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OK-everyone needs an Uncle Donnie-he totally rocks! Sad about Ross and Cali-but what is meant to be...I'll like Ross again when he takes the Yankees hat off ;-)
Thanks for sharing-always fun to look at.

Katie J

Awww, so sad about Ross and Cali. I hate it when long-term relationships end. Looks like a lovely Easter gathering...your family always looks like they know how to have a good time. :)


That place is something to treasure! We are losing our family gathering place, tomorrow is the day of finalizing the sale.
Flart sounds like something we need!
So sad about Ross and Cali too!


Fun family times!! Thanks for sharing :)


I just love how every holiday is SUCH an event for your family, Karen! Ya'll sure know how to celebrate! I'm so sorry to hear about Ross and Cali, but I wish them both the best and hope they are following God's plan for them!

Maureen F

I really enjoy viewing your pictures - I feel like part of the family ;) - its like a good relaity show (lol)- bummer about Ross and Cali, I bet they get back together. Uncle Donnie Rocks !!


Love looking at your family gatherings. I show them my family so they know what is supposed to happen at holidays-LOL. Sorry you had important people missing-I know we will see Courtney, your dad and step-mom again, but Cali.....I don't even know her and I am going to miss her!

Mary Ann Jenkins

I'm going to miss seeing Cali's sweet face in your photos :( It looks like you guys had an awesome time at your Mom's/Uncle Donnies place. But it always looks like your family has an awesome time when the whole gang is together! Good times, good times!


Just have to say that I love seeing Josh in your photos again...Welcome home Josh.


Looks like a lot of good family times! Is Jamey's wife not in the picture anymore?


So so fun....looks wonderful, and I LOVE all the hula hoop photos. Can't wait to see the rest of the celebration.


Girl, you are living the good life!


my son loves flart too!
my favorite photo is the one of annie and the hoola hoop!

Kirsten J

Love Ross blowing bubbles behind the girls. Excellent job, once again, Karen. Feels like being there!


love your pix and family. love seeing Josh Downs again in the pix too. and why'd Calli and Ross break up!?!?! dang it!! i thought you'd be showing us their wedding pictures!! 3 1/2 years is a long time!! that's just a cryin shame. hope it was amicable anyway.

Julie in Aust.

What a brilliant slideshow of a family day...great shots of the girls blowing bubbles...esp the one with Ross in the background making a fishface! So sad to hear Calli and Ross parted ways...always sad to hear that eh. Laughed at all the frisbees ending up in the creek...maybe one day they will be found by the next generation of kidlets. All great memories Karen...with great stories to go with them.


Love all these pics, looks like a great place! Sorry to hear about Ross & Cali.


Karen-- That looks like fun! And you tell Uncle Donnie he is still TOTALLY hot. I'm the one who asked if he was single a couple of years back -- and although now I'm not single and I'm guessing he's still attached -- you can tell him he a random girl on the internet thinks he's still quite a cutie (and I'm your age). :)

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


Your Easter's look like a ton of fun! I'm sorry to hear about Ross and Cali! Oh and we call Flart Fart Putty around here and a couple of years ago we took it into Boston with us and my son had it hidden in the front pocket of his sweatshirt and he was walking up behind people and making the noises, it was the funniest thing ever!


Is it wrong to say thanks for giving the info. about Cali? The whole time I was looking at the pictures I kept thinking...where is Cali? Sorry to hear that but I guess it's meant to be.. Great pictures. Love the Flart stuff. LOL!!

Jenny Meyerson

Seeing Josh home for Easter and everyone having a joyous time together just made my evening. Thanks as always for sharing part of your heart with us here on your blog. Love your pictures of course, but I love your voice even more. Blessings.


Love your most recent post but was just noticing that adorable alphabet fabric on one of the Easter bags....ANY clue (name/make) about that fabric?

Greta S.

Anyone ever tell you that you're a hella good photog? You are :)
Make sure you put some of these wonderful memories in a book or an album, or even n the wall soon :)

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Gran idea de Karen ... imaginar un día en la vida ... todo disparo desde el mismo lugar ... al final del día, podría haber reunido algunos momentos muy interesantes eh!

Gracias por la inspiración de Karen ...

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u mirada de Pascua como un montón de diversión! Lo siento oír hablar de Ross y de Cali! Ah, y que llamamos Flart masilla Pedo por aquí y un par de años que nos llevó a Boston con nosotros y mi hijo la había escondido en el bolsillo delantero de su sudadera y que estaba caminando detrás de la gente y haciendo los ruidos, fue el lo más gracioso siempre!

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Ya, got a little choked up my self when I saw this picture, as family is everything. So happy for you and your family that you made it back to them safe and sound Josh. May God continue to bless you all. Big hug coming to you all from Canada, enjoy each other always.

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