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teresa b

Tears!!! again!! Way to go Coley!!! Wooohoo!! and Annie!!! and you too Mama bear!!


WOWZERS!! Congrats to your ENTIRE family!!


Tears here too. So awesome that you could do this together. What a great memory this will be.

Amanda @ Click. The Good News

THAT"S FABULOUS!!! I love seeing your whole family out & active. Great job to Cole & Annie, and OF COURSE- you!


Congrats to everyone for finishing the race! sniff


That's just absolutely FABULOUS! Congratulations to Cole & Annie. And to Courtney Lee, too, because of all the training & commitment even though she couldn't race. Wish I had you as a source of encouragement right here! I used to run but have no confidence anymore. You're quite the source of inspiration; your kids are very fortunate they have you. They'll remember every bit of this someday!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

congrats! I think you'll ALL remember this one!


that is amazing.
Huge congratulations to you all!!!


That is awesome!!! Definitely inspiring!!! Great Job Annie, Coley and Mama too! I especially love the part where you stopped and sat and prayed. Those are the moments that mean the most to our kids I think.


Cole is adorable! You have such an amazing family. Please congratulate Cole for his incredible feat!

Tanya A

AWESOME!!! Congrats to you all! YAY! And go Cole!


I am so ABSOLUTELY proud of all of you! This post made me cry - you guys are amazing!


I proud of all of you!!! :)

young nanny

You guys did great! Well done Cole!

Mary Ann Jenkins

Congrats to all of you, and a very special congrats to Coley!!!


i cried. so awesome!


WTG! That is so awesome-congrats to you all for your accomplishments!


You all "rock"! YEA!


That is so awesome. Almost made me cry. So proud of you both!!!


Fabulous family experience, (Courtney Lee gets credit for her courage to train & prepare for the event)
What a positive example you are setting for your children to live healthy & active lifestyles.
hmmm....are you going to put a half marathon on the calendar soon or maybe another triathlon?
You are a source of encouragement & inspiration to many who follow your blog Karen, may God bless you.

Heather C.

OMGoodness - that is truly inspiring and amazing! Congratulations to your entire family.


Girl, you are looking great! You always look beautiful, but you look especially great in these photos! Congratulations to all of you!!


Bonza effort you three xxx

Tess Smith

that boy of yours sure is incredible. and his momma is equally great. you're lucky to have eachother.

i started running on march 10th. i started the couch to 5k program and decided to run every day. yesterday i ran my first 10k. and around mile 2 i remembered this post and how you talked coley though it. what a great experience. you, along with many others, inspired me to buy some running shoes and attempt running for maybe the millionth time in my life. this is the first time i've ever made it past the third run. thanks for being an inspiration. i'm hoping to run a half. i'm not sure when... i'll do it. i will.

Katie J

SO inspiring to read this today! The tears are flowing and I am just SO proud of all of you guys. Way to go!!


What a great accomplishment!!!!!!!! This is AMAZING!

Congratulations to all of you!!!!!!


Inspired. . . .tears. . . you make me want to create these awesome memories with my kids.


So awesome Karen and Family!!!

Ours sons ran with hubby and I all through their teen years. Some of our very best family memories are from trainingg and running races together. I was a bawling idiot when hubby and son (then 16) ran son's first full marathon together every step of the way. What an incredbile thing to share with your Dad!

Hope you have many more family races together.

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