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Well AMEN to that sister and well said, each and every word of the way!
When you share your moments in time with us, it feels good to know that we are all breathing the same air, and experience the same feelings you share.
Don't . Stop. Thinkin' About Tomorrow, we'll wait for you to return.


I love reading your blog Karen because you're honest, you're open, you're real, and you don't sugarcoat things just to make it seem like you have a charmed life all the time. Don't stop being you Karen, no matter what others think of you. In my book, you're one awesome gal, and if you let me, one day, I would want to buy you a drink, and toast to this fabulous life! :)

Heather Topich

You are awesome. I think I've said it before, but thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us. Have a great weekend!

Susan McGrann

I wished we lived nearby because I would love to got out running with you or to hang out taking photo's and having a cup of coffee. I always save your blog for last on my reader. I love reading and see your family. And I don't have the right to judge anyone else.

Susan Ringler

OH Karen! I don't know who said what but wow did you pick a great day for me to read this. I, too, have a blended family (my husband and I raise my two nephews), it is our second marriage and I so hear what you are saying. People judging and mixing things up is why I have always stopped short of a blog, but I should just get more confidence and do what I need to do for my family like you! I must confess I don't usually read the comments so I am blissfully unaware of people who open their mouth when they shouldn't. I am so sorry you have to hear that when you are so generous to share your life with us. I so look to you for balance and reality checks. Please know the HUGE majority of us are with you girl. I know you know it but I hope it reinforces how much we love you and your blog when we write it out. Keep on keepin' on and please don't leave us.


Amen Sista! You know I love your blog and the way the write! If you ever quit, I will become your worst email stalker! Promise! I'm just over a week sober from Facebook and it's been so freeing! I got tired of strangers comments and realized I could totally live without that! But a blog is a place where you should be able to say whatever the heck you want! And I think your reason behind it is a good one! Have a good long weekend!


I, too, love your blog for the honesty you put on it. It's hard for me to imagine how people can not see that its not their blog so they have no right on how or what should be written. I'm just thankful that you are still willing to share your photos and stories with us! P.S My daughter has gone a few days without a bath too, unless swimming in a pool counts : )


Well said, Karen. Well said. :)

I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your wonderful pictures. (Found your blog through scrapbooking years ago.)
Thanks for sharing!

mandy friend

only the Lord looks at the heart. it's amazing that people can be so harsh. so sorry:( and i blog for the same reasons...of course i'm not 'karen russell' so i don't get negative feedback;). hope we cross paths again soon...

a friend moved in down the strret from you so let me knwo if you do your yard sale again this summer:)


Amen! Many of your reasons for blogging are why I too blog. And as I have reminded the masses, it's my blog and I'll blog if I want to, how I want to and when I want to. So there!
Life is messy, it's hard and somethings can be shared and somethings cannot be shared. Privacy matters, especially other people's privacy. Mine, not so much! And that is up to the blog's author.
P.S. Love your sweet family!


Thank you for sharing ... I, for one, appreciate your honesty & candor. I'd totally buy you a drink, too! Enjoy the weekend!


LOVE this post! LOVE, LOVE it!!! And Amen to all of it! I save your blog for last in my reader and, if I think I'll be interrupted when reading it, I'll star it and come back to it later. You are a fantastic writer and I adore your honesty and real-life approach towards blogging. Keep being you and keep blogging 'cause you rock. :)

young nanny

God bless you Karen, you are a positive influence on me and those that read this blog. If you weren't, they wouldn't comment, would they? You touch something within each of us and I believe that those that comment with negative feedback, well, you've maybe touched something in them that they don't want to see. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jennifer L

Karen, I think you're pretty cool. And I've resonated with you many times. (Is that the right word? No matter, you know what I mean I'm sure.) Thanks for reminding me that I'm OK too. Have a great time off.

Lorraine M.

I came to look at your photos, and am constantly inspired by your "everyday" candids. Getting to know a bit about the great family in the photos is a side benefit. Thanks for sharing what you do!

Kathy C.


Hope you all have a wonderfully long weekend!!! ;)


I LOVE reading your blog! Esp seeing the photographs and the angles you shoot from... and keep on doing what you're doing cause you're doing a great job!! Nothing wrong with a blended family..I think its pretty darn cool!


