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Amanda @ Click. The Good News

What a wonderful day!! I love seeing you on the other side of the camera- fabulous smile. Looks like another amazing day filled with love, laughter, and joy in your house. You are so very blessed :)


A huge "W" in so many ways. The expressions on the kids faces when they cooked are priceless...well, your entire day was!


And I look at your dining room walls and think how absolutely stunning they are, especially with the white frames... go figure - the grass is always greener...

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Sounds like a wonderful Father's Day. I loved this post! You really can tell how much you all love each other.

Cate O'Malley

I love the picture of Annie assembling the berry bowls - gorgeous! Does that mac and cheese recipe really call for a can of sweetened condensed milk? Would love to know how it turned out.

Gretchen C

I love reading your posts :) How did the kid baked dinner turn out??


Great photos of a great day!

Carrie Thompson

How did the mac and cheese turn out? It looked delicious! Sounds like you guys had a great day in my book!


i just love your little family!!!


It was a WIN day!! Fun and even time for a nap...awesome!! :)

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Estoy feliz de encontrar este post muy útil para mí, ya que contiene mucha información. Yo siempre prefiero la calidad del contenido y me encontré con que usted lea este post. Gracias por compartir.

Jona Panesa

wow what an amazing father's day. its a win day for all the family bonding. we spent ours mostly napping and playing with our son.


I had to get my husband his own body pillow so he wouldn't keep flattening out all our regular sleeping pillows and decorative couch pillows (he's a lounger). Also, I love the look of the empty white frames scattered on your wall!


Thank you for making "real" mac and cheese. :) You cannot make mac and cheese without evaporated milk!!!!!!!!! ;)

What a nice father day. The offered presents were particular and useful, a memory foam pillow and two regular pillows, for a great father. May he just enjoy good night sleep without any worry.

Progress Lighting

Every picture is beautiful. The light, texture and the ambiance. Feels like the happiest day of life. Amazing day of the fathers.

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