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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Love the new website design! May I make a suggestion? I find it a bit difficult to read the words on the pictures. But I like what you did with the "email me" page and the translucent piece on the photo. Just a thought :)


looks great! i would love to audit!! susan


Sounds like fun! Love the look of the new design - very vibrant and dynamic.

Christine David

I love the new look and would love to win an auditing seat. :)


I would love love love an audit seat in your workshop!


Love the new design Karen! I'd love to win the auditing seat!


Karin, i love the new pages, they are beautiful! :)
I would love to win a seat! My email is andreadevisser(at)shaw(dot)ca


I love the new look! Especially the one of Courtney Lee! I find it hilarious.
I'd love to audit!


Love the photos and layout of the new site! You are so inspiring to me! I would love to get an audit seat for my sister so she can see how great your class is like I did!


Love the new look and would love to audit another workshop. :)


I noticed some of the new pages yesterday- they're great! I love the bus picture and your words are very inspiring and motivating. Your class is awesome, I am lucky to have taken it. I have a friend who has been learning on her own and who has followed you for literally years that would love to take it if she could, so I'd like to enter your drawing for my friend Shannon.


What an amazing gift this would be!!!


I would love to audit your class I already took it last fall, but would love to do it again. I learned so much from you!

Michelle Last

I didnt realise your photography website needed an update but now ou have done it, I agree it's looks amazing, well done my sweet xxx

Jamie D

The new look is wonderful! I would LOVE to win a spot in the class. Thank you so much for the opportunity!


Thank you much for sharing your skill with us!

Charisma Horton

I have been on the waiting list for a long time! I would love a spot! I am finally in a place that I could take the class...I have 6 kids, I own my own quilting business and up until last year(dec 2011) I was a full time college student......I didn't have time for the that I am not in college...and I only have 6 kids...and a quilting business....I got lots of time! LOL!

Jennifer Flaherty

It looks amazing!!!! Thanks for the chance to win a seat. Now that would be really amazing!!!

Catherine A.

Love all the great design you've done on you webpage. A spot in your class is on my dream/wish list. I hope I'm lucky enough to win


Love the new look! Especially Annie with her halo!! ;-)

(And I would love a refresher auditing session!)


Wowza! I always loved your old website, but I like this one even more. Great job!!!

Elizabeth C,

Love the new look! It's so fresh. I'd love to win an auditing seat so I can have a chance to "talk shop" with others for weeks on end!

Antonia SH

Those new pages look wonderful. Having said that, I was attracted to your class just from word of mouth. I failed (for various reasons) to complete, but I'd love to have a chance to redeem myself. Thanks for the opportunity.


Love, love all the hard work you put into the new design/'s beautiful and so you. :) I would also love to win an auditing seat in your workshop! gvmfuller(at)columbus(dot)rr(dot)com

Sam F

I would absolutely love to win an auditing seat in the class! Thank you for the opportunity! And I love the pictures you chose for the new design!!

Nicky from Okotoks

Love the changes - it looks amazing. So keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I will win a spot!!Thanks for the chance

Jose Nieuwhof

Love the new look & feel! It looks amazing.
Also love to take a refreshing auditing session in september, while starting my new life in Haiti!

Melissa T

Oh wow! I liked it before but now I love it!!! It is truly amazing and inviting now!

Liz Hartrich

The change looks fantastic! Great work. And a seat at the auditing table would be lovely, too.

Beth Piper

It looks so great! And I would love a chance to go back and audit the class. I have been wanting to for a while now.


Love your work Karen - id love to do your course again as a refresher and a reminder to pick up my camera again

Susan M

I am loving your new changes!!

rebecca keppel

I so so so so really really really would love to win an auditor seat! Thanks so much for the chance. rebeccakeppel(at)hotmail(dot)com

Susan T

I love the style of the new pages - they really showcase your photographic style. And I wish I could audit every one of your classes. :-)


Oh my gosh. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I'd be to win an auditing seat in this class. And the new website ... amazingly FABULOUS!