I love reading your blog! It's so real and honest and I like that. We all struggle and have failures and successes and things we're not proud of. I think those are the things that make us grow as a person and I think it's great that you're willing to share that honestly with total strangers. You seem like an awesome person; always trying to be a better person and a better parent to all of those beautiful children of yours. You are setting such an awesome example for them and that's what is most important! Enjoy your weekend!

Nicky from Canada

Well said - and so true. We all walk our paths, sometimes making good and sometimes not so good choices, but all in all it makes us who we are. We learn and grow and become the person we were meant to be. Everyday is a blessing!! Love reading your blog and who you are!!!
Have a great long weekend.

Nancy N.

I am disappointed each day you don't blog. As many of the comments say
it is so real and honest. I have read so many blogs that make me feel
like throwing up because they are so "perfect". You know what, I quit reading
them. I am about down to 6 that I look at daily and yours is one of them.
I love your story. I love that your children will have your story documented.
Thanks for sharing from your heart!!!


Hi Karen, I'm so glad that you feel you can share with all of us. I love seeing your blog pop in my Reader because I always love reading your stories and looking at your images. You are a real person and it is so refreshing to read your honest posts. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family!

Rachelle S

I appreciate everything you just wrote : ) Thank you for that, and I still come by, Everyday, to see if you've posted.

And I too, have an alarm on phone, so that I don't forget to pick up my daughter from school (which may or may not have happened in the past, I'm not sharing that! : )

Have a great weekend!


I just have to say, when I saw A. and the door...I was afraid...truly afraid that you were going to say that you were closing a door to your blog and if that was ever the case....I would be heartbroken. I cannot tell you how much I adore your blog...your family...your feelings, and your talent. I read and wish that I could have, would have blogged, recorded and written about my feelings, and my life like you are. SO, I am thrilled that you are just taking a few days off........because I feel like I could be in your family, and that I hope your camera gets a good workout the next few days and you do not have to even think about what you could/would blog about. ENJOY!!! And...please don't ever is a TREASURE that cannot be measured, bought or ever replaced. Love you!


Karen, you're the best. Thank you for all you share and know that you and your family and your photography are thoroughly appreciated!


I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures precisely because you are imperfect and are willing to let us see that and share in it with you and laugh and know that we are all in this journey together trying to be good parents and children and spouses, etc. I am with several other readers in that your blog is listed at the top of my blogroll and if I don't get around to reading other blogs, it's okay, but not yours. I will stop to read it. Your stories and photos inspire in an everyday sort of way. And, if you were around me, you would know my whole life story in a quick minute, because I am not pretentious about that kind of stuff.

You are doing a great job - sending you a hug long-distance!


I've been reading for awhile, and I've never left a comment, but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your stories through the blog. I was originally drawn to your blog by your stunning photography, but I've stayed for that plus the stories that give such depth to your pictures. You write with a sense of grace and honesty and humility that is so REAL -- so unique in the blog world nowadays. (I used to blog a lot too, for the reasons you describe -- documenting daily events for my family. My blog has been pretty silent for the past couple of years because I sort of lost my voice as the blogsphere changed around me).

Enjoy your weekend and time away from the blog!


I could write a book here in the comments about all the times you have inspired me with your words + pictures. But I won't... because it would probably be boring. So I'll just say this... YOU... are awesome.


This is exactly why I read your blog- you are honestly sharing the parts of your life that you wish to share and I see so many experiences and feelings that I know or have known. I will always check in to read what you are sharing, but I respect that you live your life and don't just blog your life!

Jennifer j

I'm so happy to be part of the 99.9% ;-) . Also very happy that I'm not the only one with kids calling her Mommy Dearest.


I am glad you're doing it! And if it makes you feel any better, there have been times where my kids have good six or seven days without a bath during the winter. And during the summer when baths are a nightly chore, sometimes the sprinkler or slip-n-slide must suffice. Thanks for bearing your soul. It's nice to know we're all human.

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Karen, I think you put it perfectly, and I think that your priorities are in the right place. I've been following your blog since Annie was a baby (at first I came for the photos, which are phenomenal), and I continue to read it *because* you are so real, and share your struggles along with your triumphs, and over the years I feel almost like you've become a friend. (I admit, it's a rather one-sided relationship!) At the very least, I will say that you are someone I think I'd like to have as a friend, because of your transparency and honesty. Thank you for that, it's a rare thing to find on the internet.

