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what great shots!!! How did you like the Canon 7D? Are you considering it?


What great reflections...of you and your life! Would love to upgrade to the 7D someday. Take some time for you....and remember it is vacation time!




The last one is awesome with the reflection of you and his game!
I got a bag load of spinach today so I googled spinach au gratin and made it for lunch. Did you know that takes less than an hour to digest?


Karen, since you're one of the few people out there who is so well versed in both Nikon and Canon, I want to ask you a question. I work in a camera store and I have easy access to both. I've been a Nikon shooter for 12 years now, but I truly don't believe one is better than the other - they're just different. But one thing I don't "get" about Canon is how when you import into PS, the images aren't 300 DPI, but rather 72 or 96 DPI (I can't remember exactly, it's been a year since I borrowed a Canon). As someone who prints, that kinda drives me nuts. Is there an easy way around that? A benefit that I don't understand? Do you just batch process everything to get it to a printable DPI? I get that you're taking a break, so I'm not expecting an answer any time soon, but if you could shed some light on that, I'd really love it!


After switching to the D7000 after years of shooting Canon(because you convinced me!) I too tried looking at Canon again. I just can't live without the Nikon Auto ISO feature. That D7000 is just so amazing! It took a bit of an adjustment but now that I am over the hump...WOW! I was just in a camera shop and the guy told me after 27 years of being in photography he has never seen a better camera than the D7000. It made me feel so good. I actually just ordered one for my husband too. It shows up today. Now that is love:-) I think the worst part was starting over with the lenses. I had such a good collection before.


One cool dude!!

Kim G

You probably already know that the 5dmkiii is the camera you were waiting for!!!! I had a 7d and loved it (actually, I still have it), but my's like my 7d, only full frame and even better!!!! Come back to the other side, Karen! You know Josh Downs will keep you.

Caroline, I don't have a problem with my Canon images being 72 or 96 dpi. Maybe it's an import setting you have set up in PS????


Awesome photo Cole! My 10yr old son Dilon says ya'll (thats what we say in texas) should be friends because you look like a cool dude:)


Now I'm really confused. Have been looking into buying a big girl camera and thought I should go for the new Nikon D800, but now not so sure. Decisions, decisions...ugh!

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I wondered...I thought I saw a hint of something in your blog photos lately. Like a distance in Josh's eyes, but the LOVE is always there! Gotta love normalcy....hang in there Downs family. We're all pulling for ya'!

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