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You look soooo much like your mom. What great pics and I am sure you will miss Ross tons.



What a great day! Loving all those shots out in the woods. Glad you got those special ones... although I think all of yours are special. :)


Looks like the best way to spend the day! That poor dogs cone looks so banged up.

Julie in Aust.

It will all work out Karen...that boy wont ever stay far from his momma...or the kidlets! Trust the love...

Julie in Aust.

That wink says it all eh...


Timeless love. Perfect.


This whole post is beautiful, but all I can think about is that enormous bone Annie is carrying...what the heck is that from???? I'm kind of a city/suburb girl, but I've done my share of hiking and camping as a kid and we never came across anything like that!


pretty shots! looks like y'all had a great time together. I'm sure you hear this alot, bit you and your mom favor so much! pretty land your mom has too!


These are the memories that will always keep you close! Every shot...a precious moment in time. You always capture it so wonderfully...lucky family.

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Díky za psaní tohle. Opravdu jsem pocit, jako když vím, že mnohem víc o tom, než jsem míval. Váš blog opravdu přinesla některé věci najevo, že nikdy bych si myslel o tom, než čtení. Je třeba pokračovat v to, že by Im jistý, že většina lidí souhlasí, youve dostal dárek.
To je správný weblog pro každého, kdo potřebuje, aby obhlédli se o tomto tématu. Uvědomujete si hodně náročný Aktivní uživatel prakticky s vámi hádat (ne že bych ve skutečnosti by potřeboval ... haha). Určitě dát nové trendy na téma to je napsáno o několik let. Pěkné věci, prostě skvělé!

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I wondered...I thought I saw a hint of something in your blog photos lately. Like a distance in Josh's eyes, but the LOVE is always there! Gotta love normalcy....hang in there Downs family. We're all pulling for ya'!

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