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Karen, my guess is that you are having trouble getting click'n mom registrants is that most of your readers may already be members. I am member, so do not qualify for the contest--so I'm thinking that is probably the case with others as well.


I'm already (or was already) a member of Clickin Moms....can't re-enter that one. Sorry. And if I could, I would love to give credit to a struggling photographer mom, not one that is clearly financially & professionally successful.


I signed up...its amazing even though I have only been lurking so far :)


You are braver than me...I would never sign up for softball because success would be out of the question. And I would love to help you out with the Clickin Moms giveaway, but I signed up the last time you did the giveaway and have been a member there ever since.

Deanna H.

I saw this quote posted on Facebook just a few minutes before heading over to your website:
"Anytime you are afraid to try something new... just remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic" (David Drake)
Also, the amateurs who built the ark had God as their guide & strength... and so do you!!


I love this idea Karen! And I think the entire thing is awesome!
Clickin Moms=Awesome.
Your giveaway=Awesome.
Everything that lurks in Clickin Moms to learn & inspire=Awesome.
You playing softball even with no skills=Awesomely inspiring & who cares you live once.

I hope it gets better....I'd totally join in, I'm just so overwhelmed at getting things back into routine after your class!!! I already have so much to reread & practice. Hope it gets better (for the sake of contest).

Kim McCormack

I just registered for a year. I'm sure it will give me lots of inspiration. Thanks for the nudge Karen. I've been meaning to do it and had just forgotten.


I had never been part of a forum before doing your class Karen but enjoyed the format so much that I've joined CM through your giveaway and there is tons of info on there that will keep me busy for a very, very, very long time! Thank you for being willing to run it and giving us the chance to enter - whatever the outcome we'll benefit from the membership either way.
I miss being in class, feel kind of lost without it :-(


Well I had great success today thanks to you xxx


Don't be down about the numbers for the contest. I think everyone signed up for CM when you told them the first time! I know I did.
Good for you for trying something new. I'm terrified of getting hit with the ball, which happened plenty to me as a child spectator.


I signed up :) I'm excited to check out the website!! Thanks :)HOpe you reach your 300

young nanny

Hey Karen, I will sign up regardless of the prizes a) because it's a great site, b) you recommended it and anything you recommend you would've already tried and tested :D, and c) they are super fabulous prizes!

And you're only a failure if you DON'T give something a go. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Even if we don't have the natural talent, there are lots of things to learn through the process, right? And I'm learning that a whole lot right now. Bless you xxx

young nanny

And I've just signed up! Thanks for thinking of us :D

Helen Shields

Karen, loved your post today, so current to what I am looking at in my life. I found this via a blog the other day Brene Brown is quite an inspirational speaker and I spent quite some time surfing her other videos finding myself nodding along as she spoke. Best of luck with your endevours

Nicky from Canada

Thanks for the reminder Karen - I have been meaning to do this since your original post. Signed up for 6 months and looking forward to it!!

Cindy Welch

I needed that reminder. I joined, but how do they credit it to you? There is no where when I signed up to link it to you????

Ember S.

Passing the info along! Hope it picks up!!!! 8)


I just went and signed up - I had been on the fence for a while about joining - I was glad I saw your post. I am worried that it didn't link to you to enter me in the drawing - how do you get the credit?


Hey Karen - I am keen to support your effort ... 'cause I think you are awesome. But I don't understand what Clickin' Moms has to offer. I would love it if you or others could tell me about why they love Clickin' Moms. I was signed up awhile ago but let my "membership" expire. I was turned off by the constant advertising for high priced (although probably good quality) courses. There is a lot more advertising in my inbox than there is invitations to participate in discussions / read forums etc. Maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance. The constant advertising from Clickin' Moms (when I paid for a membership) kind of turned me. I just don't get what I am paying for. Like a lot of your readers I am a serious amateur photog and am always keen to improve and "hang" with other photography lovers.



I signed up, too. I know I'll enjoy it so much this next year!

DeAnne Watson

I signed up-great idea! I get the daily emails, also. Karen-check out, they print on foam board.


Just signed up!


I signed up looks like a great site


I hope more people sign up through you, Karen! I am a mentor on CM and can definitely assure everyone that it is such a fabulous online community to be a part of!

Jeni, with your membership you have access to thousands and thousands of threads, tutorials, activities and challenges. In addition, you have access to thousands and thousands of members who are ready and willing to answer any questions you have about photography, to critique your images if you'd like, and to support you through your journey. We do advertise occasionally for our vendors, break-out sessions, and workshops because those help move Clickin Moms forward. :)

Again, thank you for supporting CM in this way, Karen! You are amazing!!

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when I paid for a membership) kind of turned me. I just don't get what I am paying for. Like a lot of your readers I am a serious amateur photog and am always keen to improve and "hang" with other photography lovers.

Chanel Wallet

Brilliant! Dies ist eine wirklich wunderbare Sachen für mich. Muss zustimmen, dass du einer der coolsten Blogger sind. Ich war neugierig, um eine solche Sachen zu sehen. Fabulous Beitrag!

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