Keep it up as long as it works for you and your family, and I'll keep coming to see the photos and get ideas about traditions and see the beauty in a life well-lived (even if it's not always perfect) ;)

Have a fantastic weekend!

Valerie Carroll

Karen I can't tell you how much I love reading your blog. I wouldn't agree with everything on it.....I don't "do" god.....but I think you are a most articulate, talented and honest young woman. I think (from the outside) your life to me looks amazing, as I am sure you think other bloggers lives are. But you engage with your children ( regardless of who or how many dads are involved, hey! that's life and I bet at the time you thought it was forever but SO WHAT!!! your're still there for them and thats what counts) I LOVE reading your blog because of the energy you have for life. I am an older woman and never realised what "older" meant until everything became an effort. So PLEASE keep blogging, because you are living the life I want to live but don't have the energy any more. And if you feel people judge you in an negative light it is because that's where their life is and that's their problem.. So live, love, laugh, have fights, make up ( the best and sometimes the hardest part) take nobody's else baggage on, love your children, enjoy the "now" because it passes all too quickly and as we say in Ireland "Feck the begrudgers" You're a doll xxxxxxxxxx


You do a great job of keeping it all together, even on the days its all falling apart.. XO


I love reading your blog and seeing what your crazy, funny family is up to. It's real and I love it! x

Janie La Pierre

Great post! I too have a blog, primarily for friends and family to keep updated on my family, etc. I never put it "out" there because I don't want to attract others that don't really need to know everything about my family, also my life is a little boring!
You are very brave for everything that you write. I love your blog because you are "every" woman, and your photos are GORGEOUS!
Keep it up.....on your conditions!


well said.

Christine Veira

I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and have never before made a comment but I look forward to your posts. I'm a mom of a soon to be 17 year old daughter, married for 20 years and have always worked outside the home full time since i left school.
thank you for sharing, much love to you and your family. this was my facebook status a few weeks ago "Everyday may not be good....But there is something good in every day."


I have been reading your blog for many years, I don't even remember how I found you, but I do know it was your awesome pictures taking skills that brought me here in the first place. I love your blog because you are real, and that is what keeps me coming back, and will until you stop blogging!


Karen: I've been reading your blog for a few years now and never commented but I just had to come out of hiding to tell you that your blog is amazing, your photos are amazing, your storytelling is amazing, your family is amazing and please don't ever stop!

Gina Crowley

Thank you for sharing your life with. This is without a doubt my favorite blog.


Your blog is so honest and relatable. Down to setting the phone alarm as reminder to pick up your children. I have to do the same thing! I was ashamed but no more!!! Now that I know you are that kind of mom too. It's a sisterhood being moms. We are all standing by you, playing the same game, fighting the same fight... Anonymous can go you know where!!!


Well shit! ...and all this time I thought you were perfect! No, seriously - I love coming here, I love reading your blog and I love the great pictures of your imperfect life. So be it, embrace the imperfection and live on! ♥


And that's why I love your blog.


Chris P

I faithfully read your posts-even when I delete a hundred other posts. Why do I do it? You have the most adorable family-you make me feel good. It is even better that you are not perfect. I mess up every day. Your sharing makes my imperfections seem fine, normal, generally acceptable??

My guilt-I am a faithful reader and I suck at posting. I work about 12 hours a day-so everyone has already told you how adorable the kids look. What can I add other than to tell you-you lift my spirits every single day. Your photography is so far out of my league, but your family is so adorable-and so normal. You make the everyday stuff so much easier.

You, and your family make my day better. Keep on keeping on!


You are the best! I look forward to your blog and reading about your life and all it's normalcy. I never yell at my daughter, never feel sad, never get frustrated with my blended family and all of the exes...YEAH RIGHT! xoxoxo

Brandi S.

Oh please don't stop blogging! If I hadn't stumbled upon your bllog many years ago, my passion for photography wouldn't be what it is today! You reinvigorated my love for capturing the everyday moments of my life through your awesome online workshop. Also, I must admit that when I tell people which photographer I look up to the most, I tell them "Karen Russell"! I absolutely love how you are able to share with us a bit about yourself and your family. And as silly as it may seem I feel like I know you and that if I ever saw you in person it would be as if we've been friends forever. So please don't leave, I would feel as if I were losing a really cool friend!

