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Oh.....SO hard to lose photos! At least the memories are on YOUR hard drive....nice and secure. Happy that you had a successful week.


Bummer about losing the photos! Sounds like a great week.

Helen W

I'm going to Seattle next week for my first time. Where should I for sure visit & eat?

Ps: I'm sorry about your pics!

Kirsten J

You know what? You still saved the memory - sometimes pictures are for sissys. I tell my husband it's the best $4 a month I spend. Oooooops that reminds me, I have to update. And you need to add something about the wonderful weather.....

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Estoy realmente sorprendido. Hoy he pasado gran parte de mi tiempo libre tratando de encontrar algo interesante sobre el tema. Por último, me encontré con su sitio web. Gracias por esto!


Oh fun! I always felt like I lost out not having a sis. (Also funny that we have a great local pizza here only no "c": Pagliai's)


Love your blog and pictures. Have you any update on where to store your photos since went out of business? Any advice would be appreciated!

Tara S.

Pagliaci's and Molly Moons! You are making me hungry and homesick for Seattle :)


You might enjoy this book by Al Smith. Tips from a pro photographer on getting the most from your iPhone. App recommendations etc.

SUCH a bummer about those pictures. I lost my NEW camera once after a week in Hawaii. Losing the camera was upsetting, losing the pictures was heartbreaking.

Account Deleted

Karen Olla, okay? well, my name is Jacqueline and I'm 16 and I am following your blog for a long time, every day I get to see it if you updated as news of new love to see their children, love your photos. I think we already saw her daughter in the "world" fake, is not it!? I imagine that was super shocked when he saw it, the more I can tell you that they do nothing wrong with the photo of Annie, just take care of your photos, not allowing someone to do evil to them, to use the photos doing evil. But that such a person you saw using photos of their daughter, was not me, never used photos of his girl and I'll never use it without your permission! For this reason I come here to ask permission so I can use the photos of his daughter, preventing them to do evil to them. I bet you will think different things about it, and I understand perfectly, and confusing all this, we have more we fake, we will never do anything with the photos of other children, on the contrary, we only do her good. You do not know how much I admire their children, are all extremely perfect, you and a person very blessed by God. :) And then you have come to thank you, and ask that you please do not delete or leave the site to send news of their children, if your answer is no, I will understand perfectly and I will not care for more photos of his daughter, not only leave me without news of her, that's all I ask of you, Karen. So because unlike the girl who came out taking photos without your permission, I'm here with heart in hand with you entering with you! Kisses Karen, God take care of you and your family!

Cindy Welch

Just what the doctor ordered. And more importantly your words... I could totally see the pictures even though they were not there!!

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are all extremely perfect, you and a person very blessed by God. :) And then you have come to thank you ccz120622


That happened to me - I restored AGAIN, made sure the little box with my photos was checked, and voila - they were back (same thing happened with alllll my music, but the pics were more important). PANIC. It's worth a try, anyway… :)


OOOPS - just remembered that I think there was a "restore from last used settings" (or something like that) box I had to choose…THEN it was happy…

Chanel Wallet

Brilliant! Dies ist eine wirklich wunderbare Sachen für mich. Muss zustimmen, dass du einer der coolsten Blogger sind. Ich war neugierig, um eine solche Sachen zu sehen. Fabulous Beitrag!

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