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much enjoyed the beautiful colours on their dyed eggs & your photo's. tx for sharing!


It just doesn't get any better than this..having your peeps all at home...smiling, dancing, giggling, and being together. Beautiful!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

So sweet! Hope your Easter was wonderful!


Love all of these! The simple joys of childhood & family.

Donna N.

Beautiful pictures, but most of all beautiful memories!


Note to self: take the plunge & paint all my walls white, lighten up the colors in my house and PRAY that someday I can take even ONE photo that remotely, somewhat, sort of, kind of resembles one that Karen Russell takes. It's great to have goals! :) These photos make me smile... so cheerful & colorful. I so miss dying Easter Eggs... thanks for sharing these with us, Karen.


Karen, you are so stinkin' good when it comes to taking pictures! Will I ever be as good as you?


I'm with Colleen! Painting my walls white for Karen Russell-like photos!


You're never too old to color eggs!! I'm 32 and its still one of my favorite spring time activities! :D

Rachelle S

LOVE the dance photos!!!! And the looks on Annie's faces in the egg coloring ones are hilarious!!!!


Beautiful shots! Happy Easter to you and your family! He is risen!!


omg, courtney looks so fat, poor little girl.

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