And finally, to whomever left a comment that was judgemental or just not nice, SHAME ON YOU! No one in this world is perfect and none of us ever will be! And it is not our job to judge others, but instead, to ENCOURAGE and LOVE others!

Robyn :)

I've always enjoyed your blog :)

I would probably have to set an alarm, too, to pick up my kids from school, if I had kids lol. Unless I was working at the school, which I do now.

I once threw 3 cups at the kitchen wall because the first 2 did not break, only bounced off and chipped LOL. Another time I carefully selected a juice glass to throw , but it caught the edge of the computer desk and went everywhere. My glass throwing days are over now hopefully.

So, yes, you are not alone in doing insane things :)

Elizabeth C,

I was totally nodding my head through all of this, but started to tear up at the end when you wrote about how the blog might be a connection for your kids to you when you're gone. You said it much better than I ever could. What a gift for them to have so much of their lives and memories documented.

gina harpur

Beautifully said. I wish I had your courage, tenacity and talent to do all this for your family and your fans. Keep it up. It's so worth it for you and (almost) everyone else. You...



Thank you!

Cindy Welch

LIfe is jut too short for hate. Geez, life is real, you are real and I love your quirky way, I have had dinner with you, I have met you in person and if I lived near you, we would be friends. We are soooo much alike. You go girl. Have fun, enjoy life and someday,your family will love your "sharing" I love it.


I really look forward to you posts and the pictures of your family. I don't know how you manage to put so much into a day! I'm sorry - if people don't agree with you, read something else.

Julie Long


I honestly don't even know how to say what I want to say, but I love this post & I love your blog and & love all the things you write about. And yes, it IS nice for me to read about a mom who yells at her kids too or forgets to get them from school.....but who clearly adores her family & husband. It just makes me like you even more. Thanks for sharing your heart! :)

Brenda Weaver

Karen, I don't comment often, but I read each and every one of your posts. I love how you feel so real and genuine to me and I'm quite positive we'd be friends if we'd ever have the chance to meet. See, I'm socially awkward too, and I'm glad you shared that little tidbit (as well as so many others) because I finally knew what to call it and that I wasn't the only one who never knows what to say to people. I love that your recording all of this for your family. Boo to the people who leave mean comments. I could never understand why people read blogs they don't like. Have a great blogging break, a great holiday weekend, and enjoy spending time with your family.

Cate O'Malley

First, gorgeous picture of Annie. Second, amen. I always considered myself a writer, but was never good at regular journaling or diary entries. My blog is that. For me, but most importantly for my kids. And as I sometimes share super personal stuff (like a picture of my son today during a rough moment last week in the ER), I sometimes forget all the strangers that are reading our stories, following along, looking for updates. Sometimes it's hard to know when to share and when to draw the line. Because, as you so eloquently put it, it's not always ours to share. Bravo for saying what I would have liked to say, but in a very much more coherent way.

Tara S.

I don't remember exactly when I started reading your blog, but it was sometime in the past year (thanks to Erin Cobb :) What I DO know is that I was so inspired by your love and commitment to your husband that I kept reading. And reading. And reading. Your love notes to Josh Downs at the end of every blog post while he was deployed were some of the sweetest words I've ever read. It made me want to be a better wife. Honestly. I can't imagine that anyone who reads your blog has ever wondered why you blog. It is so apparent in every picture you take and in every word you write, and it completely resonates with me. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us.


Hey Karen, As a long time stalker, follower, class taker, long distance blog friend ( that's the order in which I came to your blog & class) I have to tell you how blessed I've been since our paths crossed about 4 or so years ago. I found you at a difficult time in my life and because of you my life has changed ( for the better). Thank you for sharing your life as you do...i love your blog!! You are an inspiration to many especially me :) God Bless you my friend!


I love your honesty and how real you are! Don't ever change :)

Carrie B

Thank you karen. I'll buy you a drink anytime. You rock!
Have a great weekend. xoxo


Amen, Sista and BRAVO!!! I have read your blog religiously since about the time you met up with Josh Downs. I've cried (often, especially in the beginning of...and if you're reading this Josh Downs) and laughed til I cried. Love you, hang in there. Karma will get those others in the long run.



