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Liz Culpepper

Ahh.... my heart is thankful for beauty + friendship! xo


Wonderful ... you've influenced so many photography journeys, Karen, and it is awesome to hear of the relationships you've formed through this. :) I can totally imagine how excited Rachel was to meet you!


It's funny, the b/w photo is my favorite, too. My first thought was that you can almost take a great photo by accident, in color anyway, but to take one in black and white, where you really have to be aware of the lighting? Awesome picture!!! And I agree with your commenter, Lacey: Rachel was probably over the moon to actually meet you! I'm going to bounce on over to her blog and check it out!

Rachel C.

Thank you, Karen, for these pictures of me. I think you doubled in one day the number of pictures I have of myself. I love them!
Thank you for all that you have taught me about photography. (I know you have many, many appreciative, loyal, and talented students.)
Even more than that, thank you for allowing me to get to know you as a person and to spend time with your precious family. I'm looking forward to sharing more about our weekend together on my blog soon. . .


love the B&W pic as well....such mood and character to it. Can't wait till I can manage to afford to do your course!! Rachel's blog is wonderful!


What fun!!! It is so amazing to think of how small our world has become, allowing us to get to know someone so far away and develop lasting relationships even before we actually meet them in person. Your class was awesome and I am having such fun practicing all that I learned, too.


Lucky...lucky...lucky! What a joy to solidify relationships and it!

marilyn h.

crazy good shots, karen! congrats to rachel c. love the sweet story of how one picture stood out and a friendship has emerged! yay! most inspiring. xo

ana roat

Although I'll probably never sign up for one of your classes (not from lack of interest, my son-in-law is a professional photographer...), I have already learned so much from you about looking at our world through an honest, loving, fun and sometimes very hard lense. The techy stuff is wonderful but it just can't replace what the heart sees.

Pretty awesome stuff Karen--PRETTY AWESOME STUFF INDEED!!


Beautiful photos! I remember Rachel from class and can still recall some of her amazing images! You Karen, have inspired and touched the hearts of so many! It's wonderful the two of you had the chance to actually meet!!


These are beautiful, Karen! Her eyes look amazing in every photo, and I love your composition in all of these!!


very inspiring story, thanks Karen & Rachel for sharing.

Cindy Welch


able mabel

I agree. My fav is the last one.

Cathy K

I was in theat class with Rachel and remember e-mailing you about her when her website went live. She's another photographer I follow and have great respect for. I knew she was talented back while we were posting our assignments and she's blown me away more than once since then.
There are a couple of us who still keep in touch via Facebook and when we heard she was going to visit you, we were all so excited for her and probably a bit jealous too, but I can only speak for myself about that part! It's totally cool that you have such a far reaching effect on some many people and have brightened the lives of more people that can possibly imagine! Thank you for being you and for giving us all the chance to continue on this journey with you!


So I google Rachel after reading your post and I find it so interesting that I can see and hear you in her style and her storytelling (ie: not a technically perfect shot, but an emotionally perfect one"). You really have a gift for teaching not only the technical side of photography, but the emotional side of how it connects in all aspects of your life. I was one very lucky student!


Just got back from Rachel's website...

Whoa! Definitely talented.

The student compliments the teacher.

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Ek was in theat klas met Ragel en onthou 'n e-pos wat jy oor haar toe haar webwerf live gegaan. Sy is nog 'n fotograaf wat ek volg en het groot respek vir. Ek het geweet sy was 'n talentvolle terug terwyl ons plaas ons opdragte en sy is my weg geblaas meer as een keer sedertdien.


Karen, one of my favorite teacher of all time (may she rest in peace) told me once that a good teacher is one whose students understand what she's teaching, but a truly great teacher is one whose students can surpass him or her. This has resonated with me so this has been my mantra when teaching my children.

I also wanted you to know that you're a wonderful teacher. I may not be able to surpass you, but I can see why some of your students may be able to do so. You're a truly great teacher.

Leslee Cotterell-Barrow

Great photos. Rachel's eyes just draw me into every photo--they are beautiful..

Gail Pomare

Oh my word. Rachel is one of my most greatly admired photographers and women. Not only is she r.e.m.a.r.k.a.b.l.e in her talent, sensitivity, thoughtfulness but also her beauty both inside and out. A little tear formed as a viewed your captures of her, I feel like they captured her essence even though she is alone in these, which is hard to do with someone so committed and in-love with her family...and not in her kitchen being all cook-ery and such. I just want to reach through my monitor and hug you both.


Love these shots of beautiful--both inside and out, RC. Thankful to be her neighbor :)

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And the truth is....You are going to rock that tri this weekend. YEA Karen!!!

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These are stunning. Rachel is a blessing to know and and inspiration in all she does, especially her wisdom and walk with God, her talent with photography and creativity, and her dedication to her family. Two of the most influential women in my life right there! Love you both.


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Rachel C.

Thank you for all the encouragement. Some of you I don't know, but I am grateful that you took the time to enter into some of my story. And for those of you that I do know, your words are extra sweet. I am thankful that you guys are in my life and that you let me into yours.


So beautiful! that last one!!!!! love!

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