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Shannon L

ahhh...looks like a good weekend! Purposeful and relaxed. I love moments like that. I'm so glad you have a pic of Josh sitting on the reminds me of when he was overseas and how I couldn't wait for you to post a pic of him on the porch...back where he belongs. :) Love your blog!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Looks like a great weekend! Loved seeing these fun shots - but we need some Coley now!


Shelby smiling in the back of the truck is awesome! I can't believe how big Shindand is! Ours is 78 lbs and I think he's a monster! He has a hard time getting in the truck.


love love love that last shot! Annie cracked me up with her little ant dance!!


I love your randomness - makes me smile. :)

krista resnick

awww Karen-beautiful depiction of your sweet little family life-I am going to miss you on the forum:)


Love the photos and you random thoughts. Glad to see Shelby and Shindland seem okay with each other now. They are both so cute.


I love random! Your pictures are great!


Ditto Mel's comment - glad the dogs seem to be getting along!!!


Last image to burn into your mind. LOVE it. A forever moment.


That last photo just warmed my heart!


so dang cute and so growing too fast Karen xx

T. Mellish

Oh Annie! I HATE ants and pinchers (earwigs) TOO! I'm not so afraid of spiders, but my daughter hates them. This is the first year ever in the 15 years that we've owned our home that I've treated for earwigs. They like our yard, but when we put a new (wooden) fence up 3 years ago they REALLY liked our yard. Wierd, but it was to the point where I abandoned ship last year. We'll see if the treatment proves effective. I love your photos and I MISS YOU. You used to be the 'newspaper' with my morning cup of tea when I worked from home. I've worked from home now for 6 months and while it's been perfect for me and us, I miss checking in! It's worth taking 10 minutes a day at work even to check-in. I find your blog to not just be an outlet for creativity, but for mental health. You just make me smile. I can relate to so much of what you say and post. While I haven't commented, please know that I'm reading and nodding my head and agreement... (heart swells).

new era pas cher

Shelby sonriente en la parte trasera del camión es impresionante! No puedo creer lo grande que es Shindand! La nuestra es de 78 libras y creo que es un monstruo! Tiene un tiempo difícil conseguir en el camión.

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Shelby sonriente en la parte trasera del camión es impresionante! No puedo creer lo grande que es Shindand! La nuestra es de 78 libras y creo que es un monstruo! Tiene un tiempo difícil conseguir en el camión.


You know I love your photography, so today I want to know about your lawn. Yes, your lawn... Your grass is beautiful. And since they are almost ready to seed ours at the new build, I was wondering what kind it is, if you should know. It's so lush!! Absolutley beautiful. Makes me want to take my shoes of and play kickball with the kids. Thank you for sharing! -T


Tera - I've been hoping someone would comment on the grass! The seed is Grange Co-Op Major League Rye blend, but I must say I think the process is more important than the seed. A family friend who has connections with a few golf courses clued us in to the secret... sand. You place an inch or so of sand on the topsoil, then roll the seed into the sand. This gives the grass an easy root-path for quick establishment. Good luck on your lawn!

Ann Grounds

Annie is just growing up so fast!!!
Also love the fact that Josh comments on your comments that people post!


Oh my gosh. In looking at this pictures I was struck by how big Annie has gotten. It seems only a year or so ago you had pictures of when she was an adorable toddler and now she got a big ponytail and long legs (with no ants on them). You know it's bad when not only your own children are aging before your eyes, but so are the kids you see on blogs.

Elizabeth C,

This is totally random, but I wondered if you've ever gotten on Pinterest? Seems like something you'd enjoy. Tons of crafty ideas, recipes, pretty photos, tutorials, etc. I feel like you would be an interesting person to follow on there!

Kelli R.

Your photos of randomness are great. The last one on the porch bought tears to my eyes, huess I'm missing my husband who's in the army and is away. Well done!!

kristina p

such a beautiful family. annie is getting taller {i guess it was such a long time since i last passed by :-x} and prettier, of course :-D

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And seeing him sitting on the front porch at the end of the day is probably one of my favorite sights.

Ok, enough of all my randomness...I'm done.


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