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So pretty! Excellent date outfit. :) Also totally in love with your first outfit. Thanks for sharing, Karen! You're inspiring me to go out and run this weekend.

Desiree Chandler

I LOVE your shirt for your date.. where did you get it!!!! :) Looks like you had a great time!

jen in pa

yes, clothing details, please!

Robin healy

Love it... with a big ol cheesy grin of my own!

Cate O'Malley

Love how you documented the day, and especially the softness in the ready-for-the-date picture. Details on your necklaces and date night top?



tania willis

you're adorable.

Julie McD

Sweet! Love your mauve shirt too! Glad you guys had a great time!

mandy friend

love the shirt for your date! glad the pics stoppped where they did;)


Good for you! You guys look great...and happy. Adorable dress by the way....that and, you're much too hard on yourself! ;)

krista resnick

Karen you do make me laugh!!!! I love every one of your self portraits. I know sometimes it feels a bit silly, but aren't you thankful now that you captured it all??? Have a great weekend.


I love that! You are so adorable!
I really like the contemplating life while taking a portrait of your self.

Patty Hetrick

You look beautiful! How do you take those pictures of yourself and keep you in focus? I always have to look through my viewfinder. If I take a self portrait, I have to take several until I get me in focus!

Nancy Wyatt

You looked amazing!!


You look so beautiful! Especially in photo #4! :o)

Michelle Adams

LOVE that you used the mirror for all the shots!!!!

Julie cute is this post. So sweet and sister you look great!



LOVE everything about this post!


I echo Kat....LOVE everything about this post. sure are looking skinny!!!


You look absolutely gorgeous! And I love the last picture. My hubby & I rarely make it into the same picture together since I'm the one with the camera.


Where did you get that turquoise and red necklace in your first photo? LOVE IT. I have been looking for a great necklace for a wedding I am going to in Vegas :)


1,000,000x LOVE.


so so sweet. and i love your self-portraits. you make it look soooo easy!!


You are adorable and I love your style!

Julie in Aust.

Great idea Karen...imagine a day in the life...all shot from the same the end of the day we could have gathered some pretty interesting moments eh!

Thanks for the inspiration Karen...

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

you look adorable and that last one is too cute!

Nicole Campbell

you look absolutely beautiful in EVERY shot!


These are so sweet Karen! And I like the self-portraits! I love those necklaces! Where did you get them?


Wonderful photos Karen, and you look beautiful all dolled up. The curling iron was worth the effort...thanks for sharing. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


You look beautiful! Love your blog...I only read a handful and yours is seriously one of my all time favorites!


Awesome pics of you girly!! love them!

Wendy A

Absolutely love your shirt or is it a dress for your date night. Beautiful!!! Hope you both had an awesome date night! You deserve it!


Beautiful pictures. You looked adorable for your date :}


You look great, Karen! Your dress is so cute too.


hey- where are the necklaces from? Just walked away from one similar at a craft fair today....


Your dress is adorable! I loved them.

gorras planas

Gracias por escribir esto. Realmente me siento como si yo sé mucho más sobre esto que lo hacía antes. Tu blog realmente trajo algunas cosas a la luz que yo nunca hubiera pensado antes de leerlo. Usted debe continuar con esta, estoy seguro de la mayoría de la gente estaría de acuerdo en tu tienes un don.

gorras planas

Gran idea de Karen ... imaginar un día en la vida ... todo disparo desde el mismo lugar ... al final del día, podría haber reunido algunos momentos muy interesantes eh!

Gracias por la inspiración de Karen ...

comprar camisetas

Yo estaba muy feliz de descubrir este sitio en bing.I quería decir gracias a ustedes con respecto a este post fantástico! Yo surelyenjoyed cada poco de ella y me he marcado para echar un vistazo a lo nuevo que publiques.


you are adorable!!!

Colleen Barron

No kidding Karen, I've always thought you were cute but that pix of you alone with your hair look so pretty!!!! And you are so funny girl, I just love reading your blog.


love your date weekend!! you guys are such a cute couple!! and definitely also love that top, hope you'll share the details :)


Love the date night! Thank you for sharing that! You look wonderful! And I love the caramel apple after the run - you know how to live!

Jona Panesa

loved the outfit and necklaces!


Oh my goooodness Karen, you are so stinkin adorable!! Are you sure your not 25??

Laura L.

I love the picture with the "head tilt"! Not that you need it, but you really do look beautiful in that picture!

Katie Szymanski

Karen, where do you shop for your clothes?? I always love your shirts. I'm going through that transition from juniors to woman's & I'm just having a hard time. I hope all is well with you!!

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