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I'm exhausted from reading about your exhausting weekend! Hope Courtney feels better soon after that bike wreck she had and hope you figure something out that is causing Annie to hang onto your leg like a magnet.

Julie Pilch

Hope Courtney is OK after her accident and stops limping soon! Not sure if this will help by my youngest is almost the same age as Annie and has gone through a phase at the moment where she really cries if I go out in the evening and really hugs me when she gets out of school because she has missed me all day. My others never did this but I figure its just something she will grow out of and I'm happy to get extra hugs any day of the week ;)


Bravo!!! Love how you fill each day with so much goodness ...and documenting it all is really perfect. Isn't FNL superb? I think you look like Tammy. Thanks for posting the thought provoking reading...pondering that.


Oh, and sooooooo not boring to read. Very inspiring & enjoyable! Blessings!!!


I've actually thought the Coach Taylor thing too. I even told my husband while watching an episode "A husband of a blog I read reminds me of Coach Taylor". He didn't seem impressed. :)

Nicky from Canada

loved the read - I sometimes think remembering those weekends are the best - just life!!

Karen F.

I'm reading 7 right now too . . . recognized the quote right away.
The book is wrecking me, in an absolutely fantastic, hard, much-needed, amazing way. So, so thankful for the wrecking that needs to be done so that Christ can rebuild me the way He wants!!


Love FNL and some Coach Taylor!:)

Deb Medina

Love that you take the time to documents the moments.


Cesar has a lot of good tips. We had to do a lot of rolling the alpha dog over and letting the other dog sniff her. Now that the older dog can't hear as well or see as well, they get a long a lot better. We thought they'd be bff's and play together. We were wrong.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the Taylor's relationship. True, fought-for love! The quote was right on. Ouch indeed. Thank you so much for sharing your life. It's not boring at all. It's encouraging and real.

Ellen Patton

FNL?!? I love it! I burned through 5 seasons in about a month (thanks to Netflix and the local libraries). I want my own Coach Taylor.

Shannon R

Cute picture!

My daughter just turned 6 and is in kindergarten as well. I had to go pick her up from school last Monday because she was crying, saying that she wanted her Mommy. I was just going to talk to her but couldn't leave her there. She has been going through this phase where she wants her Mommy. I can't really resist it, though I have been making her go to school (I did check with her teacher to make sure everything was ok there). Seems like her & Annie are going through the same thing.


That sounds like a great weekend. Family time is the best. I think.

What is that book called? It sounds like something I need to read!


7 By Jen Hatmaker - such an amazing book!


I always thought your husband resembled the coach in FNL!


Ummm.. I can't imagine doing all that in a weekend. Or I can't imagine you doing a week in the life - like Ali Edwards.

I forgot to mention - thank you for speaking about the church. I've down loaded a few of the sermons and really enjoyed them and of course have several take aways. Thank you



I think you might be reading 7...I recommended it a few weeks ago :)

I want to move to your town...being able to let your kids ride their bikes around, sleeping on the roof, it sounds like Mayberry!


God Bless you for including the details of your life.
I love your family!
Prayers to all.....

Stacey R

I have totally thought the same thing about Josh and Coach Taylor. Love, love, love FNL!


I love reading about your extraordinarily ordinary weekend!


Uuuggghhhh...I haven't picked up my (big) camera in over a week. Need to get back at it.


I actually enjoyed reading about your weekend. It's those little moments that make up our lives! Hope Annie and Courtney are back to their old selves soon.

Cori Turner

This is going to sound strange but try giving Shindand a pink Benadryl. It’s safe for dogs and it might calm him down. My sister has a dog that itches so she gives her Benadryl and she said a nice side effect is a calm dog. (Her dog has anxiety) :)


Not sure if the vet told you or not, but it takes a bit for the testosterone to decrease. I'd give it at least a month before considering it lowered..

karin c

Hi there- I' m no one when it comes to dog training, but I have owned big (big) breeds my whole life. It will take quite awhile for that testosterone level to receed, honestly. Also this strange phenomenon occurs when we seperate dogs after a dog fight- they stop belonging to the same pack when we seperate them and play musical chairs, as in one is in and the other is out.It is our natural desire to not have them fight and injure each other, but the pack becomes singular instead of a group that must learn to get along. So then we put them back together, they see each other as a threat. And the fighting intensifies or at least continues.

On Cesar' s website you can connect with a Cesar trained professional in your area. But better yet use the "email Cesar" area and tell him your story, I would bet he would love to come and assist a family who serves this country as bravely and proudly as yours does.

Danelle johnson

I remember our Pediatrician telling me about children somewhere around the age of 5 go through a separation anxiety phase. Delaney did this and started a little earlier than 5. It was pretty extreme in that she couldn't be in our house alone, she would come outside crying, looking for me, etc. It was new to her about 4 or so and continued for I would say almost 15 months or more of a trend for her. The Pediatrician said it's common in all kids, sometimes more pronounced in girls and especially can come out more dramatic for those kids who are known to be that way. That would be our Delaney. We were worried at first that it was related to some of the dynamics associated with separation from her when McKinley was in the hospital, but it proved to just be a very normal phase and I was glad to know that.

gorras new york

Creo que podría ser la lectura 7 ... me lo recomendó hace unas semanas :)

Quiero ir a tu pueblo ... ser capaz de dejar a sus hijos andar en bicicleta alrededor, durmiendo en el techo, que suena como Mayberry!

 tienda camisetas

Esto va a sonar extraño, pero trate de darle un Shindand Benadryl rosa. Es seguro para los perros y puede calmarlo. Mi hermana tiene un perro que pica por lo que le da Benadryl y me dijo que un efecto secundario interesante es un perro tranquilo. (Su perro tiene ansiedad) :)

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