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there is nothing like those mother/ daughter moments ... especially the first of those.. you have one special girl..


what a great night you two girlies had!! and her little outfit is really really cute!! are you taking appointments for spa dates now?? cuz i would totally sign up just to hear you talk in your haughty english accent!! giggle!!!


i love this. can't wait to do things like this with my daughter.


We cannot even mention going to a restaurant without my 4 year old daughter jumping in with "I want the place with the peanuts!". Their rolls are going to be the death of me.


I love...these are the moments that make me wish I had had a little girl...wouldnt trade my two boys for nothing but still....

Jennifer L

I love these!!!


Amazing. As usual. And I totally thought you were at a real spa cause whos bathroom looks that flipin cool? I guess yours does! Where in the world do you find all your amazing stuff?!! Looks like yOu girls had some fun! I wish my not-so-girly 100% tomboy would do this. She would prob say no thank you mom. Thanks for sharing! Im going to carry on with my day and TRY not be envious of that bathroom! :0)

Colleen Barron

What a beautiful girl.....she takes after her mom!

libbi m.

You are so amazing. Love all these shots. I will have to have a spa day with my girl tribe soon.

Rachelle S

oh my gosh! TOO cute : ) And Yes, I too, as a carb-loving girl, can understand breaking out in song due to a really good roll : )


LOL! Love those last 2. What a fun way to spend the day!


Oh she is so sweet! I got teary when she told you how special it was to her.
I laughed out loud about the foot soak/dog water dish!

Leslie Murphy

I love this. It made my heart happy today. Thanks for sharing these photos with your virtual friends. :)


What a special time ... and slightly makes me wish I had a daughter. :)

Jo E

How precious! I love the pictures - looks like you had a really great time. Love that Spa sign too, you really maxed out on the details - no wonder Annie was so bowled over with her special day.


This was so sweet. I need to do this with my girlie...pronto! By the way, where did you get her leggings? Super cute.


This is so cute! Love your spa setup. And my parents have that same Tongue Depressors jar in their bathroom!


I'm telling you, my daughter is the twin of yours on the East Coast ... right down to the non-bath in 3 days, eating all the bread instead of dinner ways. The only exception being is she's the TALLEST kid of all her friends :D

Cindy Welch

Awh, love them, love how you capture them. Very inspiring.

Julie in Aust.

So many sweet moments and sweet photos in this post Karen...good memories for you both too. Even a little tear or two. Well done...I hope you have inspired some other Mums with little girls...we all love these special times with our Mums. Yes Mums!...Aussie girl here!


Well, I didn't think it could get cuter than Part 1...but you certainly blew me away with Part 2. LOVE it!


Spa and carbs... love it! Hope to do this with girl someday that loves the same things.


A girl after my own heart, I always eat too much bread and don't eat my dinner either! Love the hearts on her nails!

Nancy Boothe

gotta ask - where did you find the white dress Annie wore to the Roadhouse? LOVE it.

Loved the photos from the make-over. Those bathtub shots are ridiculous.


Annie I'm totally with ya on the rolls only dinner! (and Karen. . .I'm in love with these posts and all the memories you create for your kiddos)


Absolutely adorable -- what a fun memory you made with annie!


That 4th photo is hilarious!
love taht nail polish---never seen any like that.
I think you should make her a standing appointment at your salon--ha ha


I love her - those cheeks!!

Sharli Schaitberger

Karen, I've mostly lurked, reading with respect and some small amount of jealousy, then pain when you were separated for so long, but this post just touched me so deeply that I have to tell you how much I appreciate WHO YOU ARE. You are really something special. Your family is blessed to have you in their lives (you have a precious family!) and I, too, learn from your example often. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you share. It means much to me - although I'm sure nothing close to how much it means to Annie. I should add, I suppose, that your photographs are amazing. The clarity, lighting, subject matter,it's always always interesting and fabulous! Ok, I'll go back to reading. But I do thank you.

Susan Elliott

pure MAGIC *!***__***

Robyn :)

What a sweetheart!!!

I love the rolls and butter, too :)

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right down to the non-bath in 3 days, eating all the bread instead of dinner ways. The only exception being is she's the TALLEST kid of all her friends :D


THIS: "Mom, this is really special to me because you spent all this time just doing this stuff for me."


ROFL! The expression on her face in the picture of the 2 of you in the mirror with the almost-dried mask is PRICELESS!

You really know how to "Mom". You can tuck that little morsel into your back pocket and bring it out & read it in case you ever need a reminder. :0)

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