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Love the one with the bubble--would be perfect framed in your bathroom:)

Cate O'Malley

Gorgeous pictures, all of them!

Sandra A

Love these! Makes me look forward to makeover time with my 6 year old granddaughter, who will be doing her best (worst) English accent. Good times!


Cute! and I see you were being a little dare-devil at the same time balancing on the tub for the overhead shots! ;)

Abby Ronnebeck

These make me smile!
Thank you.


Such fab light in your bathroom! Great photos, of course, and in one of them Annie looks a lot like Cole. Can't wait to see the rest.


Loved all these shots! Sounds like you had a great time!


Such a cutie pie!
I can't believe you stood on the edge of the tub to shoot! I would have fallen in and broken something, like a small child or my back.


What a fun bubble bath! What an awesome tub! How great knowing there are other children in the world who don't get a bath every night! :)

cheryl o

amazing photos, and memories for you and annie!


Great photos. Looks like she was having a blast.


A spectacular treat for a sophisticated spa client. Appears to be worth every dime she paid :}


she is absolutely adorable. i love your bathtub! and that last shot of your toes peeking in... too cute. :)

april n.

Stunning pictures, really beautiful. The lighting is perfect. Love the bubble shot most too.


Couldn't be the light...and love that heart in the lower left of the last photo....too wonderful!! The "client" has NO idea how wonderful, special and talented that her mom is!


These are sooo cute!!! Love them all!!! What a fun night!!! :)


The 2nd to last photo is my fave!
and Sleeping in the truck?????? That is too funny!


love this idea & your pics! i also love your shirt and was wondering where you got it. also where did you get the glitter polish with the hearts in it?


Oh MY Goodness-- these are priceless-- she is always sooo photogenic and I love all the expressions!

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Qu'est-ce qu'un bain moussant plaisir! Quelle baignoire génial! Comment savoir qu'il ya une grande autres enfants dans le monde qui ne reçoivent pas un bain tous les soirs! :)


Okay... the 6th picture down --- she looks EXACTLY like you in that one. These are just the BEST pictures. Can't wait to get to part 2 to see more....

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