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The Deschutes is a down current 'swim' so you'll LOVE it! See you there - my hubbie and son are doing the Olympic one too.




OK, how do even your iphone photos look so awesome? Mine are always a grainy mess...

Nicole Prather

I love your blog Karen. Thank you for your raw thoughts and amazing pictures. I always look forward to your posts you have inspired me to become a better wife mom and photographer. Xoxox Nicole :)


You are so inspiring! I have started running recently, and am thinking of training for a triathlon. I love hearing ther people's stories (the good and the bad) of their fitness journey! An I have heard good things about body glide to help with chafing. Running stores sell it. Good luck with your next race!


You go girl! You're awesome! You make me want to start running! Good luck!


You keep going girl!! Whoot Whoot to you!!


Bodyglide needs to be your friend! I never run more than 5 miles without it. My two favorite things for running - bodyglide and my Garmin watch.

You're going to do awesome!


anti perspirant works great for chafing...for a cheap fix. You are doing great...I only talk about running you are actually doing it

Dawn Schmitz

Woo Hoo!! You are amazing and inspiring and just incredibly awesome!! This year will be better... Absolutely! Can't wait to hear all about it. Try some body glide. My husband uses it for his long distance runs. He swears by it. Good Luck! You're going to be great!

Susan McGrann

Running skirts solves all those problems. At first I felt silly wearing them, but now I love them. You'll see a lot of them at races. Expensive, but running gear lasts a long time.


That last sentance made me really, really smile!
And I have the same problem while running in shorts...
And to add to that, the two girls that I run with, who both have WAY skinnier and cuter legs than I do- REFUSE to run in shorts cause they are too self concious of their legs...
That makes me feel even worse!

Julie in Aust.

Sounds to me like you have it 'all together' to read your thoughts on me much to think about. I'm not really religious but that quote will be written out and kept on my inspiration board...thankyou!
You do have the best Mum dont you...please tell her we all think shes pretty special too.

Jen Spain

I see someone already beat me to the Bodyglide comment, but it is for real - try it. Glad to see you're still at it - way to go! I'm getting back on track after crashing my bike at the end of May and being sidelined by a concussion and a fractured shoulder. I'm back training hard at the gym and I've been out on the road twice, but no matter the obstacles there is always a way over, through or around them. Keep going - you're doing great!


What a great mom!!

Nicky from Okotoks



I have the same shorts issue! I am constantly pulling them down. Glad to hear im not the only one! I had to start wearing compression shorts to help with the chaffing! But the shorts still ride up!


Your post last year about your first triathalon inspired me to get in better shape. I don't run nearly as long as you do, but maybe one day. Thank you for sharing so honestly. You are an inspiration. We are all cheering you on! My shorts do the same thing!

Kay Drenth

Simply inspiring. Keep up the awesomeness. Your mom is such a sweetheart. When she was cruisin' next to ya was she playing Eye of the Tiger? Cuz that would have been some serious awesome sauce right there.


I think it's awesome that you are doing another one and I bet you will do so much better this time!
I just started the Couch 2 5K running program and I too have to keep pulling my shorts down! :)

Carolyn Hall

Love this post!!! Good luck Karen!!! You have already won the race in all your preparation and all the epiphanies you just made!!! All the best. Miss seeing you in Connecticut!! Carolyn XOXOXO

Kim Aragon

I have the shorts problem too and it stresses me out! I usually wear longer shorts that don't ride up or running skirt (love them)just so I don't worry about the dang shorts! Keep inspiring...can't wait to hear about your Tri..I would so love to do one!
Good Luck!


The wisdom and love of a 'mom'. You are a winner!! An absolute winner!

Cindy Welch

Love...... Hang in there..... You can do it..... Admiration....


Keep on truckin'. You are doing GREAT!

tara pollard pakosta

this made me cry.
your mom is a TOTAL sweetheart, so supportive and encouraging LOVE IT!
you are doing GREAT! I can't even run ONE mile right now!
you go girl!
and stop saying you have sausage legs, doesn't even ring true at ALL!
wear longer shorts and you won't have that problem more than likely!
hugs and GOOD LUCK!