I love you and your family even though we've never met! I'm disappointed when you don't blog and am so appreciative when you do. You tell a wonderful story with your photos. I would love to hang with your and your family.

Nicole prather

Karen I have read your blog faithfully the last two years !! Love it everyday I look forward to your posts. Your pictures are out of this world !!! Keep on going Sister !!! Don't let the haters bring you down !! That's the devils way. Chin up buttercup !!! Xoxoxo


I just had to say, I love reading your blog. I've been blog stalking you for a while now. I can't remember how I stumbled upon it, but I'm glad I did. My favorite thing about you is that you're so real. Thank you for that. Enjoy your break, and I look forward to reading when you come back. :)

Tina B.

Karen...I don't post a lot on your blog but I do read it every time you post because I love your honesty. You are human as we all are and the fact that you post it makes you so much more awesome in my book...thank you for keeping life real because that is what it is...REAL LIFE! Keep on blogging and we will keep on reading. Have a wonderful Memorial Day and please tell Josh "Thank you for serving our wonderful country" Also just to make you feel better...there are days I have gone with a bath and left my jammies on a little too long! :o) Keep your chin up and thank you for your blog!

Erin P

I stumbled upon your blog a few years ago because of the photography and your amazing pictures, but quickly found myself wondering how you and your family was and wanting to find an update every few days...stalker? Nope, not yet. Nosey, maybe so. :) Point being, love your stories and life lessons that may or may not be learned the easy way, but learned nonetheless. Turns out we're neighbors too...I'm up in rainy Washington, which makes you even cooler in my book.
Keep on keeping on.


Please don't let the negativity that some people thrive on get you down! Like so many others, I read your blog regularly. Most times your posts make me smile, which is such a good thing. Sometimes they make me think and reflect on myself. The reasons you listed for doing the blog are the reasons we all come back again and again. I appreciate the way you share yourself with us. It is like we are having coffee together and catching up. I hope you enjoy your blog-vacation, see soon!

Kandis Smith

Oh Karen! I love you! We would be best friends if we lived next to each other! ;) I LOVE reading your blog for exactly ALL those reasons!!

ana roat

I read your blog because your my internet friend and friends support eachother even when it's ugly. I hope to one day meet you and share a tottie at one of your favorite watering holes. We can laugh and cry and laugh some more and then order a second round....cuz we're friends and friends support eachother even when it get really ugly!

Have a great weekend!

ana in California

Sandra A

Your pictures and your words absolutley ROCK! I was just referred to as "Mommie Dearest" this week. Sometimes the kiddos just need a bit of that...

Kirsten J

Darling girl, you say it so well. Here's one for you: for years and years I was Miss T's biggest fan when she was a Garden Girl. And then she blogged and she writes kinda like you. Keeping it real and telling it like it is. Along with amazing pictures. And then, one day she came to Seattle and took my family's photos at GasWorks Park, and we all sat around afterward, because she had a little time to kill, and luckily she didn't think I was a crazy stalker. And really? it was just like I knew her so well. And she'd just spent some time focusing on my family (ewwww - pun not intended) and so she kind of knew us. We yakked about life and family and it was golden. So I put you in that same kind of category. I think I could be your friend, because although I haven't flung a bag of sugar across the room, I've totally slammed a few doors and broken a dish or two. Thank you for sharing your adorable, unique family with us :)


You rock, Nellie!! The naysayers can eat a big one.

I don't ever get tired of your stories, or your kids (and have never even thought about their nameless and faceless dads because Josh is their father who loves and cares for them), or your awesome family, or your funny drinking stories, or our hero, Josh Downs!

We are all alike and have been since the beginning of time. Anyone who says differently is telling a big one. I lose it more than I care to admit--shameful. And the phrase my kids give me when I lose it is called "Going Spider Monkey". I'm not proud of it either but it is what it is!

Have a great weekend!! And hide the sugar....


Love this post and your whole blog! It is one of the first blogs I check on my google reader to see if you have posted any updates and new photos. I am so glad you are keeping it real on here and if it makes you feel better I could also be called Mommy Dearest at times too. You would be a total blast to sit and have dinner (drink) with - lol! Have a great weekend.


i'm one of the cool people!!