Deedee Barton

You've outdone yourself!


Looks fantastic! And if I could afford it I'd take the class over again even if you didn't do a new design!

Kira McKee

Love the photos you chose for the new design!

And I would also LOVE to win a seat in your class since it's been almost four years since I took it last time :)


WTG Karen!! Looks fantastic! :)

Steph S

Looks amazing! Would love to win the auditing seat!


Love the new design! Would also love an auditing sear!


I think the new design is just beautiful. And I'd love to audit the class!


The new website looks AWESOME--great job! I'd love to win an auditing spot in class--crossing my fingers! With a new baby on the way, this class would come at the perfect time!


Funny enough, I was getting my credit card out to book a seat with your old web page! It's the rest of your blog that sold me. Chicken on the bone?!?!? that's funny stuff. And I knew I could relate to you, so I was hoping to learn from you too.

But! With that said, your new website design is beautiful! clear and crisp!

:) Thank you for the chance! Carrie

Kamala Brennick

Your class was awesome and I would love ro audit another class. There is just so much information! The new pages look great. Thamks

Karen Mathewson

I have heard such great things about your class. I can't wait to take it! Is the registration for the next class on June 18th (blog) or July 2 (website)?


♥ the new changes!!!!! And as always you are sooooo generous to offer up a seat in your amazing class!!!!! :)


Oh how I adore you!!!!! I'd looooove to be a student!!


The site looks great? I would love to audit this class, actually I need to audit this class!


Love the new look! You are such an inspiration! Thanks for your time!

Jeannine D.

Love the new look of the website. I loved taking your photography class and would love to audit it.
Thanks for the opportunity.


Very appealing--straight to the heart. Your friend gave you some good advice. It's simply adorable, Nellie. Amazing what we learned the first go-round in your class. I miss it!! Makes me want to take the class again!!

Helena Virpi

Karen, absolutely gorgeous! Fingers crossed to win an auditing seat in your class.


Love the new design! I was a past auditing student, but had not been able to give it my all. My mom got diagosed with cancer during the class period so my attention was on her. She has since passed away. The most imortant thing I did learn both from class and my mom's passing is photo's are PRICELESS. Thanks for doing what you do and someday I will be back to finish.

Julie C Fallon

I would have to agree that the type was a little small for my 52yr old eyes on my IPad.
Otherwise I love the overall look!


I'd love to audit!!!!! I've had a baby since your class and was 3 months pregnant for your Florida workshop. Mommy brain needs a refresher

Louise Fortune

Awesome opportunity, I would love to win a place - Thanks


I would love to win an auditing spot on your class. What an awesome opportunity!

Candy Wilkerson

I would love to win an auditing position in this class. I have been wanting to take it for quite a while now - one of these times the timing is going to work for me!

Kathy Weeks

Karen, the new website looks fantastic!!I would love to audit your class because I finally made the jump to the D7000 - I only had a D60 when I took your class last fall!


Would love a shot at an auditing spot. Hoping the universe allows for you to choose my name.

Susan Doerr

I would love to be the best photographer I could be for my family and would thoroughly love a seat in your class Karen! BTW the new site is great!


I love, love, love, the new look! Great job. I got a new camera about 6 months ago (whoo hoo) and i soooooo need to audit to learn the new functions of this camera - and there is no better way than by taking your super-awesome-wonderful-educational class!! Thanks for the chance!


Wow, you've outdone yourself. I LOVE the new website layout. Really, really good.

Sarah Wiehe

What an awesome opportunity. I would love to take my photography to the next level!!!!


very nice... and you get to show off your amazing photography!
would love to audit...

Janet kno

I love the new design!! It really shows off your fantastic photography. I've learned so much from auditing the class. I recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about photography.

Stacy Parillo

It looks great and I loved all the new pics. I would love an auditing seat:). Thanks. Stacy

Brandi Lynn S.

