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I could read your stories all day long! If you ever write a book, I'll be the first to buy it!:)

mandy friend

you crack me up. thansk for keeping it real. i need a junking day. we really should get together and eat too much junk while looking for junk. you know where to find me.

Juli P

$925 worth of camera gear is nothing to shake a stick at! Congrats to the winners!
and nothing says family more than a little bit of drama! Glad you had a great time at dinner anyhow!


I've got to tell you Karen. I have been reading your blog for a few years now, and while I don't comment very much, I absolutely love reading about your journey. I admire and love how real you are about yourself, your family, your marriage, life. It's admirable to be brave enough to admit the bad amongst the good. I appreciate you for it (not that that matters)! But if it were me, I know I'd like to know that. Life isn't perfect, neither are we...but that's exactly what God intended. Perfection wouldn't be so darn funny :)
And I've got to it really still cool enough to be wearing sweaters and stuff. If it is....I'm moving to Oregon tomorrow.


I love optimists. They motivate the world.

Shari Barnes

LOVE your stories! They remind me so much of life around here with my crew! Beautiful images as always!

Melinda T

Karen-I was having a rotten day, but reading your post today has made me find the successes in those failures! My day has gotten slightly better, and will by the end of the day, only 6 more hours til I'm home free! :D Thanks!


oh, and that canon camera was so mine! congratulations to the lucky winners and congrats to you, karen, for stuffing your sausages into shorts and getting on with it!


that's awesome karen. you always find the positive out of negative... kind of like turning lemons into lemonade. xo!


Love this post! I can so relate - sometimes we get so caught up in the moment we forget about the bigger picture.

I noticed Annie's helmet has lost the little bunny ears/teeth. :( I hope this doesn't mean they weren't deemed "cool enough" because I thought they were adorable! Why do kids have to grow up??


Love it. Good form not so good and way to go on the 96 subscriptions and giving all that stuff away.

You rock!


Otsenka 5!

Cathy B

You've got to be in it to win it! I get access to some great photography workshops and was in for a chance at the prizes. I am currently an auditing student in Karen's workshop and loving it. Great to read a blog that is real and makes me laugh!


Love it....and what better way to learn that when one falls off a bike, or any thing in life, can climb back on and keep on going...especially when you have the ones you love supporting you. What great lessons in your "adventure".


Karen the photos are stunning of Josh fixing the bike. Love his email to the team. Don't worry we can all relate to what is planned to be a lovely family outing only to turn out to be not so happy and relaxed. Hang in there. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Cindy Welch

I think we learn more from failure than success. Good job

Julie in Aust.

Karen I'm almost laughing tears right now...that was the funniest post for a long time. You made my day! It was so vivid I could almost hear the voices (no I dont hear voices normally). It should be a little movie.
Sorry Courtney Lee...but the vision of you losing your 'ever lovin fraidy cat marbles' still has me chuckling to myself...and Josh seething at the brakes, poor Annie's stack (Aussie term for a bike crash)and all the other dramas...has got to be made into a 30 minute show...
Love it...still giggling!


I'm grinning because I can so relate to everything I just read. :) Thanks for sharing!

Krista Lund

this was a great post, karen! love the way you capture the nitty gritty of everyday.


4+4=8/8 (distinction?) (85x1.4+700 @ 17h00)KR = 100%. 20/20 vision+humor = the stuff of heroes!

tee shirt femme

but the vision of you losing your 'ever lovin fraidy cat marbles' still has me chuckling to myself...and Josh seething at the brakes, poor Annie's stack (Aussie term for a bike crash)and all the other dramas...has got to be made into a 30 minute show...


Thank you, thank you THANK YOU for writing out the bike trip drama. Every family event at my house seems to proceed in a very similar fashion, and I could picture everything as I was reading it. It was so helpful and refreshing to understand that other people go through that kind of drama too!

stephanie ackerman

love you, your photos and your amazing stories!


"Push through the failure and you'll success'...Love that...

love your photo's and your stories. Both are pretty darn amazing :-)


I thought it was courageous of you to blog that you had drama. I have 5 kids and we have drama with at least one of them every day it seems. I only blog the pretty parts, but this inspired me ;)

Shannon L

mama of 4 here and I can relate to the adventures turning into drama filled trips. But I love optimism! I need that because most days I feel like a failure!


Some very wise person ones told me "Expectations reduce joy."
I'm so sorry that your grief and Courtney Lee's lose of her "ever lovin fraidy cat marbles" caused me to laugh.

Bernadette @b3hd

Lemonade sure tastes great this time of year, doesn't it (smile)?
Oh and a little bit ago, you wrote about Josh Downs looking and acting just like the coach from Friday Night Lights. I knew that man was good (smile). Nevermind that Friday Night Lights coach is fictional, I grew up (in West Texas, with real life coaches and characters like in that show) and my husband, every time we watched that show would retort that no one actually lives the lives they live.

Glad to hear there ARE still people who act like that in real life. The good, the bad, the ugly and the football glory of it all.



Huge SUCCESS! I'm 46 years old. Had this happened when I was Courtney's age with my family, the bikes would have been trashed, and my father would still not be talking to any of us (and he died 13 years ago!) Actually, that is a bit exaggerated, but the fact that there are photos and humor with this story means that LOVE won!


Thanks for being brave enough to be real in your blog. I can so relate to your family outing. There were many incidents similar to that as our boys were growing up. They would erupt over the most petty incidents ever, but it seemed like insurmountable drama at the time. We pushed through it and were rewarded with grown sons who have small children of their own. Now it's drama time in THEIR families!

Cathy in MT

Love hearing real stories from real people! You are hilarious and your family is amazing!

gorras new york

Mi amigo, usted es como Shakespeare. Su artículo es muy bueno. Usted debe hacerlo profesionalmente

Yups, sus realistic.Thanks Así que para su gran post.

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Sus acuarelas son simplemente increíbles, y van muy bien con el estilo de sus fotografías. Usted tiene un gran gusto para estas cosas, y me alegro de que hayas publicado sobre este evento. En cuanto al retrato, que se parece mucho a usted, especialmente si nos fijamos en la expresión de la cara, muy so?adora y teniendo en cuenta, al mismo tiempo =) cejas grandes, demasiado;)

Colleen Barron

Karen, you are always a success in my book! You are a great role model....always so honest!!! :)


YOur blog makes me so happy girly. Keep it going please:)

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