Heidi Sharpe

International treasure - that's what you are.....and I don't want you to feel the pressure of that phrase - because it comes to you naturally. It's so good to hear your life challenges, I tend to get bogged down in mine. It's so inspiring to hear of the good times that you make happen. You & your family work hard carving your life, to make it packed with lovely moments. You're all so lucky to love each other, and we are lucky to share these moments with you.

So thank inspire me to overcome the nasties, you make me laugh with your humour, long may you blog.....coz we loves it ;0) xx


You know Karen, I love to read your blog and the fact that you have a "normal" life that I can relate to makes it only more special to me. I don't want to read about a perfect life because it does not reflect real life. Thanks for sharing a peek into yours and I hope you keep on blogging for a long time!!



LOVE LOVE LOVE your honesty! (Sadly lacking in blog land!) My favorite quote from your post is.....But I don't really mind telling you those things because I have a feeling that many of you have similar stories.

And if you don't...well...we can't be friends.

This is EPIC - and very real! Thank you for reminding me that my life is real and not to try and attain the Plastic life as shown in blog land! (PS I did throw a sandwich at my daughter because she was ordering me around so much!)


Just clicking the 'like' button because I'm not as good with words as you are!


Today was the first day I read your blog and wow, it strikes such a cord. Please don't let the horrible small minded people out there spoil your message. You are uplifting and inspiring a great deal of people who think everybody has the perfect life except them, coz the physco-babble we are all listening to tells us something is wrong with us. You go-girl, let your voice be heard, so that those like me that have non-perfect lives know we are not the only ones.
have an awesome weekend


Did u know your blog is THE only blog I regularly check!? Ok maybe daily. But I love it. I started reading your blog when it was mostly about your scrapbook line etc. and your products inspired me. Big time. I still have boxes of your products unused. Cannot decide which important pictures to use your products on! And I took a class in person from u and your online photography class. Loved it. You inspired me. And now even though your blog doesn't focus on scrapbooking anymore, I still visit daily. Because now I'm a mother and I totally relate to the whole not bathing for four days kinda thing. And most too often all the blogs are about perfect mothers who make no mistakes, bakes their kids coookies every day, sews all their clothes...and it's either they really are like that, or they are just not being honest! We struggle and I cannot imagine a mother out there who doesn't have their bad days. So Karen.....don't ever feel pressured. U owe nothing to anyone. It's your life. Your kids. Your husband. Life isn't easy. But you sure have done a pretty good job with those kids of yours. At the end of your life, I think you'll look back and be pretty proud of what you have done and how many people u have influenced


You scared me!! I thought you were going to say that you didn't want to blog anymore!
Love your "real" blog! Thanks and have some great days off!

Susan l.

Karen, I love your blog and have been reading for years. You have the sweetest family, I love reading your stories and seeing your pictures. You are an honest and real person and I love that you share your stories with us. Take care and enjoy your weekend!

Sue E

I LOVE YOU Karen! I love your thoughts, your words, your stories and can totally relate! I've always been of the mind that people can accept and like me for who I am and if not that's fine too! Keep doing what you're doing - we all LOVE you!

Colleen Barron

I love you Karen. How could I say that (I ask myself)? I feel like I know more about you than I do some people that I see and talk to every day. I look forward to reading your blog every day - you don't pretend to be something or somebody you are not. You inspire me to be the best mom, grandma, wife I can be. You've inspired me to record my family pictures and stories like no one else has inspired me. I do love to scrapbook but your blog has shown me so much more......enjoy your long weekend! Stay safe and God bless.


I have never commented on your blog but I read faithfully mostly because you are authentic. I love that you get frustrated and that your life is messy but at the end of the day you look UP. I wish we could sit down and visit. I think we would be friends.


Beautiful and Perfect! Thank you.


WHAT? You aren't blogging for me because I lead a boring life and I live vicariously through you? Dang, oh well I'm not going to stop reading! :)


YOU are so precious to me (and we have never met). :)
1 Peter 4:8
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

Shannon L

I think you and I could be besties...except that we live on opposite sides of the country. I never thought of why you do it because I knew of you from your scrapbook background and thought of this blog as your online scrapbook and that we are just lucky enough to look at it too. So keep blogging because your kids will love it and I know I'll be coming back almost everyday to keep reading it! I love the honesty. I don't have room to judge, I am far from perfect. I've made some mistakes that I don't know how or if I'll ever fix them but I chalk it up to life and just keep trying to be the best I can be. :)Thank you for blogging and sharing!


