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Looks like being sick at your house is actually quite fun. Love the looks of "Hedbanz" Just my kind of game. Feel better soon!


:( I'm sorry y'all are sick ... my boys are too and it isn't feeling nearly as fun as your family looks. :)


I just saw that game for the first time at Target last you recommend it?


Oh shoot, feel better. And you make 50% look pretty fun, too!


Even at 50%, your photos are amazing. And it looks like you were having fun, too. Wishing you all a quick transition to 100%.

Stacey Clinton

OMG! WE LOVE headbandz! that's one of our favorites! Hope you all feel better than 50% shortly... :)


We love playing Hedbanz. My little one is also sick. Hope you all feel better (100%) soon!


Oh to be sick at the Russell-Downs house.


We cannot play this game with my daughter, she just doesn't get it ... every single time she will look up at what our cards are and say "Am I a bed?" and we all know that one of us has that card :D

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

So sorry you're not feeling well. But even at 50%, those kiddos are 100% adorable!

Juli P

We LOVE Headbandz! My kids got the Disney version of it for Christmas and it's been so much fun playing it!
I hope that everyone is 100% soon....


Hope everyone feels 100% soon!! Summer sicknesses are terrible!

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Looks like being tired at your home is actually quite fun. Really like the looks of "Hedbanz" Just my type of activity. Experience better soon!

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Kami LOVE Headbandz! Anak-anak saya mendapat versi Disney itu untuk Krismas dan ia menyeronokkan begitu banyak memainkannya!Kami suka bermain Hedbanz. Kecil saya juga sakit

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I wondered...I thought I saw a hint of something in your blog photos lately. Like a distance in Josh's eyes, but the LOVE is always there! Gotta love normalcy....hang in there Downs family. We're all pulling for ya'!

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