Keep it up Karen, you're doing it and that is winning no matter what the outcome!! Jeff always says that running is his prayer...time to center pray and think. Love your momma for doing that, it made me smile!! Awesome true.


I never comment, but always read. This is so touching to me because I have been struggling with my own journey (fitness, weight loss, negative thoughts,etc.) and this post just spoke to me. I think the best part is that you didn't give up! That is huge!!! BTW, the roller STINKS!!!!


You crack me up! Yay for 2nd triathlon; I am sure you will beat last years time, what an accomplishment. Have a fun weekend!!


you amaze me karen.. i am not nor will i ever be a runner... so to see the insight with hopes and fears is appreciated.. and your mom loves that last line.. thinking of you on that day you have worked so hard for...


great post! love that you share the real stuff
My advice though is to wear lycra running shorts. They come in several different lengths and are snug on your legs so they stay in position and don't ride up causing your thighs to chafe (you have to get over the fact that you might not like how you look in them, but you will love the difference in how they feel). My favorite brands are Nike and Under Armour.

I'm not sure what you wear for the triathln itself, but there are similar tri shorts also that have a small bike pad in them.

able mabel

Toss your scale right into the garbage. They lie to you big time when you're training like this! You probably gained 7 lbs of muscle. Forget that number and focus instead on how far you can run, bike and swim! You are awesome!! Keep it up!


Yep, your mum is pretty much the best.

Good luck!


One more thing, Nike Dr-fit Tempo track shorts are awesome for running - no creeping up.


The riding-up-shorts diaper effect is the worst. I finally switched over to running capris--knee length, but tight compression to the knean--d I love them (after I got over wondering what my tushie looked like from behind.) Getting ready for a half in three weeks, but that's because I have to stick to one sport at a time--not like you real athletes who can pull off three sports in one race. :) Best of luck to you, doll.


I love that even though you aren't fully enjoying every minute, you still keep going.

megan b

The very first post I ever read on your blot was the story of your triathlon. I have to say I laughed and cried while reading it! But at the end of the day you were able to say you completed a triathlon. That's more than most people can say! I'm training for my second sprint triathlon and my darn pants keep falling down which seems like a more serious problem since I usually like to keep my underwear hidden.
Good luck with your training and your race. You will do a great job-just think of the knowledge you have this year that you didn't have last year!
(Pardon the lack of commas-I cant seem to find the comma button on my kindle!)

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I have tried to wear those cool and pretty color running shorts many, many times but always go back to my Lycra/Spandex whatever you call it pants and/or capri length black ones. The running shorts come in AMAZING cool color combos and black and blah, blah, blah..BUT they constantly run up my butt NO MATTER what and when that material gets wet there is no fixing it. On the other hand, my black Lycra fit me with NO friction and I feel like they "hold stuff in" if you get what i'm saying. After trying many different styles of those cool running shorts I've decided they just aren't my thing and I stick to what I know works. KUDOS to you for the TRI..I am a rock and would literally sink to the bottom with the swimming part. YOU ROCK!!

Nanette in Washington

I'm another person who swears by Bodyglide. You will love it. Works on other body areas (under bra) that need protection when going long distances. I started my training in January and completed my very first 1/2 marathon 2 weeks ago. Yeah me! I've signed up for another one in October. Keep it up Karen -- You can do it!!!


God Bless you Karen, I absolutely love you!

Fee K.

Anti Monkey Butt Powder. My hubby uses it when he goes on his motorcycle..but it would stop the friction btwn legs and on skin too! Congrats and hang in there!!!

Shelly M

I'm so glad that you are participating in another triathlon!!! You were one of the reasons that I attempted my first one, my 2nd one is Aug. 4.

My only request is PLEASE do not wait so long to blog about this one....I nearly went crazy waiting for THE post last year!

High fives to you Karen-you rock!!


hello, i am new here and glad to be here. thank u for your sharing!

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I'm back training hard at the gym and I've been out on the road twice, but no matter the obstacles there is always a way over

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