I read your blog early in the morning when I am eating my breakfast and before the kids are up for the day and all the crazy starts of getting off to school and work. It inspires me and my day. I love how open you are to everyone and it really will be a treasure for your family.

Molly Hewitt

I have always loved reading your blog; because you are real. I read a few others and some are all about the fancy parties and play dates but I am drawn to your family because of how genuine you are. I love the traditions, the fun, the love, and the simple things. You are an example to me in many ways. I blog for the same reason. I want to be able to remember life at this moment and so that my family and I can look back and see.. I print my blog each year into a book and each year it is bigger! I have very few followers but put the time and energy in none the less. Keep up with the sharing. It definitely is valued by many and is helpful to me in sitting back and sighing a bit of relief to know that we are not perfect and that is OK. We make our lives perfect in our own special way. Love your "Lunch Date" gifts and the simple, colorful, country style in your home. Simply Beautiful.


I love reading your blog and knowing your stories and I read that the other day about not giving Annie a bath and little girl hasn't had a bath in three days - yeah - someone else like me! It's weird to think we would be friends...if only we knew each other. I read the stories about the kids fighting and you struggling with exercise and it's all me...I can relate and I'm glad to read the stories of someone else going through things like I am. And it feels REAL and that's what I like. And the photographs inspire me, I'm saving up for a 5D and I would have never gotten into photography if not for your blog and your class (that I took last year) and I feel great about capturing my family's story now.
Thanks for everything. Poo-poo on those negative comments and negative people!


Your blog is my favorite and the only one I visit regularly. Love all the photo's and your honesty. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy you and your lovely family!

Amy Coose

Add me to the list of those that totally appreciates your honesty and your sharing. I love reading your stories, and appreciate you "putting some stuff out there". Have a great weekend!!


You, and your blog, are fabulous! Have a wonderful Memorial weekend.....I hope to see lot's of fabulous photos!;)


I have only been reading your blog for a few months but I totally understand. You have given me the inspiration to start a blog of my own as I begin an entire new phase of my life here in midlife. I read your blog and remember when my kids were little. I read your blog and don't feel alone and unusual. I read your blog and feel stories....stories of a life. And after all, isn't that what life really is all about?


I love your blog, too. I love that you share what is on your heart, stories about your family and your beautiful pictures. Thank you for doing what you do! Have an awesome relaxing weekend with your beautiful family!

Vera Matson

You don't have to explain yourself. If anyone judges or makes rude comments, I hope you can brush them off. I love your bravery in sharing your stories. I'm too chicken to show my weak side. I'm also too lazy to blog. I'm a fan and I'll keep coming back to your blog. I love to read your stories! You also remind me to get out more as a family and just enjoy our time together.

I also want to share that my husband was deployed in '06-'-07 and we're still dealing with issues from that. You mentioned that you're having transition time with Josh coming home. We totally had that too, and we're still dealing with issues. I love my husband more than ever, though, and I'm so proud of him and everyone who serves. I'll take the issues and meet them head on. When we're having a rough day, I just try to remember why I married him and how much I still love him and that helps.

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Adair

I really enjoy your blog! I mean really! It's like a good book, a connection is felt with you and your family, there are tears and laughter... your honesty touches something in me.... could be because I see a lot of myself in some of your posts. My son has a moment from his childhood, a bad mommy moment, that he loves to share with everyone, and always make me wish the ground would open up and swallow me... actually, I'm sure there are several.
Like someone said... life is messy... you just live life and don't pretend it is anything other than what it really is.
I just lay it all out there like you do.... within 5 minutes you'll know way too much about me... and I figure people either like me or not... and if not, well, then I'll probably fret over it for a few days before I move on. ha
Not to mention that I secretly heart your camera skillz!
You really are an inspiration and you do touch peoples hearts. Not only with your photos, but your stories as well.
Enjoy your weekend!


I too, enjoy your writing, your family, your honesty when it comes to victories and when it comes to miscues. You bring a refreshing sense of realism to my blogroll. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for another heart-felt post. I am always amazed at your ability and willingness to put it all out there. You are a gifted storyteller. You are a great role model for documenting your life story, warts and all. I'd much rather read a blog like yours that is truthful and real, than one that is only the sunshine. And of course the photography is impressive as well. Thank you.

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