Your new website looks awesome! Even though I'm a past auditing student I would LOVE to take your class again! I sure hope I win!

Suzanne T

Your new website design looks fabulous Karen! I'm sure even more students will sign up to learn your wonderful techniques. I would very much love to win an auditing seat in your workshop. Thanks for the opportunity.

Lori - near Seattle

I would LOVE to win an auditing spot in this class. Your pictures inspire me to take better photos.


Fantastic improvement, I would love to win and auditing spot.


The new look on the website is stunning and displays your photography style perfectly! Love, love, love it and would dearly love to take your class one day.

Marilyn Tschorke

I was registered to audit your January 2012 class, but was not able to participate because of unexpected family problems. I would love to win an audit seat in your next workshop! Your new website in wonderful!

Rachel Dallaire

The new design looks amazing! And thanks for the chance to win! :-)


Karen- this looks amazing! I would be honored to win an auditing seat in the class! The new site design is killer...hooked me all over again!

(btw..."favorite picture of me and Josh Downs" was right!). :) Just take out "and Josh Downs" and you'd say "favorite picture of me", not "favorite picture of I". At least that's how I remember learning about it a "few" years ago. :) And if the rules have changed since then...well, it wouldn't be the first time I was wrong!

Congrats on the redesign- you're lucky to have such a good friend to steer you in the right direction! It really looks awesome.


Pick me, pick me! LOVE the photo of you and Josh! Thanks for a chance!!


Love the new look and pics! That auditing seat is just calling my name, you know it is! Have a great weekend!


I LOVE the new design!!! I'm taking the current class and I think this really reflects you and your philosophy about photography! I would love to win an auditing seat in the next class for my daughter, Jana. She is a graphic designer with a great eye and a nice camera, but so far, she's been keeping it on Auto---it's time for a change!


I would love to win a auditing place! Thank you for the giveaway.

Christine Veira

love the new look. awesome job.


I love the new site. I was ok with the old one because I was one of the ones who knew I wanted your class when I clicked on it! Photography---and your kiddos---still beautiful.


I love the new design! I would love to win an auditing seat in the class! Thank you for sharing some of your life and knowledge with us!

Jen Spain

This looks fantastic Karen - if I hadn't already taken the workshop and didn't already know how fabulous you are, this site redesign would give me a much better idea. Great job!


The new look is fantastic, & really shows the sort of photography you do so well, everyday life, family fun type photos, Good job all of you.


I would LOVE to win a seat in your class. LOVE!

Amber D

Very nice, great choices! I'd love a seat.


My mom is taking the class right now... and I'm so jealous. I've added this to my "someday" list--it's just out of our budget right now. I would LOVE to win the chance to audit the class!! BTW... the new website looks awesome!!


I think the new web pages; and your photos, of course, are awesome! Auditing your class would be a dream, so thanks for the chance to win a seat!


Looks like fun!! Count me in.

p.s. the new site is pretty!


Hahaha! Sorry! Couldn't resist. Looks great now! ;)


Very nice new layout! Would love to re-visit your class as an auditor!


Your redesigned pages are AMAZING! I loved your site before and I love it even more now. Your workshop is exceptional and if I win an auditing seat I know just the person I would give it to!!

Alicia Sharp

I would love to win!!!!!!!! Thanks for the chance! It would give me a chance to catch up with you. I haven't seen you since you came to Asheville to teach!

Erika B

Looks great! I would love to audit your class again!

Lynne S

Love your changes! I would also love to be entered into the drawing. I got a new camera for Christmad and need the inspiration!!


Would LOVE to audit! :)

Cheryl M

Fabulous job on the new design Karen! I'd love the chance at an auditing seat!

Sarah L.

Of course I want a chance to win a seat in your workshop!

Jacqui Bourne

Wow I love your new look website!! Well done it's beautiful. I would love to win a spot in your class

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