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that is so wonderful! What a blessing for these people!! Congrats to all!


Congrats to all the winners!!


that is so AWESOME! Congratulations everyone, your life in pictures will never be the same.


ohhhh, i wish i had commented now! just figured my chances were too slim. very happy to see this generosity though :) and congrats to the winners! i guess i'll just keep my fingers crossed that it's in the cards for me in the future!

Sandra A

Great picture of three of your loves. Congratulations to all the winners.


Congrats to all the winners! You are going to LOVE the workshop!!

Nicky from Canada

Congrats to all - how very generous of you Karen. I will keep my fingers crossed that maybe in the future I will be one of the lucky recipients or that our life situation will maybe make it available in the future. For the time being, I will ready and enjoy!! Hoping that it brings great job to those that have been so lucky!!
God Bless

Julie McD

Just want to reiterate one time that I love you and the relationships you build - online and within your own family! You're a great teacher/mentor in many, many ways! Have a great Easter!


Thanks for posting the sermon. Loved the sailor story.


Congrats to all the winners!


Karen, you are awesome! How generous of you to give so many auditing seats away. I have saved the sermon/talk and will put it on my iPod later. Thanks for not only being a photography mentor, but also a spiritual one. :-)

Terry Gardiner

Congratulations to all of your winners! Such an opportunity. I hope the woman who helped to start all of this remains in all of our thoughts and prayers.


love you. :)

ana roat

Congratulations everyone--enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!!!


I already sent you an email but in a hurry... I want to say thank you here too. Congratulations to the winners
God bless all three of you.
p.s. love the photo with your kids!


Congrats to all the well deserved winners! I know they will enjoy their time with you as much as I did!

Love the photo of the kiddos and I so wish I spotted you and your family on the street somewhere in SD because I can't believe I was that close to you and didn't get to meet you! :(

Sara Mangan

Love the sermon you posted. Thank you!

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