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and she is sure a cutie! love all of her names :)


Before having kids, the story of the evolution of her nickname would have gone over my head a bit. But now that I have a two year old, I constantly catch myself repeating words the way he says them rather than the correct way, just because I hear him say it that way so often. :) Great photos. She's adorable!


I don't like larvae, or bug collections, but it's pretty neat that she does and doesn't have any fear of bugs.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

What a cutie! I am so not a bug lover, but she is adorable. And yeah, it all goes so fast. Enjoy them, Karen!


I don't comment on every post because I feel like all I ever want to say is, I LOVE YOUR FAMILY. I love the way you look at them. The way you see them as whole children. The way you present them as right and wrong and not just brag on all their accomplishments, but present them as who they are. I love that you write about the ups and downs. And that downs sometimes have small amounts of hope, but always grow to huge amounts of hope. I love that you believe in grace, but share that sometimes it's hard to give and take grace. I love how you and your husband know that a marriage is work. That it takes time and energy. I love that sometimes there is triumph and sometimes there is failure, but again, there's always grace. I love that you write about how hard life is, but you don't complain in a whiney way. But if you whine, I will still listen, because even though I don't know you in real life, I know you in my heart. And I don't really care how weird that sounds. Thank you for sharing your life with those of us who are too afraid to do it. And before you say something like, "if you really knew me..." Don't. we are women. We can read between the lines. We know that you don't write EVERY detail. We know that sometimes it's harder than this. That stuff is left out. We know that sometimes the joy in your heart can't be written in words and the sorrow is just as wordless. But you give us enough. And I appreciate it more than you'll ever know. Thank you.

Suezi Gurzi

Well said Jenwcom!
All is will say it ditto!

Kim P



So cute - I love her bangs! I can totally relate as I have two active bug "habitats" in my garage right now courtesy of my children.

mbt france

Was für ein cutie! Ich bin so kein Bug Liebhaber, aber sie ist liebenswert. Und ja, es geht alles so schnell. Genießen Sie sie, Karen!

snapback new era

Ich mag keine Larven, oder Bug-Sammlungen, aber es ist recht ordentlich, was sie tut und hat keine Angst vor Fehlern.

maillot football

De ideeën die u hier hebt verstrekt bespreek ik zeer waardevol. Het bleek echt een aangename verrassing te verwerven die anticiperen op mij nadat ik wakker werd vandaag. Ze zijn constant op het podium en gemakkelijk te hoogte te zijn van. Door veel naar de waardevolle ideeën die je hebt hieronder werd gedeeld.

Megan B

Every picture of Annie just makes me smile because her facial expressions are priceless! Would you mind sharing where you found her shoes? I have an extremely picky 2-year-old and I can't handle another day of rain boots and odd questions about them from the bagger at the grocery store. Thanks!


I had to laugh at your note about how happy you are that Annie is still little. When I saw the pictures in this post and the ones from your Mother's Day post my first thought was "Wow! Annie is getting SO tall!". Love all these bug catching pictures!

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Pookie is emazing, very cute. I love her!!!


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