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Love the photo of the boys climbing the tree, and of Annie fishing. Looks like a lovely place.


The picture of Cole on the log and Annie on the bridge are both. just. amazing. Love them! :)


Ok why does Cole look so much older!!!! I love the marshmellow men. The one of Josh looking at it and the kids looking on with those expressions. Totally awesome :)


What a fun way to use up left over marshmallows. I love their game of chasing marshmallows too!


Love that last photo most of all. ,What a handsome group you are!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

you guys are just too stinkin' cute! Love these photos Karen!


S'mores are awesome, but even better with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups on them instead of just plain chocolate. You should try it.


That's way too much marshmallow fun.


I love how Josh is so proud of his marshmallow man in the last shot!


I want to come camping with you . . . torching marshmallow men . . . awesome.


Looks like fun...that marshmallow reminds me of Wilson in Castaway :)


Love every shot! Smiles, time together and some chocolate=true happiness!


These are awesome photos! Love love love that tree climbing shot!


I can't imagine wearing jackets in the middle of the summer! Great shots! Great times!! :)

Rachel Z

Oh, I love that last shot! I love Courtney wearing those sunglasses, just doing her own thing roasting a marshmallow, while the hubby and Cole and Annie are laughing hysterically at the marshmallow man they've created. :) Priceless.

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