tears. I love it when women are fierce with their inner voices and show their beauty instead! So amazing!! You looked radiant!

Diane W.

That is such an awesome accomplishment, congratulations!

Sherri L

Way to go! Love your spirit and drive. Love your empathy for others even more. Congrats on your accomplishment - well done!

Liz Culpepper

Love seeing these photos -- thank you for sharing! You look S-T-R-O-N-G, Karen. It means so much to hear about your highs and lows and funny moments. And you're lookin' foxy in your wetsuit -- glad Josh Downs got such good shots of his dream girl in action! You inspire me!


Awesome, awesome job.



Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Way to go, Karen! You may have had 0 tears, but I'm misty-eyed reading about your successes! So excited for you...congratulations! :)


Amazing Job Karen! I'm so proud of you. I finished my first one last year and chose not to do one this year. Now reading what you wrote I wished I would have trained and did one this year. I did end up doing a half marathon and 2- 5ks.


Not a swimmer, not a biker, not a runner, so hard to relate, but looks like you did a GREAT JOB. As a past student, you set me on the road to photography, and you did a great job with that too. Every day is a new accomplishment. Thanks.


I am so impressed!! Way to do it, Karen!! Congrats.


Karen- You continue to be an inspiration both behind and in front of the lens! Congrats!!


You are incredible! Well done!


You are awesome and you are truely an inspiration. I run too, and I have a big butt and sausage legs as well!


You are amazing!!


Amazingly awesome!

young nanny

Woo hoo! Congratulations :D Any improvement on previous challenges is fantastic - well done!


I have photos (not nearly as good as Josh's) how do I send them to you?

Heather D

Congratulations on your second Triathalon! You are officially a triathelete!!! You rock!


GREAT JOB...just look at all those PRs!!!!!

Nicky H

Congratulations! You are such an inspiration to fat girls like me. Thank you for sharing your story and your life with us.

Mary Ann Jenkins

You are amazing!!! So very proud of you!


How do you want me to send your photos to you?


AWESOME!!!! Congratulations on your fantastic achievement!!!


So inspired, so amazed, so blessed by your blog, your words, your photos, your faith.
Catching up on your blog and so encouraged by this post and your bitter scorned woman song post.
The comments on that post--wow!
God has already written the story of your life--and it is amazing!
Thank you.

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A-Ma-Zing! That is incredibly hard. I walked 22 miles one day and then couldn't walk (literally) for a week. This sounds impossible- and you did it- twice!
And, Josh took some pretty great pics


I'm so proud of you! For all that you do. Finish strong! :-)

Kim S.

good for you, Karen! what an awesome accomplishment...and so much better than last year!

Kelly S

What an accomplishment!!! You rocked it!


You cried 0 tears, but I just cried some for you. I don't even know you, and I am SO PROUD OF YOU! You can just see in Cole and Annie's eyes how proud they are of you too. Congratulations!!

Jennifer Rutz

So proud of you! Awesojme job!!!

Becky T.

So proud of you, Karen! YOU ROCK!!!! :-)


You rock, and your family did a super job documenting your success.


Sometimes you take my breath away--today was one of those times. Just fantastic! And I love that your family took such great shots--a testament to your ability and teaching. THEY are documenting YOU!

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